Continental International Competitions

European Championship

Year of Establishment : 1960
Most Tournaments : Germany (10 Times)
Most Champions of Team : Germany (3 Times)
Most Champions of Player : Rainer Bonhof (2 Times)
Most Appearances : Edwin Van Der Sar, Lilian Thuram (16 Games)
All-Time Top Scorer : Michel Platini (9 Goals)
The Greatest Player Ever : France Beckenbauer


All-Time UEFA Euro Squad


Lev Yashin (Soviet Union) (1 Best Player,2 All Stars, 4 Appearances,1 Champion, 1 Runner-Up)
Peter Schmeichel (Denmark) (1 Best Player,1 All Stars, 13 Appearances ,1 Champion)


DRL : Anndreas Brehme (Germany) (2 All Stars,12 Appearances, 1 Runner-Up)
DRC : Lilian Thuram (Germany) (1 All Star team,16 Appearances, 1 Champion)
DLC : Paolo Maldini (Italy) (3 All Stars, 13 Appearances, 1 Runner-Up)
SW : Matthias Sammer (Germany) (1 Best Player, 1 All Stars,10 Appearances, 1 Champion)
SW : Franz Beckenbauer (Germany) (1 Best Player,2 All Stars,18 Appearances, 1 Champion, 1 Runner-Up)
CB : Karlheinz Forster (Germany) (2 All Stars, 7 Appearances, 1 Champion)


CM : Wilfried Van Moer (Belgium) (4 Appearances,1 Runner-Up)
AM : Andres Iniesta (Spain) (1 Best Player, 1 All Stars,16 Appearances, 1 Champion)
AM : Zinedine Zidane (France) (1 Best Player, 2 All Stars, 14 Appearances, 1 Champion)
AC : Rudd Gullit (Netherlands) (2 All Stars,9 Appearances, 1 Champion)
AM : Michel Platini (France) (All-Time Top Scorer,1 Best Player, 1 Top Scorer,1 All Stars, 5 Appearances, 1 Champion)
WR : Luis Figo (Portugal) (2 All Stars, 14 Appearances, 1 Runner-Up) 
WL : Dragan Dzajic (Yugoslavia) (1 Best Player,2 All Stars,5 Appearances, 1 Runner-Up)


FW :  Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) (2 All Stars, 20 Appearances, 1 Champion, 1 Runner-Up)
STK : Gerd Muller (Germany) (1 Top Scorer, 1 All Stars, 2 Appearances)
STK : Marco Van Basten (Netherlands) (1 Best Player, 1 Top Scorer, 2 All Stars, 9 Appearances, 1 Champion)

Manager : Otto Rehagel (Greece) (1 Champion)

 Formation XI

The Greatest Players by Positions

The Greatest Goalkeeper Ever : Lev Yashin
The Greatest Defender Ever : Franz Beckenbauer
The Greatest Midfielder Ever : Michel Platini
The Greatest Forward Ever : Marco Van Basten

The Greatest UEFA Euro Players of All-Time

 Franz Beckenbauer
2. Lev Yashin
3. Marco Van Basten
4. Matthias Sammer
5. Dragan Dzajic
6. Ruud Gullit
7. Andres Iniesta
8. Luis Figo
9. Michel Platini
10. Cristiano Ronaldo

UEFA Euro Best Players


Copa America

Year of Establishment  : 1916
Most Tournaments :  Uruguay  (40 Times)
Most Champions of Team :  Argentina, Uruguay (14 Times)
Most Champions of Player : Angel Romano  (5 Times)
Most Appearances :     Zizinho, Sergio Livinstone  (34 Games)
All-Time Top Scorer  :   Zizinho  (17 Goals)        
The Greatest Player Ever :   Jose Manuel Moreno


All-Time Copa America Squad


Sergio Livingstone  (Chile)  (1 Best Player, 34 Appearances)
Sergio Goycochea  (Aregentina)  (1 Best Player, 13 Appearances, 2 Champions)


