Scandinavia Union

Scandinavia or Nordic All-Stars team covers Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Historically, Kalmar Union, which includes area of all countries in Nordic present day, was exist between 1397 and 1523. In international football, Nordic Championship was first held in 1924, participated by all Nordic nations and continually played until 1983 and then the last tournament was played in 2000 - 2001 without Sweden which is the most winners with 9 from total 14. The Royal League is a Scandinavian club competition, participated by Sweden-Denmark-Norway, was available for only 3 tournaments in the mid-2000s.  A number of Swedish and Danish stars went to play in Italian series A during the 1950s. Gre-No-Li was one of the most famous Tri-O of Sweden and AC Milan in that era combined with Skoglund and Hamrin being one of the best offensive lines in the World in that era, victory won runner-up in World Cup 1958 that is the best performance of Scandinavia teams ever in the World Cup.  Although Denmark just firstly qualified for World Cup tournament in 1986, Their prestige has reached the same level as Sweden in the 1990s after they surprised the World with winning Euro 92 despite they was eligible to participate due to withdrawn of Yugoslavia. Scandinavia footballers have been renowned for their physical strong and aerial game.


Location : Northern Europe
European Championship Participation : 9 Times (1964, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012)
World Cup Participation : 14 Times (1934, 1938, 1950, 1958, 1970, 1974, 1978, 1990, 1994, 1986, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010)
Achievement : 1948 Olympic Game Gold Medal
1958 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up
2 Times FIFA World Cup Third Place (1950, 1994)
1992 European Championship Winner
Most Caps : Thomas Ravelli (143 Games)
Top Scorer : Poul Tist Nielsen (52 Goals)
The Greatest Player Ever : Michael Laudrup

                                 All-Time Scandinavian Squad


Peter Schmeichel
Ronnie Hellstrom

Orvar Bergmark
Erik Nilsson
Rune Bratseth
Sami Hyypia
Bjorn Nordqvist
Morten Olsen
Arto Tolsa

Nils Middelboe
Bo Larsson
Nils Liedholm
Michael Laudrup
Karl Aage Praest
Lennart Skoglund
Jari Litmanen

Allan Simonsen
Kurt Hamrin
Svenn Rydell
Zlaton Ibrahimovic
Preben Elkjaer
Gunnar Nordahl

Manager : Svenn Goran Eriksson (Sweden)

Stadium : Ullevi (Sweden)

Formation XI (4-1-2-3)

Explain of Formation

Schmeichel is by far the best GK from the Nordic. Nilsson and Bergmark are a starter as side-back. Sami Hyypia as center-back and Rune Bratseth as libero would be the steel wall in the central defending line. Morten Olsen is selected as defensive midfielder. Liedholm and M.Laudrup will co-ordinate together to create and do assists, and even being a second striker sometimes. Hamrin and Aage Praest is responsible as wing-forward, has to support target striker like Gunnar Nordahl.


By Decade
By Class
By Nations
1910s : 1
1920s : -
1930s : -
1940s : 2
1950s : 6
1960s : 2
1970s : 4
1980s : 3
1990s : 3
2000s : 1

King : 5
Queen : 4
Prince : 16

Sweden : 9
Denmark : 8
Finland : 3
Norway : 2
Iceland : -

 Table of Positional Ranking

Defensive Lateral
Central Defender
1. Peter Schmeichel (DEN)
2. Ronnie Hellstrom (SWE)
3. Thomas Ravelli  (SWE)
4. Karl Oscar Svensson (SWE)
5. Eric Thorstvedt (NOR)
6. Henry From (DEN)
7. Svend Jensen (DEN)
8. Eigil Nielsen (DEN)
9. Jussi Jaaskelainen (FIN)
10. Sophus Hansen (DEN)

1. Erik Nilsson (SWE)
2. Orvar Bergmark (SWE)
3. Fritz Tarp (DEN)
4. Johnny Hansen (DEN)
5. John Sivebaek (DEN)
6. Alto Tolsa (FIN)
7. Roland Nilsson (SWE)
8. Thomas Helveg (DEN)
9. Jan Heintze (DEN)
10. Roar Johanssen (NOR)
11. John Arne Riise (NOR)

