Portugal National Team

Portuguese legends has the identity of technical specialist. The first set of its legends is generally regarded belonging to “The Five Violin” which was a legendary Sporting Lisbon group of attackers led by Fernando Peyroteo who is one of the most prolific scorers of all-time. The import of African players could turn its history when Eusebio, the first Portuguese player ever to win Ballon’Dor, the best African-born player ever, and Mario Coluna differentiated level of the team to one of top teams in Europe. The mid-1990s saw the great new generation consists of Luis Figo, one of the best wingers ever, and his contemporary Rui Costa, mutually raised Portugal’s performance up in related UEFA Euro tournaments. Cristiano Ronaldo has become an iconic Portuguese superstar between the second half 2000s and first half 2010s and is regarded as the best Iberian footballer of all-time. 


Location     :  South-Western Europe
European Championship Participation : 7 Times (1984, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016)
World Cup Participation :  7 Times (1966, 1986, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018)
Achievement  :  1966 FIFA World Cup Third Place
2004 European Championship Runner-Up
2016 European Championship Winners
Most Caps  :  Cristiano Ronaldo  (154 Games)   
Top Scorer : Cristiano Ronaldo (85 Goals)
The Greatest Player Ever :  Cristiano Ronaldo

All-Time Portuguese Squad

1. Manuel Bento

Date Of Birth  :  25 June 1948
Position   :  Goalkeeper
Height      :  173 cm
Major Club  :   Benfica
Caps   :  63 Games        
World Cup Participation  :   1986 (1 Game)
Club Honours  :   10 Times Portuguese League
6 Times Portuguese Cup             
International Honours  :   None
Individual Achievement  :   1977 Portuguese Footballer of The Year
Class :  Prince Silver

2. Arthur Correia

Date Of Birth  : 18 April 1950
Position  :  Right-Back
Height     :  170 cm
Major Club  : Benfica
Caps   :  35 Games        
World Cup Participation  :   None
Club Honours  :   6 Times Portuguese League
1 Time Portuguese Cup
International Honours    :   None
Individual Achievement  :  None
Class :  Prince Silver

3. Hilario 

Date Of Birth  : 19 March 1939
Position  :  Left-Back
Height  :  170 cm
Major Club  :  Sporting Lisbon
Caps  :  39 Games        
World Cup Participation  :   1966 (6 Games)
Club Honours  :   3 Times Portuguese League
 3 Times Portuguese Cup
International Honours  :  1966 FIFA World Cup Third Place
Individual Achievement  :  None
Class :  Prince Silver

4. Germano 
Date Of Birth  :  23 December 1932
Position  :  Center-Back/ Defensive Midfielder
Height   :  186 cm
Major Club  :   Benfica
Caps  :  24 Games        
World Cup Participation  :  1966 (1 Game)
Club Honours   :   4 Times Portuguese League
2 Times Portuguese Cup
2 Times European Cup Winners (1961, 1962)
2 Times European Cup Runner-Up (1963, 1965)
International Honours  :   1966 FIFA World Cup Third Place
Individual Achievement  :   None
Class :  Prince Gold

5. Humberto Coelho

Date Of Birth  :  20 April 1950
Position  :  Sweeper
Height   :  185 cm
Major Club  :   Benfica
Caps  :  64 Games        
World Cup Participation  :   None
Club Honours  :   8 Times Portuguese League
 7 Times Portuguese Cup
International Honours  :   None
Individual Achievement  :   1974 Portuguese Footballer of The Year
Class :   Prince Gold

6. Mario Coluna

Date Of Birth  :  6 August 1935
Position  :  Box-To-Box Midfielder
Height  : 172 cm, Caps  : 57 Games
Major Club   :   Benfica      
World Cup Participation  :  1966 (6 Games)
Club Honours   :  10 Times Portuguese League
6 Times Portuguese Cup
2 Times European Cup Winners (1961, 1962)
3 Times European Cup Runner-Up (1963, 1965, 1968)
International Honours   :   1966 FIFA World Cup Third Place
Individual Achievement :   1966 FIFA World Cup All-Star Team
Class :  Queen Silver  
7. Rui Costa

Date Of Birth  :  29 March 1972
Position   :   Playmaker
Height   :  180 cm
Major Club  :  Fiorentina, AC Milan
Caps  :   94 Games (26 Goals)
World Cup Participation  :    2002 (2 Games)
Club Honours   :  1 Time Italian Series A
1 Time Portuguese League, 3 Times Copa Italia
2003 UEFA Champion League
International Honours   :   2004 European Championship Runner-Up
Individual Achievement  :  2 Times UEFA Euro Best XI (1996, 2000)
Class :  Queen Bronze

8. Luis Figo

Date Of Birth  :  4 November 1972
Position  :  Right-Winger, Major Club :   Barcelona, Real Madrid
Height  : 180 cm, Caps  :  127 Games (32 Goals)
World Cup Participation  :   2002, 2006 (10 Games)
Club Honours : 4 Times Spanish La Liga, 2 Times Copa Del Rey
4 Times Italian Series A, 1 Time Copa Italia, 1997 Cup Winners’ Cup
2002 UEFA Champion League, 2002 Intercontinental Cup
International Honours  :  2004 European Championship Runner-Up
Individual Achievement  :  1994 Portuguese Golden Ball
6 Times Portuguese Footballer of The Year
3 Times Liga Foreign Player of The Year (1999,2000,2001)
2 Times UEFA Best XI (2000, 2004)
2000 Ballon'Dor, World Soccer Player of The Year
                                                    2001 FIFA World Player of The Year, 2000 Silver Ball     
                                                    Class :   Queen Gold

9. Eusebio

Date Of Birth  :  25 January 1942
Position  :  Forward, Height   :  177 cm
Major Club  :  Benfica, Caps   :  64 Games (41 Goals)
World Cup Participation  :   1966 (6 Games / 9 Goals)
Professional Score Record  :  511 Goals/ 554 Games
Club Honours : 11 Times Portuguese League
5 Times Portuguese Cup
1962 European Cup, 3 Times Runner-Up (1963, 1965, 1968)
International Honours   :  1966 FIFA World Cup Third Place
Individual Achievement : 1966 FIFA World Cup Golden Shoe, Bronze Ball
Portuguese Liga All-Time Most Top Scorer (7 Times)
1965 Ballon'Dor, 2 Times Silver Ball (1962, 1966)
1966 BBC Oversea Sports Personality of The Year 
3 Times European Cup Top Scorer (1965, 1966, 1968), 2 Times European Golden Shoe (1968, 1973)
2 Times World League Top Scorer (1968, 1973), 2 Times Portuguese Athletic of The Year (1970, 1973)
Benfica Greatest Player Ever - All-Time Top Scorer
Portuguese League Greatest Player Ever, Portuguese Cup All-Time Top Scorer
UEFA Jubilee Award (Portugal), IFFHS Portugal Player of The Century
Class :  King Bronze