DL :  Roberto Carlos  (Brazil)   (21 Appearances, 2 Champions,1 Runner-Up)
DR :  Djlama Santos  (Brazil)   (17 Appearances, 3 Best XI)
DLC :  Heriberto Herrera  (Paraguay)  (1 Best Player, 5 Appearances,1 Champion)
CB :  Jose Nasazzi  (Uruguay) (2 Best Player,12 Appearances,4 Champions)
CB  : Domingos Da Guia  (Brazil) (1 Best Player,10 Appearances)
CB :  Oscar Ruggeri  (Argentina)    (20 Apperances,2 Champions)


DM :  Obdulio Varela  (Uruguay)    (1 Best Player, 8 Appearances, 1 Champion)
DM :  Jose Leandro Andrade  (Uruguay)   (1 Best Player, 18 Appearances, 3 Champions)
WL :  Felix Loustau  (Argentina)     (17 Appearances, 3 Champions)
AM :  Adolfo Pedernera  (Argentina) (1 Best Player, 12 Appearances, 2 Champions)
AM :  Enzo Francescoli  (Uruguay)  (2 Best Player, 23 Appearances, 3 Champions, 1 Runner-Up)
AM :  Zizinho  (Brazil)  (All-Time Top Scorer,34 Appearances, 1 Champion)


SS :  Hector Scarone  (Uruguay)  (1 Best Player, 17 Appearances, 4 Champions)
SS :  Jose Manuel Moreno (Argentina) (1 Best Player, 1 Top Scorer, 16 Appearances, 2 Champions)
STK : Pedro Petrone (Uruguay)   (1 Best Player, 3 Top Scorer, 12 Appearances, 2 Champions)
STK :  Gabriel Batistuta (Argentina)   (2 Top Scorer, 14 Appearances, 2 Champions)

Manager : Guillermo Stabile (Argentina) (6 Champions)

Formation XI

The Greatest Players by Positions

The Greatest Goalkeeper Ever :  Sergio Livingstone
The Greatest Defender Ever :   Jose Nasazzi
The Greatest Midfielder Ever :  Zizinho
The Greatest Forward Ever :   Jose Manuel Moreno

The Greatest Copa America Players of All-Time

1. Jose Manuel Moreno
2. Zizinho
3. Adolfo Pedernera
4. Enzo Francescoli
5. Jose Leandro Andrade
6. Jose Nasazzi
7. Hector Scarone
8. Gabriel Batistuta
9. Pedro Petrone
10. Ronaldo

African Cup of Nation

Year of Establishment  : 1957
Most Tournaments :  Egypt  (22 Times)
Most Champions of Team :  Egypt  (7 Times)
Most Champions of Player : Ahmed Hassan (4 Times)
Most Appearances :     Augustin Okocha  (21 Games)
All-Time Top Scorer  :   Samuel Eto’o  (18 Goals)           
The Greatest Player Ever :   Samuel Eto’o


All-Time African Cup of Nation Squad


Thomas N’Kono (Cameroon)   (2 All Stars, 1 Runner-Up)
Essam El-Hadary (Egypt)     (3 All Stars, 3 Champions)


DL : Andre Kana Biyik  (Cameroon) (2 All Stars, 1 Champion, 1 Runner-Up)
DR : Lauren Etame  (Cameroon)  (1 Best Player, 1 All Stars, 2 Champions)
DRC : Rigobert Song  (Cameroon)   (3 All Stars, 2 Champions)
CB :  Stephen Keshi  (Nigeria) (3 All Stars, 1 Champion, 3 Runner-Up)
SW : Hany Ramzy   (Egypt)  (2 All Stars, 1 Champion)


DM : Rifaat El Fanagili  (Egypt)  (2 Champions, 1 Runner-Up)
AM : Augustin Okocha  (Nigeria)  (1 Top Scorer, 4 All Stars, 1 Champion, 1 Runner-Up)
AM : Abedi Pele   (Ghana)  (1 Best Player, 2 All Stars, 1 Runner-Up)
AM : Osei Kofi  (Ghana)  (2  Champions, 2 Runner-Up)
WG : Ahmed Hassan  (Egypt)  (2 Best Players, 2 All Stars, 3 Champions)