1. Morten Olsen (DEN)
2. Rune Bratseth (NOR)
3. Sami Hyypia (FIN)
4. Glenn Hysen (SWE)
5. Bent Gustavsson (SWE)
6. Bjorn Nordqvist (SWE)
7. Patrik Andersson (SWE)
8. Ake Johansson (SWE)
9. Ronnie Johnsen (NOR)
10. Thorbjorn Svenssen (NOR)
11. Ivan Nielsen (DEN)
12. Olof Mellbourg (SWE)
13. Bent Hansen (DEN)
14. Per Rontved (DEN)
15. Paul Jensen (DEN)
16. Roland Grip (SWE)

Defensive Midfielder
Offensive Midfielder
Offensive Lateral
1. Bo Larsson (SWE)
2. Soren Lerby (DEN)
3. Nils Middelboe (DEN)
4. Glenn Stromberg (SWE)
5. Sune Andersson (SWE)
6. Jan Molby (DEN)
7. Karl Gustafsson (SWE)
8. Jonas Thern (SWE)
9. Alex Pilmark (DEN)
10. Asbjorn Halvorsen (NOR)
11. Thomas Gravesen (DEN)
12. Kim Vilfort (DEN)
13. Ivan Tage Jensen (DEN)

1. Michael Laudrup (DEN)
2. Nils Liedholm (SWE)
3. Jari Litmanen (FIN)
4. Karl Aage Hansen (DEN)
5. Asgier Sigurvinsson (Iceland)
6. Reidar Kvammen (NOR)
7. Thomas Brolin (SWE)       
8. Arne Selmosson (SWE)
9. Tom Lund (NOR)
10. Bengt Linskog (SWE)
11. Tore Keller (SWE)
12. Per Bredesen (NOR)
13. Kristian Nygaard (DEN)
14. Aulis Rytkonen (FIN)
15. Klaus Berggreen (DEN)

1. Kurt Hamrin (SWE)
2. Carl Aage Praest (DEN)
3. Lennart Skoglund (SWE)
4. Helge Bronee (DEN)
5. Frank Arnesen (DEN)
6. Brian Laudrup (DEN)
7. Arne Brustud (NOR)
8. Roger Magnusson (SWE)
9. Roald Jensen (NOR)
10. Jesper Olsen (DEN)
11. Fredrik Ljungberg (SWE)
12. Johannes Gandil (DEN)
13. Helmuth Sobirk (DEN)
14. Martin Jorgensen (DEN)
15. Poul Pedersen (DEN)
16. Roland Sandberg (SWE)
17. Anders Limpar (SWE)

1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (SWE)
2. Allan Simonsen (DEN)
3. Sven Rydell (SWE)
4. Gunnar Gren (SWE)
5. Ove Kindvall (SWE)
6. John Angelo Hansen (DEN)
7. Henning Jensen (DEN)
8. Agne Simonsson (SWE)
9. Hallvar Thoresen (NOR)    
10. Ralf Edstrom (SWE) 
11. Henry Carlsson (SWE)
12. Jorgen Leschly Sorensen (DEN)
13. Gunnar Thoresen (NOR)
14. John Dahl Tomasson (DEN)
15. Sophus Nielsen (DEN)
16. Svenn Jonasson (SWE)
17. Eidur Gudjohnsen (ICE)

1. Gunnar Nordahl (SWE)
2. Preben Elkjaer Larsen (DEN)
3. Henrik Larsson (SWE) 
4. Pauli Jorgensen (DEN)
5. Harald Nielsen (DEN) 
6. Jorgen Juve (NOR)
7. Gunnar Andersson (SWE)
8. Poul Tist Nielsen (DEN)
9. Einar Gundersen (NOR)
10. Martin Dahlin (SWE)
11. Hasse Jappson (SWE)
12. Odd Iversen (NOR)
13. Filip Johansson (SWE)
14. Ole Madsen (DEN)
15. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (NOR)
16. Per Kristoffersen (NOR)

The Greatest Scandinavian Players of the Era

10s : Nils Middelboe
20s : Poul Tist Nielsen (1st Half), Sveen Rydell (2nd Half)
30s : Pauli Jorgensen (1st Half, Arne Brustad (2nd Half)
40s : Gunnar Nordahl (2nd Half)
50s : Nils Liedholm (1st Half), Kurt Hamrin (2nd Half)
60s : Harald Nielsen (1st Half), Ove Kindvall (2nd Half)
70s : Bo Larsson (1st Half), Allan Simonsen (2nd Half)
80s : Morten Olsen (1st Half), Michael Laudrup (2nd Half)
90s : Peter Schmeichel (1st Half), Jari Litmanen (2nd Half)
00s : Henrik Larsson (1st Half), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (2nd Half)
10s : Zlaton Ibrahimovic (1st Half)