10. Cristiano Ronaldo

Date Of Birth  :  5 February 1985, Height :  186 cm
Major Club : Manchester United, Real Madrid
Position  : Left/Right Side-Forward, Caps:  154 Games (85 Goals/30 Assists)
World Cup Participation  :   2006, 2010, 2014 (13 Games with 2 Goals)
Professional Scores Record : 573 Goals/188 assists/761 Games
Club Honours :  3 Times Premier League, 2 Times La Liga
1 Time FA Cup, 2 Times League Cup, 1 Time Copa Del Rey
5 Times UEFA Champion League (08,14,16,17,18), 2009 Runner-Up
3 Times FIFA Club World Cup (2008, 2014, 2016)
International Honours  :  2004 European Championship Runner-Up
Individual Achievement : 2004 Bravo Award
2007 Portuguese Footballer of The Year, 2 Times La Liga Top Scorer  
1 Time La Liga Player of The Year (2014)  
2 Times PFA and FWA Player of the Year (2007, 2008)
6 Times UEFA Champion League Top Scorer (2008, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018)
UEFA Champion League All-Time Most Top Scorer
3 Times UEFA Euro Best XI (2004, 2012, 2016), Portugal All-Time Top Scorer
2008 UEFA Club Footballer of the Year, Best Forward , 3 Times European Golden Shoe (2008, 2011, 2014)
2008 Ballon'Dor, 2 Times Silver Ball (2007,2009), 2 Times FIFA World Player of the Year, (2008, 2018), 2009, 2018 Silver, 2007 Bronze
4 Times FIFA Ballon D’or (2013,2014,2016,2017), Silver Ball (2011,2012,2015), 3 Times UEFA Best Player in Europe (14,16,17)
European Champion Cup All-time Highest Scorer In A Single Season
2 Times Best International Athlete ESPY Awards (2014, 16)BBC Oversea Sports Personality of The Year
Portugal & Real Madrid All_time Top Scorer
FPF Portuguese Greatest Player Ever
Class :  King Silver

11. Fernando Peyroteo

Date Of Birth  :   10 March 1918
Position  :  Target Striker, Height   :  178 cm
Major Club :  Sporting Lisbon, Caps :  20 Games (15 Goals)
World Cup Participation  :  1934 (4 Games/ 1 Goal)
Professional Score Record  :  524 Goals/ 300 Games
Club Honours  :   5 Times Portuguese League
5 Time Portuguese Cup
International Honours     :  None
Individual Achievement   :  6 Portuguese League Top Scorer
Sporting Lisbon All-Time Top Scorer - Greatest Player Ever
Portuguese League All-Time Highest Goal In One Match
Portuguese League All-Time Top Scorer            
Class :  Queen Bronze


12. Victor Baia

Date Of Birth  :  15 October 1969
Position  : Goalkeeper, Height  : 185 cm
Major Club  : FC Porto, Barcelona, Caps : 80 Games        
World Cup Participation  :   2002 (3 Games)
Club Honours  : 10 Times Portuguese League
5 Times Portuguese Cup
1 Time Spanish La Liga, 2 Times Spanish Cup   
1997 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, 2003 UEFA Cup
2004 UEFA Champion League, Intercontinental Cup
International Honours   :  None
Individual Achievement  :  1992 Portuguese Golden Ball
2 Times Portuguese Footballer of The Year (1989, 1991)
1995 European Goalkeeper of The Year
                                                     2000 UEFA Euro Best XI, 2004 UEFA Club Best Goalkeeper
                                                     Class :  Prince Silver

13. Alvaro Cardoso

Date Of Birth  : 14 January 1914
Position  :  Center-Back/ Right and Left-Full-Back
Height  : 177 cm
Major Club   :  Sporting Lisbon
Caps       :  13 Games  
World Cup Participation  :   None
Club Honours      :   4 Times Portuguese League
4 Times Portuguese Cup
International Honours    :   None
Individual Achievement  :  None
Class :  Prince Silver

14. Joao Domingos Pinto

Date Of Birth  :  21 November 1961
Position  :  Right-Back, Height  :  173 cm
Major Club : FC Porto, Caps :  70 Games        
World Cup Participation  :   1986 (No Game)
Club Honours   :   9 Times Portuguese League
4 Times Portuguese Cup
1987 European Cup, Intercontinental Cup
International Honours    :   None
Individual Achievement  :   1984 UEFA Euro Best XI
Class :  Prince Silver

15. Ricardo Carvalho

Date Of Birth  : 18 May 1978
Position   :  Center-Back, Height  : 181 cm
Major Club  : FC Porto, Chelsea, Caps : 60 Games  
World Cup Participation  :   2006, 2010
Club Honours  :  3 Times Portuguese League
1 Time Portuguese Cup, 2 Times English Premier League
2 Times FA Cup, 2 Times League Cup
2003 UEFA Cup, 2004 UEFA Champion League
International Honours    :  2004 European Championship Runner-Up
Individual Achievement  :  2003 Portuguese Liga Player of The Year
2003 Portuguese Footballer of The Year
2004 UEFA Club Best Defender, European Defender of The Year
2004 UEFA Euro Best XI, 2006 FIFA World Cup All Star Team
                                                    Class :  Prince Silver

16. Paulo Sousa

Date Of Birth  : 30 August 1970
Position   :  Defensive Holding Midfielder
Height : 177 cm, Caps :  51 Games  
Major Club   : Benfica, Juventus       
World Cup Participation  :   2002 (No Game)
Club Honours     :   1 Time Portuguese League
1 Time Spanish La Liga, 1 Time Italian Series A
1 Time Portuguese Cup, 1 Time Copa Italia        
1990 European Cup Runner-Up
2 Times UEFA Champion League Winners (1996, 1997)
International Honours   :  None
Individual Achievement : 1995 Guerin Italian Series A Footballer of The Year
Class :  Prince Silver

17. Deco De Souza

Date Of Birth  : 27 August 1977, Height  :  174 cm
Position  :  Playmaker
Major Club  : FC Porto, Barcelona, Caps : 71 Games        
World Cup Participation  :   2006 (4 Games)
Club Honours:   3 Times Portuguese League, 3 Times Portuguese Cup
2 Times Spanish La Liga, 1 Time FA Cup
2 Times UEFA Champion League Winners (2004,2006)
International Honours    :  2004 European Championship Runner-Up
Individual Achievement  :  2004 Portuguese Liga Player of The Year
2004 Portuguese Footballer of The Year
2 Times UEFA Champion League Best Midfielder (2004, 2006)
2004 UEFA Champion League Most Valuable Player
2004 UEFA Euro Best XI, 2004 Silver Ball Ballon'Dor
                                                     FC Porto Greatest Player Ever
                                                    Class :  Prince Gold