WF : Kalusha Bwalya   (Zambia)  (1 Top Scorer,2 All Stars, 1 Runner-Up)
SS : Roger Milla  (Cameroon)   (1 Best Player, 2 Top Scorer,2 All Stars, 2 Champions,1 Runner-Up)
FW : Rashidi Yekini  (Nigeria)  (1 Best Player, 2 Top Scorer,2 All Stars, 1 Champion, 2 Runner-Up)
STK : Laurent Pokou  (Ivory Coast) (1 All Stars, 2 Top Scorer)
STK : Samuel Eto’o   (Cameroon)  (All-Time Top Scorer, 2 Top Scorer, 1 All Stars, 2 Champions, 1 Runner-Up)

Manager :  Hassan Shehata   (Egypt) (3 Champions)

Formation XI

The Greatest Players by Positions

The Greatest Goalkeeper Ever :   Thomas N’Kono
The Greatest Defender Ever :   Stephen Keshi
The Greatest Midfielder Ever :  Osei Kofi
The Greatest Forward Ever :   Samuel Eto’o

The Greatest African Cup of Nation Players of All-Time

1. Samuel Eto’o
2. Osei Kofi
3. Abedi Pele
4. Rifaat El Fanagili
5. Agustin Okocha

AFC Asian Cup

Year of Establishment  : 1956
Most Tournaments :  Iran, Korea Pepublic   (12 Times)
Most Champions of Team :  Japan (4 Times)
Most Champions of Player :  Nasser Hejazi, Parviz Ghelichkhani (3 Times)
Most Appearances :    Mehdi Madahvikia  (16 Games)
All-Time Top Scorer  :   Ali Daei (14 Goals)        
The Greatest Player Ever :  Shunsuke Nakamura


All-Time AFC Asian Cup XI


Nasser Hejazi   (Iran)  (3 Champions)


CB  : Masami Ihara  (Japan)  (1 Champion)
CB :  Jia Xiuquan   (China)  (1 Best Player, 1 Runner-Up)
CB :  Saleh Nu’eimeh  (Saudi Arabia)   (2 Champions)


CM :  Kim Joo Sung  (Korea Republic)  (1 Best Player)
AM :  Shunsuke Nakamura  (Japan)  (1 Best Player, 2 All Stars, 2 Champions)
MR :  Mehdi Madahvikia  (Iran)  (1 All Star)
MCL : Ali Parvin  (Iran)  (2 Champions)


FW :  Abdullah Majed  (Saudi Arabia)   (2 Champions, 1 Runner-Up)
FW :  Mordechai Spiegler  (Israel)  (1 Top Scorer, 1 Champion)
STK :  Ali Daei  (Iran)  (All-Time Top Scorer, 1 Top Scorer)

Manager   : Carlos Alberto Parreira (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait)  (2 Champions)

Formation XI

The Greatest Players by Position

The Greatest Goalkeeper Ever :  Nasser Hejazi
The Greatest Defender Ever :  Saleh Nu’eimeh 
The Greatest Midfielder Ever :   Shunsuke Nakamura
The Greatest Forward Ever :  Ali Daei

The Greatest AFC Asian Cup Players of All-Time

1. Shunsuke Nakamura
2. Ali Parvin
3. Ali Daei


  1. Anonymous8/6/16

    What do you think about laughable all time euro 11 that was voted? No Platini and C. Ronaldo is in there, I wanted to kill myself when I saw it.

  2. Anonymous6/7/16

    Cristiano Ronaldo should be now named the greatest EURO player of all time. He has reached 2 finals and in another he was joint top scorer. And he is the ll time top scorer of the competition. Only one appearence from Platini can't outshine all of Ronaldo's.