The Greatest Scandinavian Footballers of All-Time

1. Michael Laudrup (Denmark)
2. Gunnar Nordahl (Sweden)
3. Peter Schmeichel (Denmark)
4. Nils Liedholm (Sweden)
5. Kurt Hamrin (Sweden)
6. Zlaton Ibrahimovic (Sweden)
7. Allan Simonsen (Denmark)
8. Ronnie Hellstrom (Sweden)
9. Carl Aage Praest (Denmark)
10. Lennart Skoglund (Sweden)
11. Gunnar Gren (Sweden)
12. Sven Rydell (Sweden)
13. Preben Elkjaer (Denmark)
14. Jari Litmanen (Denmark)
15. Karl Aage Hansen (Denmark)
16. Morten Olsen (Denmark)
17. Nils Middelboe (Denmark)
18. John Angelo Hansen (Denmark)
19. Henrik Larsson (Sweden)
20. Henning Jensen (Denmark)

Scandinavian Footballers of The Year

Pauli Jorgensen
Svenn Rydell
Pauli Jorgensen
Jorgen Juve
Svenn Jonasson
Jorgen Juve
Arne Brustad
Reidar Kvammen
Arne Brustad
Gunnar Gren
Gunnar Nordahl
John Angelo Hansen
Nils Liedholm
Nils Liedholm
Gunnar Nordahl
Carl Aage Praest
Nils Liedholm
Lennart Skoglund
Gunnar Nordahl
Lennart Skoglund
Ake Johnasson
Kurt Hamrin
Agne Simonsson
Harald Nielsen
Kurt Hamrin
Ole Madsen
Harald Nielsen
Harald Nielsen
Bo Larsson
Ove Kindvall
Ove Kindvall
Bo Larsson
Ove Kindvall
Ove Kindvall
Roger Magnusson
Roger Magnusson
Bo Larsson
Ralf Edstrom
Henning Jensen
Ronnie Hellstrom
Allan Simonsen
Allan Simonsen
Allan Simonsen
Morten Olsen
Frank Arnesen
Glenn Stromberg
Morten Olsen
Preben Elkjaer
Preben Elkjaer
Soren Lerby
Rune Brathseth
Rune Brathseth
Brian Laudrup
Thomas Brolin
Michael Laudrup
Michael Laudrup
Michael Laudrup
Thomas Brolin
Jari Litmanen
Jari Litmanen
Brian Laudrup
Tore Andre Flo
Peter Schmeichel
Sami Hyypia
Henrik Larsson
Fredrik Ljungberg
Henrik Larsson
Henrik Larsson
Zlaton Ibrahimovic
Fredrik Ljungberg
Zlaton Ibrahimovic
Zlaton Ibrahimovic
Zlaton Ibrahimovic
Zlaton Ibrahimovic
Zlaton Ibrahimovic
Zlaton Ibrahimovic
Zlaton Ibrahimovic
Zlaton Ibrahimovic
Zlaton Ibrahimovic
Gylfi Sugurosson
Cristian Eriksen

By Nation

Sweden :  47
Denmark : 25
Norway :  8
Finland : 3
Iceland : 1


  1. Anonymous3/7/14

    Flemming Povlsen, Tore Andre Flo, Carl Skomar Hansen, Borge Mathiesen, Lars Bastrup, Bertil Nordahl, Erling Sorensen, Erik Kuld Jensen, Finn Laudrup, Bendt Lindskog.........

  2. Anonymous25/10/14

    who is 11. at "scandinavian best"?

    1. Actually Pauli Jorgensen is omitted at 19th

  3. Anonymous7/11/14

    I propose to consider, it is my opinion that 1982 was the best Scandinavian player Frank Arnesen or Thorbjorn Nilsson. 1983- Jesper Olsen, 1987- Jan Molby, 1989,1992,1995 Michael Laudrup, 1991- Andres Limpar, 1998- Tore Andre Flo, 1999- Peter Schmeichel, 2004- Tomasson. Since he exploded, I agree that each year Ibrahimovic was the best.