18. Paulo Futre

Date Of Birth  : 28 February 1966
Position :  Left-Winger
Height  :  175 cm, Caps :  41 Games
Major Club :  FC Porto, Atletico Madrid         
World Cup Participation  :   1986 (3 Games)
Club Honours  :   2 Times Portuguese League
2 Times Copa Del Rey, 1 Time Portuguese Cup
1987 European Cup
International Honours    :  None
Individual Achievement  :  1987 Silver Ball Ballon'Dor
2 Times Portuguese Footballer of The Year (1986,1987)
Class :  Prince Gold

19. Jose Augusto

Date Of Birth  : 13 April 1937
Position  :  Right-Winger, Major Club :  Benfica     
Height  :  175 cm, Caps  :  45 Games    
World Cup Participation  :   1966 (6 Games With 3 Goals)
Professional Score Record  : 175 Goals/ 369 Games
Club Honours :  9 Times Portuguese League
4 Times Portuguese Cup
2 Times European Cup Winners (1961, 1962)
3 Times European Cup Runner-Up (1963, 1965, 1968)
International Honours    :   1966 FIFA World Cup Third Place
Individual Achievement  :  None
Class :  Prince Gold

20. Jose Travassos

Date Of Birth  : 22 February 1922
Position  :  Playmaker
Height  : 173 cm, Caps :  35 Games
Major Club  :  Sporting Lisbon     
World Cup Participation  :   None
Professional Score Record  :  172 Goals/ 457 Games
Club Honours  :   8 Times Portuguese League
4 Times Portuguese Cup
International Honours    :   None
Individual Achievement  :  None
Class :  Prince Gold

21. Lucas Matateu

Date Of Birth  : 26 July 1927
Height  :  176 cm, Position  :  Fast Striker
Major Club  :  Belenenses
Caps  :  27 Games (13 Goals)    
World Cup Participation  :   None
Professional Score Record  :  218 Goals/ 269 Games
Club Honours                :   1 Time Portuguese Cup  
International Honours    :   None
Individual Achievement  :  2 Times Portuguese Liga Top Scorer
Belenense All-Time Top Scorer
Belenense Greatest Player Ever
Class :  Prince Silver

22Jose Aguas

Date Of Birth  : 9 November 1930
Position  :  Target Striker
Height   :  181 cm, Caps :  25 Games (11 Goals)
Major Club :  Benfica    
World Cup Participation  :   1966 (6 Games With 3 Goals)
Professional Score Record  :  379 Goals/ 384 Games
Club Honours   :   5 Times Portuguese League
7 Times Portuguese Cup
2 Times European Cup Winners (1961, 1962)
1963 Times European Cup Runner-Up (
International Honours    :   1966 FIFA World Cup Third Place
Individual Achievement  :  5 Times Portuguese Liga Top Scorer
Class :  Prince Silver


Jose Mourinho

Date Of Birth : 26 January 1963, Nation : Portugal
Major Team :  FC Porto (2 Seasons), Chelsea (3 Seasons)
Inter Milan (2 Seasons),Real Madrid (3 Seasons)
Major Achievement : 2 Times Portuguese Liga Champions
1 time Spanish La Liga
2 Times English Premier League, 1 Time FA Cup, 2 Times League Cup
2 Times Italian Series A, 1 Time Copa Italia
1 Time Spanish La Liga, 1 Time Copa Del Rey, 2003 UEFA Cup
2 Times UEFA Champion League (2004, 2010), 4 Times Semi-Finalist
Individual Achievement :
2 Times UEFA Manager of the Year  (2003,2004)
3 Times World Soccer Magazine Coach of the Year (2004, 2005, 2010)
2005 BBC Sports Personality of Year Coach Award
2 Times FA Premier League Manager of the Year (2005,2006)
3 Times IFFHS World Best Club Manager (2004, 2005, 2010)
2 Times Italian Series A Manager of the Year (2009, 2010)
2 Times Portuguese Liga Manager of the Year (2003, 2004), 2010 European Treble Winning Manager
Style : Defensive, Class  : Queen Gold

Conclusion of Squad

GK : Manuel Bento, Victor Baia
DF : Artur Correia, Hilario, Alvaro Cardoso, Joao Pinto, Humberto Coelho, Ricardo Carvalho, Germano
MF : Paulo Sousa, Mario Coluna, Rui Costa, Deco, Luis Figo, Jose Augusto
FW : Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo Futre, Lucas Matateu, Jose Aguas, Fernando Peyroteo, Eusebio (Captain)
Manager : Jose Mourinho

Formation XI (4-4-2)

Explanation of Formation

The strategy of the team is offensive multi-coordination. Manuel Bento slightly beat Victor Baia as a first team player. Germano is primarily stand as a sweeper with great technique and vision to set the game from defensive area as well as Coelho who is a defensive partnership with Germano. Correia and Hilario is a balanced full-back with great physical pace and stamina. Coluna would mainly be responsible in defensive game, acting as a box-to-box midfielder. Rui Costa is a main creative force in the central midfield area. C.Ronaldo start his position as left-winger but he would often move himself to be an inside forward to score the goal. Figo would create the game and find the opportunity to open the ball on the right-wing. Eusebio is to dangerously get through the opponents in the front-line behind Peyroteo who opportunistically strikes for the goal.

Stadium of Light

Opened : 2003
City   : Lisbon
Capacity : 65,400
Field Dimensions : 105x68 m


By Decades
By Class
By Club
1930s : 1
1940s : 2
1950s : 3
1960s : 4
1970s : 2
1980s : 3
1990s : 4
2000s : 3

King : 2
Queen : 4
Prince : 16

Benfica  : 8
FC Porto  : 8
Sporting Lisbon  : 6
Belenenses  : 1

Major Reserved Group


Vitor Damas

Date Of Birth  : 8 October 1947
Position : Goalkeeper
Height  :  182 cm
Major Club  : Sporting Lisbon
Caps  :  29 Games        
World Cup Participation  :  1986
Club Honours  : 2 Times Portuguese League
3 Times Portuguese Cup
International Honours    :   None
Individual Achievement  :  None
Class :  Prince Silver

Joao Azevedo

Date Of Birth  : 10 July 1915
Position : Goalkeeper
Height  :  177 cm
Major Club  : Sporting Lisbon
Caps  :  19 Games        
World Cup Participation  :   None
Club Honours  : 7 Times Portuguese League
2 Times Portuguese National Tournament
4 Times Portuguese Cup
International Honours    :   None
Individual Achievement  :  None
Class :  Prince Silver


Fernando Couto

Date Of Birth  : 2 August 1969
Height : 184 cm, Position :  Center-Back
Caps : 110 Games, Major Club  : FC Porto, Lazio  
World Cup Participation  :   2006, 2010
Club Honours   :  1 Time Italian Series A
1 Time Spanish La Liga, 2 Times Copa Del Rey
3 Times Portuguese League,  3 Times Portuguese Cup
2 Times Copa Italia, 1995 UEFA Cup
2 Times UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup (1997, 1999)
2004 UEFA Champion League Winner
International Honours  : 2004 European Championship Runner-Up
Individual Achievement  :  2000 UEFA Euro Team of The Tournament
Class :  Prince Silver