    1. The list has been being updated only tournament will be ended only

  3. Is there anywhere an All Star team of the tournament can be found for each Copa America? Dating back to the start

    1. I'll ask the South American expert and back to tell you.

    2. Here's the link but it was found in only some tournaments.

    3. Thanks for the help

  4. Anonymous22/7/16

    2016 EURO best players:
    1.Anoine Griezman(named EURO best player)
    2.Cristiano Ronaldo(named EURO best forward)
    3.Gareth Bale(whoscored MVP)

    1. OK, thanks, I will update the list but not entirely the same as yours.

  5. Anonymous5/8/16

    When are you going to update this?

    1. You means 2016 tournament players ranking ? If so, I have updated for several days ago.

    2. Anonymous5/8/16

      I mean the overall changes.

      1.Ronaldo should be named greatest EURO player of all time. He has equalled Platini as the competition's all time top scorer , and alltough Platini's 84 tournament will remain the single best performance , Ronaldo has played 4 tournaments aginst Michel's 1.
      He has 2 Finals(one victory) and 3 all star team inclusions , one of them being the joint-top scorer. He is easly no.1

      2.Buffon should also be named in the ranking. He took part of 4 EURO tournaments in his career , 2 of wich he was included in the all star squads.

      3.Andres Iniesta should surely be above AT LEAST Luis Suarez , since he has participated in 3 EURO tournaments in his career and played an integral part in the conquering of the first 2(one of them MVP).

    3. OK, I'll review your opinion and would return to conclude tomorrow.

  6. Anonymous6/8/16

    Some other advices:
    -Griezman>Gerd Muller
    -Xavi also>Suarez at least. I'd actualy put him in top 10 ever for sure.
    -Pepe>Forster since he has an all time record 3 all stars

    1. I have updated based on score in my database. Platini Euro scorer 83.1 %, CR7 83.0 % in example

    2. Anonymous7/8/16

      Can you please explain the metodology for your new ranking? It doesn't make much sense seeing Beckenbauer and Yashin as the 2 best since they only played 4 games each. And how is Platini above Ronaldo when he only played 1 tournament?

    3. I don’t include only final tournament for the 4- team format since it is unfair for them. I extend to qualifying round cover 16 teams-model.

    4. Anonymous7/8/16

      1.Do you do the same with the 1930 World Cup? Because it is the same case.

      2.I still don't understand the ranking. What is the metodology that resulted those percentages?
      How can Platini or Gullit be ahead of Ronaldo who has achieved and played much more than them?

  7. Anonymous14/8/16

    In 1980 the MVP was no doubt Wilfried Van Moer.

    "Striker Horst Hrubesch may have scored two goals to secure final victory for West Germany, but for many the outstanding player of the tournament was the Belgian central midfielder with the seemingly boundless energy. He ran the show in most every game he played, scheming, prompting and holding the ball, never wasteful his performances were as dynamic as they were inspirational as Belgium went all the way to their only major Final. Van Moer was arguably the most influential player in the tournament and indeed at 35, his performances earned him 4th place (equalling the best ever showing by a Belgian) in the Ballon d'Or poll"

    You may have underrated Van Moer because of those retroactive all stars but take a look at the all time all star made:

    That performance made Van Moer be recognised till present times as one of the greatest players in EURO Championship history , so he is the evident option.

    Also you have forgot to present the metodology that you use in naming the best players in each edition.

    1. OK, I think you made a reliable opinion on Van Moer who should have been named in at least top 3 player of the tournament. I really omit him. For the methodology of players selection in each tournament, I have not developed yet and just consider by analysis.

    2. As Schuster played ply two games in final tournament, I decide to name Van Moer at second place. Additionally, when I found there is one player left to complete the 18-men squad, I name Van Moer in the team as the only CM player.

    3. Anonymous14/8/16

      Well you said that Platini scored 83.1 % and CR7 83.0 %. I tought that was some result from a scorecard , or is it just goal ratio?
      I'm interested in why is Ronaldo so low , bellow the likes of Gullit,Figo,Platini when in cumulative performance , he seemes much better at first sight.