    1. It is very great to have you help on the list. At the first sight, I immediately agree to change in three years. 1992 must be M.Laudrup as I also name him as one of the top three best players in the world in World Annual Award of the Century (just forgot to update here). Another year is 1998 when Tore Andre Flo was being in his top performance. The third year is 1999 as Soljkaer was not even a starter of Man Utd although he was a perfect reserved player.

      1982 : Thorbjorn Nilsson should not be considered even he was awarded Golden Ball because he played only 7 games in the 1982 allsvenskan and his first season at Kaiserslautern is rated below international-class by kicker. I’d consider the 1981 -1982 season for Arnesen. He was rated in 30th Don Balon La Liga player of the season and not rated in top 20 EL Mundo La Liga player of the season. When Glenn Stormberg got very high rating in series A so I go for him.
      1983 : I know Jesper Olsen was performing his peak but Morten Olsen seems to me for his untouchable place as a prominent sweeper.
      1987 : Jan Molby’s best season is the 1985 – 1986 but unfortunately Lerby was also great in the same year. Rune Brathseth was rated by kicker in world-class a half of season.
      1989 :Elder Laudrup with last season at Juventus was rather smooth and was rated very low pint by media while younger Laudrup start his first season in Bundesliga and achieved international-class by kicker.
      1991 : This year is not the best season of M.Laudrup at barca but he was already a top player and should be superior to Andres Limpar who was just very quick.
      2004 : Tomasson was failed in UEFA Champion League. I’d prefer Larsson who was still very reliable and efficient.

  4. Anonymous7/11/14

    Thank you! Congratulations to Gunnar Nordahl, but one season should certainly be reserved for Karl Aage Hansen. 1947 or 1951. Bye!

  5. Anonymous7/11/14

    I know it's in season 94/95 Ajax was European champion and Litmanen their best player. Real with Laudrup was just conqueror of La Liga. For me, maybe it was his best year. Zamorano was the top scorer, and 82% of goals scored on Laudrup assists.

  6. Anonymous8/11/14

    Please, who is thomas cristoffersen?

    1. Sorry, actually it is Per Kristoffersen who was four times top scorer in Norwegian league is ranked in 4th Norwegian league all-time top scorer.

  7. Anonymous8/11/14

    and what about Flemming Povlsen? Great player!

    1. He is one of legends of UEFA Euro but kicker rate him in only one international-class season, is very low for its standard.

  8. Anonymous9/11/14

    Can I get a professional opinion on Karl Aage Hansen? I read about it about it in Italian newspapers. Many believe that this is the best Dane in Serie A. Many also believe that with Giacomo Bulgarelli most universal player ever in Serie A.

    1. That is interesting. I see Karl Aage Praest is the only 40s danish player in series A is mentioned in Danish Football Hall of Fame. Anyway, it would make the issue I might have underrated Karl Aage Hansen.

  9. Anonymous9/11/14

    This is because it is the only Praest was alive when it was founded, "hall of fame". J.A.Hansen, KA Hansen J.L.Sorensen and Bronée had already died.

    1. But I also see many Danish legend from 00s and 20s being named in the Hall of Fame although they had been died when the selection was held ?

  10. Anonymous9/11/14

    Praest was inducted into the "Hall of Fame" in 2008. He died in 2011. John Hansen and Karl Aage Hansen died in 1990, and Sorensen and Bronée in 1999.

    1. So that's mean player who has died must not be named in hall of fame ? it is strange for me because I'm accustomed to a reverse process that players who have been passed away will be suited in time of being honored.

    2. Anonymous9/11/14

      It would not be fair, but apparently not, at least not for now.

  11. Anonymous9/11/14

    Hall of Fame members:

    Carl Aage Præst (1945–1949)[46]
    Harald Nielsen (1959–1960)[47]
    Per Røntved (1970–1982)[48]
    Allan Simonsen (1972–1986)[46]
    Frank Arnesen (1977–1987)[49]
    Preben Elkjær (1977–1988)[50]
    Søren Lerby (1978–1989)[49]
    Danish Dynamite team (1980–1989): Represented with a footprint of Morten Olsen (c, 1970–1989) and Sepp Piontek (coach, 1979–1990).[51]
    Sepp Piontek (coach, 1979–1990)[52]
    Euro 1992 team (June 1992): Represented with a footprint of Lars Olsen (c, 1986–1996) and Richard Møller Nielsen (coach, 1990–1996).[45]
    Richard Møller Nielsen (coach, 1990–1996)[53]
    Michael Laudrup (1982–1998)[45]
    Brian Laudrup (1987–1998)[54]
    Peter Schmeichel (1987–2001)[55]

  12. Anonymous9/11/14

    2008-(M.Laudrup, Praest, Simonsen, L.Olsen), 2009-(Schmeichel, M.Olsen), 2010-(Elkjaer, H.Nielsen), 2011-(Rontved), 2012-(B.Laudrup), 2013-(Lerby,Arnesen). Thats what i see.