Central Midfielder

Jaime Graca

Date Of Birth  :  10 January 1942
Position : Box-to-Box Midfielder
Height  :  182 cm, Caps : 36 Games 
Major Club  :  Benfica        
World Cup Participation  :   None
Club Honours  :   7 Times Portuguese League
3 Times Portuguese Cup
1968 European Cup Runner-Up
International Honours  : 1966 FIFA World Cup Thrid Place
Individual Achievement : None
Class :  Prince Silver

Offensive Lateral

Rogerio Pipi

Date Of Birth  : 7 December 1922
Position :  Left-Winger
Major Club  :  Benfica
Height  :   Unknown
Caps  :  15 Games         
World Cup Participation  :   None
Professional Score Record  :  205 Goals/ 314 Games
Club Honours :   3 Times Portuguese League
6 Times Portuguese Cup
International Honours    :   None
Individual Achievement  :  None
Class :  Prince Silver

Albano Pareira

Date Of Birth  : 21 December 1922
Position  :  Left-Winger
Height  : 167 cm
Major Club  :  Sporting Lisbon
Caps   :  15 Games        
World Cup Participation  :   None
Professional Score Record  :  118 Goals/ 240 Games
Club Honours    :   8 Times Portuguese League
4 Times Portuguese Cup
International Honours    :   None
Individual Achievement  :  None
Class :  Prince Silver

Fernando Chalana

Date Of Birth  : 10 February 1959
Position :  Left-Winger
Height  : 165 cm
Major Club  :  Benfica
Caps  :  27 Games        
World Cup Participation  :   None
Club Honours   :  1 Time French League
6 Times Portuguese League
3 Times Portuguese Cup
International Honours  :   None
Individual Achievement  :  
2 Times Portuguese Footballer of The Year (1976, 1984)
Class :  Prince Silver

Antonio Simoes

Date Of Birth  : 14 December 1943
Position : Left-Winger
Height  :  164 cm
Major Club  : Benfica
Caps  :  46 Games        
World Cup Participation  :  1966
Club Honours  :10 Times Portuguese League
5 Times Portuguese Cup
1962 European Cup Champion
3 Times European Cup Runner-Up (1963, 1965, 1968)
International Honours    :  1966 FIFA World Cup Third Place
Individual Achievement  :  None
Class :  Prince Silver

Minor Reserved Group


Alberto Costa Pereira
Carlos Antonio Gomes


Jose Bosingwa
Paulo Ferreira
Miguel Montero
Virgilio Mendes


Joao Alves
Jose Maria Pedroto
Antonio Oliveira
Jesus Correia


Antonio Araujo
Manuel Vasques
Rui Jordao
Nuno Gomes
Jose Augusto Torres
Pedro Pauleta
Tamagnini Nene

Fernando Gomes

The Greatest Portuguese Footballers of All-Time

1. Cristiano Ronaldo
2. Eusebio
3. Luis Figo
4. Mario Coluna
5. Fernando Peyroteo
6. Rui Costa
7. Jose Travassos 
8. Jose Augusto
9. Paolo Futre
10. Germano


  1. Anonymous1/3/14

    Where's João Vieira Pinto?

    World Class Player

    1. I watched him play during his peak in the 1st half 1990s. Joao Pinto was a very good teamwork player with above-average technique and won three Portuguese player of the year but there was no world-class Portuguese candidates to compete with him at that time (The golden generation was just at starting point of career). Also, I see Joao Pinto has not much proved in international stage aside from the 1996 UEFA Euro. Benfica in his time much declines after its twice European Cup finalists and failed to qualify in deep round of European Cup and Portugal failed to qualify in twice World Cup. His scoring record to Benfica is also questionable as it is above average for his position (Trequartista) in only three seasons.

  2. Anonymous11/5/14

    In the GK position, Vitor Damas and Manuel Bento were considered to be at the same level during their paralel careers.
    Costa Pereira was never (and still it is not) considered one of the best portuguese GK. Better than him we have at least Frederico Barrigana and José Pereira.
    Although Bento was one of the greats, it is not widely considered the best.
    I recall a poll made in a portuguese newspaper some years ago about the best 11 ever (dozens of journalists, ex-footballers and experts voted) and in the GK position there was no doubt who the best was: João Azevedo.

    1. Thanks you very much for suggestion. Could you provide all-time XI of that Portuguese newspaper to me ? I admit it was unclear to me who should be the best Portuguese GK ever . I've read twice long articles of Azevedo. Definitely he is regarded in Portugal as one of their best GKs ever and his biography seems to be greater than any other. Anyway he at least never have opportunity to play in top standard of competition. Is there another support details to convince he should be selected as a first choice in the all-time XI ? At least I'm going to add his picture profile in anywhere.

  3. Nuno Moreira16/5/14

    Hello Naratorn

    You are welcome.
    I was looking for that newspaper because I know I still have it but couldn't find it. I recall the 11 but there were also the reserves which I don't recall so well. The 11 was very similar to yours: João Azevedo (GK); Artur Correia, Hilario, Germano and Humberto Coelho; Mario Coluna, José Travassos; José Augusto, Paulo Futre; Eusébio and Peyroteo. This "election" was back in the middle 90s, that is why there was no Rui Costa, Figo, Paulo Sousa, etc.

    Going back to Azevedo's time: Sporting started to build a team late in the 30s which led by 1947 to the formation of the "5 Violins". This was a nickname put by a football journalist to express the beautiful game which the 5 forwards of the team played together. In 26 games they scored 123 goals.
    Azevedo was a part of this team as well as the great captain Alvaro Cardoso. Azevedo only failled 4 games by the PT nationa team in a span of almost 10 years.

    To those who say that the PT league or PT football was not very competitive in those days: 09/01/1938, the famous Hungarian national team featuring the great Gyula Zsengeller, lost 4-0 to Portugal. In 1937 and 1938 we beated Spain's Quincoces team twice. home and away. In April 1938 we draw against Fritz Szepan and Paul Janes Germany in Frankfurt. In the 1940s PT also had fairly good international results but (as still happens today) PT could beat Spain and France and then lose to Switzerland.
    In 1948 FC Porto beated English champs Arsenal 3-2 and Sporting beated Atl Madrid 6-3 in Madrid.
    In 1948 Sporting reached the final of the Copa Latina in Spain against Barcelona.
    In 1950 Benfica won the Copa Latina in Lisbon.