  13. Anonymous9/11/14

    That's football, "hall of fame". There is another sports' hall of fame. "It was founded in 1992. It includes: Knud Lundberg 1992-, 1995- Allan Simonsen, Morten Olsen 1998-, 1999- Preben Elkjaer, 2007- Michael Laudrup, Peter Schmeichel 2008-, 2014- Brian Laudrup.

  14. Anonymous9/11/14

    nothing of debate?

    1. Please see in above comment. I told you about Hall of Fame selection.

  15. Anonymous9/11/14

    A long study of Scandinavian football. And I am quite certain that Karl Aage Hansen deserves a place in the Danish team instead of Jan Molby (who was a great player), and Fritz tarp instead Helveg. TARP in his time meant much more than Helveg.

    1. I name Jan Molby in all-time Denmark XI because he could play deeper as CM.
      Thanks for Fritz Tarp ! I'll name him soon.

  16. Anonymous9/11/14

    Maybe even Henning Jensen or Bronée or even someone else instead of Brian Laudrup because of his club career was not at the level of his talent

    1. Helge Bronee played in amateur until his 28 years old when he moved to Series A so his prime is too short. Henning Jensen was a world-class deep-lying forward. He might switch to winger sometimes but as I know it is not his peak position.

  17. OK, I have updated All-Time Denmark Squad and XI with addition of Fritz Trap. I cannot find his height, you probably could help. For his photo, I cut the part of him from this link

    Note that I name Helveg out of squad and not even mention as he is rated very low in Series A (just even doubt why he was great enough to play for Milan.

    1. Anonymous9/11/14

      Do not ask me for Helveg. I watched him a lot. He never failed to impress me. But I know he has enjoyed cult status in the national team. 2001, Martin Jorgensen said that the best and most important Danish player is Helveg.John Sivebaek was huge potential. I found somewhere that was the best right-back in 1985. In the national team played the best 10 years (1982-1992). He failed to make a major international career, although in France played a standard and very good.

  18. Anonymous9/11/14

    You would not want me to be tiring and boring. I enjoy every day in your site. Praising this project could constantly. However, it is logical that I write when I think differently than when I think the same. Bronée became a professional with 26 years. Then it took Nancy. At the time when he played as an amateur that did not show any difference in terms of quality. That he was born in Denmark where the professionals they did not get to play until 1971 would he should not be a problem also. This is what you see as a "hall of fame", I do not really see. I guess that this is the English wikipedia. Now I'm there something tampered with. It seems to me that it's not real, "hall of fame".

    1. Sorry I was really mistook. Bronee played in professional football at his 26 years old is true. He just started playing at Danish first division at 24 years old but at least he compensated in longevity, played in series until 34 years old. I also set criteria in NT part for this selection around 50 % and Bronee also won only 4 caps due to playing aboard and I have not rated player base on talent but it is about how much legend contribute to his club and nation.

      Yes, I refer to English wikipedia which I admit it is not always reliable. I'll review on your suggestion one again.

  19. Anonymous9/11/14

    Arne Selmosson is a very interesting player. I'm surprised you did not mention above.

    1. He is an omission. As I read twice articles, he was one of the successful Swedish players in series A during the 1950s. At least he should be named in Scandinavian positional list but still not sure if he would be great enough to be made profile. He also won only four caps due to play aboard.

  20. Anonymous10/11/14

    I think footballers should be considered solely for the times when they played. Talents in Denmark are not guilty because they played like amateurs. Nor are professionals from Yugoslavia worth more because they are professionals. Milorad Arsenijević also had his job with the football. The fact that professionals were not allowed to play for the national team until 1971, and they later took 10 years to create a cult of representation may be affected just the national team, but not to individuals. Not even the World Cup in 1930 was worth something. The best selection in the world they did not even want to play. Argentina and Uruguay are all that's worth a championship. It is known that in his time Nordahl could not be measured with Liedholm. Exceeded by only nowadays, thanks to statistics and mathematics.

    1. I always consider limit condition on their own era but the fact that many European nations already turned professional at the post-war era and I just wonder amateur Danish players at that time also had another career ? because player would be very limit in case they're not even make a full-time playing.

      That is interesting that professional players were prohibited to play in national team. I understand this limitation likes many other legends in the first half of 20th century who is unfortunate to born in era of international instability (often withdrawals in major tournaments).
      So, I have never considered this effect as failure but disadvantageous status is still difficult to leave out when players were lack of opportunity.

  21. Anonymous10/11/14

    Uruguay should mean more Olympic Games in 1928, but the world championship in 1930. And who knows, maybe in future Mario Jardel worth more than Klinsmann!

  22. Anonymous27/2/15

    Jari Litmanen is not from Denmark he is from Finland

  23. Anonymous19/3/15

    you must move fritz tarp from central defenders

  24. Anonymous20/3/15

    Forgot to put Axel Pilmark to this list.

  25. Anonymous23/3/15

    1964 Harald Nielsen was the top scorer of Serie A and Italian champion. Ole Madsen has played in the lower league. In nine games for the national team scored 4 goals.

  26. Anonymous15/5/15

    1964? Ole Madsen?

  27. Anonymous11/6/15

    You forgot put Lerby front Sune Andersson and Stromberg. Arne Selmosson missing state, and Elkjaer Larsen was not Larson. Can you reconsider deserve Carl Skomar Hansen, John Tage Jensen, Asbjorn Halvorsen, Poul Aage Rasmussen, Tore Andre Flo, Sophus Nielsen Krolben, Helmuth Søbirk, Tore Keller and Jorgen Kristensen entry to this list?

    1. OK, please give me a time to review them.

  28. Anonymous11/6/15

    and Albert Gudmundsson, of course?

  29. Anonymous11/6/15

    Im sorry, Ivan Tage Jensen.

  30. Anonymous11/6/15

    Ibrahimovic is Zlatan, Soljkaer is Solskjaer. Central Defender- 16. Bent Hansen, 16. Poul Jensen. Groenjaer is Gronkjaer. Sivebaek is definitely was better then Riise, Johansen, Roland Nilsson, Heintze and Helveg.

  31. OK, Thanks you for a huge suggestion. I now have known a set of the new scandinavian players from you. As I am best at rough consideration based on article in wikipedia and, most of them are approved to be added in positional list aside from Carl Skomar Hansen (His prime at Rangers was too short from broken leg), Poul Agge Ramussen (His prime at Atalanta was also too short and his longevity in overall career is much less than average), Jorgen Kristensen (His 3 - 4 great seasons were only available at Feyenoord), Albert Gidmunsson is not a new name for me, I can't name him as his career was ended when the highlight was just started.

    Now I even would go on studying whether Tore Keller is deserved to be made the profile as rate their skill very high and he is also described as one of the best Swedish players in the pre-war era.

    I also revise the name for correction as your notice.

  32. Anonymous12/6/15

    I'm very pleased with your analysis. I'll have to come to terms with the "destiny" of Poul Aage Rasmussen, Gudmundsson and Skomar. Tore Andre Flo has been very interesting to me as a player, but his career is nothing. Kristensen was superb dribbler. Finally, I must say that Søbirk was much better player than Jorgensen, Gronkjaer, Limpar, Pedersen, Sandberg and Ljungberg.


    Søbirk was a quick and inventive play that particular wing was very difficult to neutralize. He was a brazen attack, which loved to dribble and make fun of their opponents. Due to his speed, he was nicknamed "Smut" because he often slipped past Backen, and so was nicknamed while in the "family" with his first name. He also good scorer. He joined the national team small 3 months after his debut for Frem. Bye!

    1. OK, I’ve raised some ranks of Sobirk but I’d prefer save Ljungberg place as he was more an effective player than talented player and seemingly got more success in the career.

  33. Anonymous12/6/15

    Ljungberg has certainly had a successful career. Søbirk was much more talented. Søbirk had better technique, shot, dribbling. It is faster, with better agility and more aggressive.

  34. Anonymous19/8/15

    The best Scandinavian player 1987 may be the only Jan Molby!