    Somethings about the 5 violins: played together for 3 seasons (1946 through 1949) in which they won 3 championships. Albano Pereira was the left-winger, short, fast and technician. Jesus Correia was tremendously fast and a prolific scorer (he was also at the very same time World Champion in Hockey with the PTN team). Manuel Vasques was the most "virtuoso" of them all and also a prolific scorer. José Travassos was the first PT player to represent PT in a FIFA Team (in 1955 vs England alongside Ocwirk, Vukas and Kopa, a 4-1 win).
    At international level: 05/09/1948, Madrid, Atletico Madrid-Sporting 3-6 with all the 6 goals being scored by Jesus Correia.
    In 1948/49 the first Copa Latina: After beating Torino 3-1, the final was in Spain against Barcelona, which was lost by 1-2 in a very unlucky game.
    After winning 7 tittles in 8 years and entering several famous and important international competitions (Copa Latina, Copa Rio - similar to today's World Club's tittle), the 5 violins fame was so huge at that time that in the first European Champions Cup ever, in 1955/56, instead of entering the champion (Benfica), UEFA invited Sporting to be the PT team to represent the country. The first match ever featured Sporting and the first goal of this competition was of João Martins (the substitute of Peyroteo after his retirement).
    One last mention to these 5 players: Fernando Peyroteo, the footballer with the highest scoring average in the history of football, never scored a penalty in his career, because he said that it was the same as "hunting a standing still prey".
    You can still say that the PT league was not that competitive but I think that it was not so diferent from the other major european leagues.

  4. Nuno Moreira16/5/14

    I would also advise you to take a look at José Manuel Soares (Pepe) who was a part of the Belenenses team who won the PT Championship in 1927 and 1929 and the PTN team that reached the quarter finals in the OG in 1928. He was considered to be bound to be a huge star and the greatest player of PT at the time of his tragic dead at the age of 23.

    Arguably the greatest PT player until the mid-1920s was Artur José Pereira who won tittles with Benfica, Sporting and Belenenses.

    One last word: Cosme Damião main feat was that he was the great responsible for the foundation of Benfica and it was never considered a top player even in his time.

    1. Article describes José Manuel Soares as one of the best Portuguese forwards but he was died very early and is difficult to name him but it is very interesting to know story of this player anyway.

      I understand your view to Cosme Damião. Actually I should move him in honorable mention of football personality in La Liga squad.

  5. Anonymous20/7/14

    Hello. In light of the fact that Christiano Ronaldo just was named the FIFA player of the year, do you see his rating rising from QUEEN GOLD to KING BRONZE, at least? Thank you.

  6. Class King means one of the greatest footballers ever. It is a far distance for C.Ronaldo to belong to this class as he failed in several major international tournaments.

  7. There is an error in coelho profile..he hasn't participate to world cup in 1966

  8. In statistics by class you wrote that there are 2 King class players but i see that only eusebio is King class..

  9. Where are list striker reserve?

    Rui Jordão, Manuel Fernandes, Rui Águas, Liedson etc.

  10. Anonymous14/12/14

    Cristiano Ronaldo is now the top scorer with 52 goals.

  11. Why has Antonio Simoes been left out? in paper he's got better numbers than Fernando Chalana, for example.

    1. He was never nominated in Ballon 'Dor despite winning so many trophies with Benfica. However, the awards could underrate him too much. Rankopedia's poll shows him as the fifth best Benfica player ever. I will get him back again.

  12. And also Jose Augusto Torres. (forward - Benfica).

    1. He has a short prime career because he became a starter of Benfica when he was already 25 years old and was a reserved player in consecutive three previous seasons.

  13. Why have you changed idea about ronaldo?in july 2014 you wrote that he was far from King class

    1. C.Ronaldo just met highest peak of career in the first half 2014 – 2015 season with the additional significant rating amount within the World legendary group. Also, he was changed the class after I implement the advanced methodology completely in scorecard format in Competition-Level Based Greatest Ever.

  14. Anonymous15/10/15

    Maybe Gil Rui Barros could be mentionned even if he hasn't got the NT career he deserved being in the shadow of Paulo Futre

  15. Anonymous31/1/16

    Portugal all-stars team XX century (poll of portugal newspaper "Público" among football journalists, experts and former star players, 1999):

    "A" 4-4-2- GK - Azevedo; DF - João Pinto, Humberto Coelho, Germano, Hilário; MF - Coluna, Figo, Futre, Oliveira; FW - Eusébio, Travassos.
    "B" 4-3-3- GK - Bento; DF - Artur, Vicente, Virgilio, Félix; MF - Chalana, Rui Costa, Pedroto; FW - Hernâni, Fernando Gomes, Pinga/Matateu.

  16. Anonymous16/2/16

    Hi Dearman, there are aditional information, just to help your blog.

    Quinas de Ouro (100th anniversary of FPF - 1914-2014):

    Team of the Century: Vítor Baia; Fernando Couto, Germano, Humberto Coelho e Ricardo Carvalho; Mário Coluna, Figo e Rui Costa; Cristiano Ronaldo, Eusébio e Futre.

    Contemporary XI: Vítor Baía; João Pinto, Fernando Couto, R. Carvalho e Humberto Coelho; Chalana, Figo e Rui Costa; Ronaldo, Futre e Pauleta.

    Historical XI: Costa Pereira; Germano, Hilário, Vicente e Virgílio; Coluna, Simões e Travassos; Eusébio, Matateu e Peyroteo.

    Best player of the Century: Cristiano Ronaldo.
    Best manager of the Century: José Mourinho.

    It was decided by online votes, and some choices are really weirds.

    1. It is simply doubtful how much difference between team of the century and historical XI. They’re supposed to be the same meaning but the selection is largely different.

    2. Anonymous17/2/16

      I can explain: the historial XI is the best XI before 1970 and the contemporary XI is after 1970. The problem is the name. The name are wrong according to the concept of the team.

      With that players, the name doesn't help and it is confuse. Here, in portugal, people claim also that.

  17. Anonymous26/2/16

    I think Jose Augusto Torres deserved Major Reserved Group. Powerful target striker, He scored 151 goals in 171 league matches with Benfica. Also he was part of Portuguese team which won third place in 1966 FIFA World cup. He scored 3 goals in the tournament.

  18. Anonymous29/4/16

    Sorry, but if defender of 'Real Madrid' Pepe (Képler Laveran Lima Ferreira) hasn't enough level to be presented here?..

    1. He was very outstanding in 2014. That is surely not enough.

  19. Anonymous15/7/16

    Time to update:

    Euro participations: 7 Times (1984, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016)
    WC Participations: 6 Times (1966, 1986, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014)

    Achievement : 2016 Euro Winners; 1966 FIFA World Cup Third Place; 2004 European Championship Runner-Up.

    Greatest Player Ever: Cristiano Ronaldo

    Also I suggest Pepe to Reserves: Euro 2008, 2012 and 2016 best Squad; 2014 ESM Best XI.