    1. It is highly probable for the seasonal year but I made this list base on calendar year.

  35. Anonymous3/9/15

    Carl Skomar Hansen, Eigil Nielsen and Knud Lundberg are included in the "Danish hall of fame". Do you think it should be on this list? I think that Poul Jensen was right-back and Bent Hansen was left back!

  36. Anonymous3/9/15

    The best Scandinavian not Liedholm than Michael Laudrup

    1. I'm not understand your sentence, Please clarify.

  37. Anonymous3/9/15

    Up at the top writes the best Scandinavian is Liedholm. We all know that it Laudrup

  38. Anonymous4/9/15

    Carl Skomar Hansen, Eigil Nielsen and Knud Lundberg are included in the "Danish hall of fame". Do you think it should be on this list? I think that Poul Jensen was right-back and Bent Hansen was left back!

    1. Carl Skomar Hansen, I see he played for Rangers only 22 games within 4 seasons, not know why he participated in a minor part. I imply he career is rather short in total games played.
      Eigil Nielsen and Svend Jensen is said to be the best Danish keeper before era of Schemichel. This status is very interesting. (I’ll include them in positional list)
      Kund Lundberg : There is no remarkable description written for him enough.

  39. Anonymous24/1/16

    The best scandinavian players all-time (2015):

    The joint vote of football experts from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland was organized by "BT" (Denmark), "VG" (Norway) and "Aftonbladet" (Sweden).

    1. Michael Laudrup, Danmark 143 pts
    2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Sverige 138
    3. Peter Schmeichel, Danmark 130
    4. Allan Simonsen, Danmark, 103
    5. Jari Litmanen, Finland, 93
    6. Henrik Larsson, Sverige 83
    7. Ásgeir Sigurvinsson, Island 55
    8. Gunnar Nordahl, Sverige 45
    9. Eidur Gudjohnsen, Island 42
    10-11. Brian Laudrup, Danmark 39
    10-11. Ole Gunnar Solskjær, Norge 39
    12. Sami Hyypiä, Finland 37
    13-15. Søren Lerby, Danmark 36
    13-15. Nils Liedholm, Sverige 36
    13-15. Bo Larsson, Sverige 36
    16. Gunnar Gren, Sverige 30
    17. Preben Elkjær, Danmark 28
    18. Tomas Brolin, Sverige 18
    19. Lennart Skoglund, Sverige 17
    20. Rune Bratseth, Norge 15

    Top 50 swedish and danish players all-time (ranking of newspaper "Ekstra Bladet" (Denmark), 2015):

    1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 2. Michael Laudrup, 3. Allan Simonsen, 4. Gunnar Gren, 5. Peter Schmeichel, 6. Gunnar Nordahl, 7. Preben Elkjær, 8. John Hansen, 9. Harald Nielsen, 10. Henrik ’Henke’ Larsson, 11. Morten Olsen, 12. Nils Liedholm, 13. Brian Laudrup, 14. Torbjörn Nilsson, 15. Tomas Brolin, 16. Pauli Jørgensen, 17. Kurt Hamrin, 18. Henning Jensen, 19. Lennart ’Nacka’ Skoglund, 20. Carl Aage Præst, 21. Poul ’Tist’ Nielsen, 22. Fredrik Ljungberg, 23. Agne Simonsson, 24. Karl Aage Hansen, 25. Ronnie Hellström, 26. Søren Lerby, 27. Frank Arnesen, 28. Jon Dahl Tomasson, 29. Patrick Andersson, 30. Jonas Thern, 31. Helge Bronée, 32. Sophus ’Krølben’ Hansen, 33. Bo ’Bosse’ Larsson, 34. Ivan Nielsen, 35. Glenn Hysén, 36. Flemming Povlsen, 37. Ove Kindvall, 38. Björn Nordkvist, 39. Daniel Agger, 40. Johnny Hansen, 41. Thomas Ravelli, 42. Jan Mølby, 43. Ralf Edström, 44. Glenn Strömberg, 45. Thomas Gravesen, 46. Per Røntved, 47. Roger Magnusson, 48. Christian Poulsen, 49. Anders Svensson, 50. Thomas Helveg.

    1. I’m always more like the annual winner list than all-time list by magazine as it is often too strange arrangement. Ibra is no way better than M.Laudrup and Liedholm finished at 12nd is totally out of acceptance.