    1. Anonymous24/7/16

      Pepe should deserve above Humberto Coelho.
      Nominated for Ballon d'Or in 2008
      UCL Champion in 2014 being one of the best players
      ESM Team of the Year in 2014
      All time record all-star EURO teams(with 3 apps)
      UCL Champion in 2016

    2. I'm sure the defender candidates in Coelho's prime period are higher level in average so the awards cannot represent actual performance well. When look the way of Coelho and Pepe played, I'm not hesitate to insist Coelho is superior.

  20. Anonymous4/9/16

    Augusto Inácio?

    1. He is a successful player in club career but won only 25 caps and the Portuguese voting poll really not give him among the high places.

  21. Anonymous7/10/16

    Pedro Pauleta?

  22. What surprises is an absence of PEPE SOARES, if it is died soon would be in the top 3 of the Portuguese footballers, nevertheless it lived enough to leave marked its name in the history, and surely is ahead of several mentioned here.

  23. Anonymous5/12/16

    Portugal has won the Euro 2016
    and it's not mentioned

  24. Anonymous28/12/16

    Another Ballon D'Or and now a European Championship in 2016. Is Cristiano Ronaldo still only King Bronze? Really?

    1. The rating is based on individual performance. C.Ronaldo played well only 2 games in the most recent Euro. The title is a team achievement anyway.

    2. Anonymous2/1/17

      Why do you have Cristiano Ronaldo listed as the greatest at the top of this page, and Eusebio listed as #1 in the listing towards the bottom of the page?

    3. Anonymous14/1/17

      Why does Eusebio, your second-best Portugese player ever have a rating of KING SILVER, and Cristiano Ronaldo, your greatest Portugese player ever, have a rating of KING BRONZE, which is lower than Eusebio? Doesn't make sense!

  25. Anonymous1/6/17

    Now, I think it's time to put Pepe in this squad.

    1. In whoscored rating, he obtained high point enough but I see Whoscored gave rating to him in very similar points between all seasons that is strange as he was not that consistent. I prefer refer to dbscalcio that is quite matched with my opinion and thus he is not qualified.

  26. Respect for you and all of your great works bro, but it's the strangest thing i seen here. Cristiano ronaldo above eusebio as the greatest player!? I assume that you put this just because of your viewers and today football fans!

    Eusebio was better player in all aspects (pace,speed,goal scoring,creativity,play making,pass, dribble and etc.) Black panther was a monster who his name called with the gods like pele, maradona, garrincha, beckenbauer, yashin and ... . Eusebio was playing in the hardest era ever. The 60's as you know was the golden generation of football. Hardest in all aspects,At first from the view of time, everything were harder at the past. Today facilities is incomparable with old ages. Better pitch, better diet, better ball, better shoes, better training, better fitness, better medical care, better recovery and etc. Not just the aspect of facilities the 60's was harder, from the aspect of players quality too. The 60 decade seen the greatest players in the history. From pele,garrincha,moore,charlton,beckenbauer till eusebio, rivelino, yashin, djalma santos,distefano,puskas and the other uncountable big names! Eusebio made the benfica the champion of europe in the time of Monster teams, Like Untouchable real madrid of 60's and Grand inter of herrera. He dominated his domestic league about 15 years. And the other important fact, his amazing performance in the world cup 66. He beaten the Untochable brazil and soviet union of yashin, and lost in a nearly game to the champion of the world england. He almost became the champion with portugal! Cristiano ronaldo is very good player but isn't in the level of eusebio no at all! In fact ronaldo is playing in the worst football era ever (or at least one of the least competitive periods) from 2006 with the end of golden era of new century, The game entered to the era of poverty of stars and as you know today football quality declined because of many reasons. Now players just ruled by the media and sponsors. Even if cris ronaldo playing in the first half of 2000, then the story was different. But Now the truth is he's the king in a village! Even I think ronaldo isn't the 2nd best portugese player, i think it's luis figo.

    1. C.Ronaldo should be better in scoring just seeing at number of goals they made against standard of league as well as his faster speed and movement ability. Although Eusebio played in more competitive era, he did not make the top place of Ballon' dor as many as C.Ronaldo has done. Eusebio finished in top five just 5 years. Assume his 5th place Ballon dor as good as C.Ronaldo's 2nd place, he is still not better.

    2. I loved football from my childhood although i never played professional but always played it! but the most attractive part of the game is that history, i was loving to exploring in the history of the game and know about the reality of the past. Always prefer to watch the old games to the new ones. But the football had the most carry away fans in the world, while most of the peoples don't know so much about the past and don't care about that, So they just wanna enjoy the moment that they are and makes their generation players as the best! becuase they feel good with it! My means if you wanna decorate you site just by the short time of the day, it's ok but if you wanna seek the truth about the history, it's different mate. i Think some of your rankings is more based on the popularity, another example was buffon, i remember dino zoff was the italy's number 1 keeper on all-time squad but some months ago suddenly you put buffon instead of him! Although as i said before i don't know your site's policy, but personally i'm in the seek of pure reality of the players without bias,without media effects, and think if you are in the looking for the truth ranking for the players you should consider all of the aspects, all of them(team, teams agianst, time, teammates, opponents, facilities, situation and etc.) for the best comparison.

    3. About Ronaldo, I don't think he had better goal scoring record. Eusebio goal scoring ratio in Club level is more than 1.0 (1 goal per a game) that's (580) in (575) games, But ronaldo (531) in (721) games. At national level again eusebio had better goal ratio it's (41) goals in (64) games, but ronaldo (75) goals in (143) games, ronaldo played more than double games of eusebio. Although Ronaldo played in three world cups with Three of the best portugal teams (2006,2010 and 2014) but just scored 3 goals against Iran,North Korea and Ghana! In the other hand eusebio played in Only one world cup and Scored 9 Goals against england, soviet union, brazil, north korea (but as you know it's different korea! They were known as yellow wind, probably the best asian team ever parcipiated at the world cup), or in the other words he scored against yashin, banks, gilmar and Naydenov! Also eusebio played in SO much competitive era than ronaldo. maybe by a hundred miles! Although in overall eusebio played in harder era ,but la liga in some aspects is harder than Primeira Liga of eusebio era. But there is some points.At first maybe eusebio's league was easier but don't forget C.ronaldo had better players around him. 2nd point, In fact La liga is more competitive and harder for players outside of the two Big poles (barca and real) it's means that for the players of these teams the League isn't so much hard because they had the best players in their teams and were and are better much than other teams. So in the aspect of the big team of the league (as i said eusebio's team in portugese league was better so much than other teams) Both ronaldo and eusebio is in same situation. But the 3rd point, Eusebio was unique and the only man. Never any other player couldn't scored like eusebio, but there are other players that can scoring like ronaldo today,In fact every Specialized Central forwards in Real madrid or barcelona can do it! Luiz suarez and messi proved it! But no one coudldn't what eusebio done! It's determined that scoring like cris ronaldo in la liga in today isn't so wonderful.

      About ballon d'or, As you know there are some journalists who have rated to the players. Actually at the past (and even today in some cases) there wasn't prevalent at europe to awarded to the black players, And eusebio wasn't so far from this biased choices. Although Ballon d'or isn't the best parameter for determine performances. There are many other playes like Ferenc puskas or Bobby charlton who haven't won the award as they were deserved. Also The trophies was so effective in the choices , even more than individual in some cases. The Other fact is the Competitors, you can't compare players from different periods by their ballon d'or awards. For example maybe in One year the competition become between 3 of the Greatest players ever or in Another year the competition become between just 3 average players. So think if One of the average players won the award 2 or 3 times, but The other player from hard competition year just done in third places for 2 or 3 time, Whereas the 2nd and 3rd player of the hard competition year is better than the easier winner year! but the easier year winner, win 3 time just because of weaker competitors! You See ! So it's not Suitable to assume the ballon d'or as the advantage fact without consider the other aspect (as i mentioned before). Although Cristinao ronaldo had not so good competitors but even you should accept that he wasn't deserved all of his ballon d'or! 2013 was the year of ribery, and the 2014 the neuer, was the man. The cleansheets recorder for bayern, the world cup winner and the best german player. Although Ronaldo was great that year but Neuer shined in the Bigger Stage. So maybe he just won 2 Ballon d'or not 4.

      Besides These My friend, you can't proved eusebio just by numbers, just Look at his games... It's Obvious he was a better and more skilful player than ronaldo.

    4. Well, I realize how complete was Eusebio but you can't compare overall scoring stats between them as C.Ronaldo played in wider role and some seasons even a pure winger. If consider season by season, Eusebio must be largely inferior. The important thing is Eusebio has not a good record enough in NT career. Although Benfica was spending tier golden era, Portugal did not follow the successful period. Only 1966 World Cup is outstanding. Portugal finished only round of 16 in all three related Euro. Portugal even finished the worst place in 1970 World Cup qualification.

    5. I don't think I'm biased from trend of popularity as I have all evidence rating applied to my system that is experimented many times and lack of opportunity in the past era is also taken less disadvantageous. I have been even complained that I was too hash on the players in the modern era.

      I still affirm Zoff is better than Buffon in peak and overall skill and I also said many times performance is another thing. Buffon is much more successful than Zoff in int.club is a major variable.

      Anyway I like your opinions. Where are you from ? seems to be one of North African nations ? Don't you suggest me on all-time North African squad ?

    6. Thank you mate, No i'm from Iran and like your big museum and as far as i know you are one of the best football historian. Oh yes C.Ronaldo played in the wider roles (although eusebio sometimes was playing in the winger sides) and maybe it's the reason for eusebio's supremacy on goal scoring record. Because ronaldo wasn't and probably isn't an Specialized Center forward, although in his real madrid career he was the target man, even when he playing in the sides of the pitch. He isn't an team-player, maybe just in some recently season, but in overall he is a selfish player and usually was trying to used the chance as possible only by himself. But eusebio was more greater team-player than ronaldo. In fact i think any Pure prolific striker in ronaldo era at madrid could reached his goal scoring records, As i said before because of his situation and his time. As we see Players like Ronaldo da lima Scoring 47 goals in 49 games in laliga in 1997 or thierry henry scoring almost 40 goals in 50 match in 2004 in the most competitive premier league era ever, when the goal ratio in the league was under 2.6 per game. So i think these guys could do that maybe with better record. About season by season performance, although i don't think that's a fair compare, but still eusebio isn't inferior to ronaldo. Eusebio scored 77 goals in 42 games in the age of 15 till 18! Till the age of 25 (1967) he was Superior in any aspect to ronaldo 25 years (2010), Eusebio won 2 European cup, win everything in the domestic league, Phenomenal performance at NT level, the amazing record of 50 goal in 35 games and passed his best football years. After that although he declined but still had good records and won the league title in every year (except one season) till his end of his career at benfica. C.Ronaldo his great years started from 2011 till 2017 (Plus 2008). Although he was so lucky that never injured serious(and of course thanks to his modern time), becuase old players became injured many times for the lack of good medical care, the strict rules and other reasons). (like van basten ended his career at 28 or tostao at 26). As you see there is no different, just ronaldo peak started years from age 25 but eusebio started from age 20. But as i said the season by season compare isn't fair, Football isn't a normal worker life process that you determines every person's accomplishment just after his longevity. Every athlete had a limited time to reach to the peak. In the other words, The Impact is the point. In The fairest mod the players should be compare by their peak years. Although my means isn't that The longevity isn't important, of course that's a great fact and more beneficial for the time when player still can had a effect on the team, but not for the comparison. However i consider eligible players for comparison. For example at least 3 or 4 years peak need to compare, and we can compare 4 years peak player versus another player with 6 or more years peak, But the point of interest is their top performance Level, because we are in looking for better skillful player not the player that had played more.

    7. Actually the Consistency is more help the player's team to achieve more honors, but that's not make player (in most cases) better in the aspect of skills, When you passed your peak years and after that you still had Consistency for some later years, you just keeping you average form for some another years, it doesn't mean you are in the process of progress, because you passed your highest performance years and now just help your team for some more years. There are many players such as Ashley cole, javier zanetti or ... that keeping up their form for more than 15 years. Ashley cole good years started from 2001/2002 with arsenal till his last year at chelsea in 2014, and even he was too good in roma in the next two years. There many other examples that keeping their average form for many years. But as i said Longevity doesn't make a player better, There are very rare cases like roger milla that could back to his top years just for one tournemant after he passed his peak years. So it doesn't matter that you can still play good after your peak years for 20 or 30 more years! Because you never reach your maximum level again, So the Point for every comparison is the maximum level (or peak performance) of every player. But you can arrange another table for just for the aspect of consistency, but that's different. (I think Peter shilton is the top guy for consistency, he played about 30 years in top division!). But as i said, The Longevity is very effective fact but in the same level players, and of course a player with 20 years consistency can't compare with a guy with just 2 years peak (how much great he was, doesn't matter! because 2 years don't prove anything!) But when you speak about a guy with for example 10 years consistency and the other 5 years peak, The skill is the Priority. I think that's because you put buffon above zoff, despite you said zoff better, and of course better, even Peter Schmeichel and And sepp maier were better goalkeepers than buffon. I think Buffon established his place more because of his consistency and popularity.(That was the point i told before!).

    8. National Matches in the older times played less for many reasons. (Usually just Main tournament was placed like Continental championship, World Cup and some friendly matches) The Lack of proper comprehensive notification, The Lack of accurate statistics of the players, Travel problems, Lack of timely recovery for injuried players and etc. As a result, Most of the old players hadn't chance to play for their national teams as enough. Even the old players from asia or africa hadn't regular cups or even hadn't any cups. Eusebio NT apps is a regular record for his time, and Also be aware that C.Ronaldo apps record is even So higher than the regular apps record of his time.(As you know he is the most Portuguese capped player of all-time). Anyway the More important thing is his goal scoring record ratio in the caps.

      Portugal Finished their best Place ever (Third) in the 1966 world cup with the Ultimate show of eusebio. But the next years Portugal hadn't good organizing and didn't follow the successful period as you said. World Cup in old ages includes only 16 teams, And only 8 teams qualified from europ, But today just 16 teams qualified from europe. Even Netheraland didn't qualified for the 1970 world cup (although their squad was almost same as their on 74). But Cristiano ronaldo played in the golden generation of portugal. I think the only one world cup ultimate performance for eusebio is enough for a good NT career. Also i remind again eusebio had much better opponents teams in his time, and ronaldo weaker opponents in euro 2016 (maybe one of the least competitive euros).

    9. You mentioned ronaldo physical and speed abilities on your last post. I think eusebio was faster and probably stronger than ronaldo, I'll tell you why, but let me Compare their ability in form of Replacement, I think The replacement is a good way too for comparison in some cases. Eusebio run 100 meters in just 11 seconds (http://www.footballhistory.org/player/eusebio.html), Ronaldo also run 100 meters under 11 seconds, Yes, but eusebio was running with the slower boots of 60's! but ronaldo with the superfly mercurial boots of CR7 brand! also eusebio was running in the slower and poorer pitchs... Eusebio shoot power is noticeable as one of the most powerful shoots abilities. But he did shoot the ball who weighed a kilo in different weather like raining and heavier and slower ball in most of the times. As he Quotes : " When we played Real Madrid and won 5-3 it was soaking wet and the ball weighed a kilo. It didn't have a brand. Consider the boots; there was no personalised footwear. Back then, it was all heart." Eusebio was living in a period that wasn't enough knowledge for healthy diets. His physical attributes was natural, Not supplements, Not good diet and even not any steroids! But Cristiano ronaldo is the product of modern diet and supplements, not just him ,all of modern players. Let's move on from Stricter rules of the time, When there was no substitute rule and all player should was running entire 90 minutes always, No yellow card, As a result referee gave more freedom to defenders and They tackles on the players even from behind (wasn't fault befoe 80), And subsequent less safety for forwards.
      So Now imagine bring C.Ronaldo to the 60's with old facilities as i said. i don't think he even could became an superstar, Maybe just a star, Even if he didn't injured by the hard tacklers of the time! Even if you bring him with today facilities to the past maybe he couldn't repeat his today goal scoring records or performances. But Imagine if you bring young eusebio to the current time, Give him the boots made of best technology, Modern methods of training, best facilities and playing in the modern pitch, modern ball and versus today languid defenders!
      Probably He won All of the Ballon d'or from 2009 till right now, Maybe 6 or 7 times.. And if playing for a good club (not neccesary real or barca) for example chelsea or A.C. Milan, He could Broken all of the records of today football.

      Finally, with Consider all of the items and aspects of the times and check them, For me it's clear eusebio better than C.Ronaldo, Messi and all of players of the past 20 years. (except Zizou)

    10. Your opinions is really creative and make many interesting points for discussion.

      1) Peak and Consistency : Determining player performance in only prime period (around 5 years) will help to judge player in more realistic way of their actual ability but football career span is around 10 - 15 years and sustaining great performance in a long time is one of the most important definitions for legend status. People at Milan has been recognizing Maldini as a more important legend than Van Basten although Van Basten won 3 Ballon'Dor during playing there. For my performance ranking, it represents the legend status so all seasons are needed to be considered. However, the system designed allow the great prime players is already in advantage as the best 5 years covers around 80 % of calculation criteria. Players with better consistency but worse prime can surpass with their only superb consistency that is given only 20 %.
      Moreover, I’m doing skill project and I think it will be more match to your idea more.
      2) The speed stats between both Portuguese legends you exemplify is really useful. The stats is a speed without the ball so now I’m only talking about speed with the ball that C.Ronaldo is seen to be a bit faster but he also has more space on the side area. In overall, they’re in the similar level. Regarding physical ability that you bring the advancement of technology into the topic, it will be worked in only case of the direct comparison of skill between the two but not for the performance as they played against their opponents who also have the same opportunity in their own era. The limitation technology in Eusebio era is noted and technology helps in increasing speed significantly as world record of 100 M reduced from 10.00 sec to 9.6 sec from 1960s to the 2000s. In current status I’m ok to rate Eusebio a bit faster. This is very useful for my physical ability rating that will consider against status of technology in their own era.
      3) Limitation of circumstance such as injury, competition format or any other you give examples is actually applied into the system of rating . It calls “Loss Ratio” that deduct criteria point in minor proportion if lack of opportunity. C.Ronaldo has a higher score in NT part than Eusebio 2.7 point when Eusebio played only one major international tournament. As I said, performance ranking represent legends status that is inevitably depend on opportunity of career.

      You have some identity of your own player rating to have rated Eusebio and Zidane better than Messi.

      Anyway, Can you suggest me for Iranian legend in all-time West Asia squad ? Do I underrate or overrate anyone of them and even omission some great names ?

  27. Anonymous5/12/17

    Simao Sabrosa, Ricardo Quaresma and Bruno Alves should be added to minor reserve group

  28. Anonymous4/1/18

    Where is Jorge Costa?

  29. Anonymous10/5/18

    Scolari instead of Mourinho. Mourinho never had any international experience while Scolari reached 2004 Euro Championship final and world cup semi final 2 yrs later with Portugal

    1. I don't think international country is more important than club career for managerial rating. Moreover, when analyze the impact level of manager on the successful team, I don't think Scolari is so influential.

  30. Anonymous12/5/18

    Just come across your very good site. Regarding the goalkeeping position, most Portuguese fans of a mature age will say that the greatest Portuguese goalkeeper of all time is CARLOS GOMES. Unfortunately, due to a rebellious nature at Sporting and political views that were not in agreement with the right wing regime, he left the country and played in Spain and Morocco. He ousted the great Azevedo aged only 19.

    1. I remember to have considered Carlos Gomes while I really can't remember why I did not name him in reserved group at least. Thanks anyway.

  31. Anonymous13/8/18

    Pepe should be in starting eleven in place of Coelho. Pepe of this decade is world class centre back, just like Coelho would be considered in his time, and Personally I think that you overrate him a little, it wouldn't really be that controversial to put Ricardo Carvalho ahead. Was Coelho really such a star?

    Pepes performance in Euro 2016, where he could arguably be considered player of the tournament, should have made all doubt go away. I don't see how Coelho can be ahead of him, there's too many uncertainties surrounding portuguese league and 70's. Benfica doesn't seem as powerfull as decade earlier

  32. Anonymous13/6/19

    Portugal now have a new Achievement! they won the UEFA Nations League. can you update the data?

  33. The tournament is inaugural season but I need to rate them equal to qualification round because it is fair for the entire history. I will update European nations ranking after Euro 2020.