  40. Anonymous21/2/16

    Best Scandinavian player "year by Year"

    1908-1.Wolfhagen, 2.Krolben, 3.Middelboe, 4.Bohr, 5.H.Hansen
    1909-1.H.Hansen, 2.Middelboe, 3.Wolfhagen, 4.Krolben, 5.Bohr
    1910-1.Middelboe, 2.Wolfhagen, 3.Krolben, 4.K.Gustafsson, 5.Norland
    1911-1.Middelboe, 2.Krolben, 3.Ekroth, 4.Tist, 5.S.Hansen
    1912-1.Middelboe, 2.A.Olsen, 3.Wolfhagen, 4.Berth, 5.Krolben
    1913-1.Tist, 2.Middelboe, 3.Krolben, 4.Borjesson, 5.Wolfhagen
    1914-1.Middelboe, 2.Tist, 3.Krolben, 4.Borjesson, 5.Lykke
    1915-1.Tist, 2.Middelboe, 3.A.Olsen, 4.Ekroth, 5.K.Gustafsson
    1916-1.Tist, 2.Rohde, 3.Krolben, 4.Ekroth, 5.A.Olsen
    1917-1.Tist, 2.Borjesson, 3.Wolfhagen, 4.Berth, 5.Ekroth
    1918-1.Skomar, 2.Tist, 3.Gundersen, 4.Lykke, 5.Helgesen
    1919-1.Tist, 2.Middelboe, 3.Rohde, 4.Krolben, 5.Gundersen
    1920-1.Middelboe, 2.Halvorsen, 3.Skomar, 4.H.Karlsson, 5.Rohde
    1921-1.Tist, 2.Middelboe, 3.Skomar, 4.H.Karlsson, 5.Tarp
    1922-1.Tist, 2.Skomar, 3.Gundersen, 4.Kaufeldt, 5.Tarp
    1923-1.Skomar, 2.Tarp, 3.Kaufeldt, 4.Tist, 5.Gundersen
    1924-1.Tist, 2.Gundersen, 3.Tarp, 4.Kaufeldt, 5.Halvorsen
    1925-1.Rydell, 2.F.Johansson, 3.Tist, 4.Tarp, 5.Kaufeldt
    1926-1.Rydell, 2.Halvorsen, 3.Tarp, 4.Rohde, 5.P.Jorgensen
    1927-1.P.Jorgensen,2.Rydell, 3.Halvorsen, 4.S.Jensen, 5.F.Johansson
    1928-1.Rohde, 2.P.Jorgensen, 3.Rydell, 4.Halvorsen, 5.Tarp
    1929-1.P.Jorgensen, 2.Rydell, 3.Halvorsen, 4.Keller, 5.Uldaler

    1. Superb list but please tell me the source or this is come from your personal selection ?

  41. Anonymous21/2/16

    1930-1.P.Jorgensen, 2.Rydell, 3.Keller, 4.Tarp, 5.Juve
    1931-1.P.Jorgensen, 2.Juve, 3.Rydell, 4.Tarp, 5.Uldaler
    1932-1.Rydell, 2.P.Jorgensen, 3.Juve, 4.Tarp, 5.S.Jensen
    1933-1.P.Jorgensen, 2.Juve, 3.Kvammen, 4.Tarp, 5.Uldaler
    1934-1.S.Jonasson, 2.Kvammen, 3.P.Jorgensen, 4.Uldaler,5.Juve
    1935-1.P.Jorgensen, 2.Juve, 3.Kvammen, 4.S.Jensen, 5.Brustad
    1936-1.Brustad, 2.P.Jorgensen, 3.S.Jonasson, 4.Sobirk, 5.Kvammen
    1937-1.Kvammen, 2.Brustad, 3.P.Jorgensen, 4.Sobirk, 5.Juve
    1938-1.Brustad, 2.Kvammen, 3.A.Sorensen, 4.P.Jorgensen, 5.Keller
    1939-1.Brustad, 2.Kvammen, 3.S.Jonasson, 4.K.L.Hansen, 5.W.Christensen
    1940-1.Kvammen, 2.Brustad, 3.S.Jonasson, 4.E.Nielsen, 5.K.L.Hansen
    1941-1.W.Christensen, 2.E.Sorensen, 3.Sobirk, 4.J.S.Hansen, 5.Gren
    1942-1.Gren, 2.A.K.Hansen, 3.H.Carlsson, 4.E.Nielsen, 5.E.Sorensen
    1943-1.K.A.Hansen, 2.Gren, 3.K.Christiansen, 4.Ploger, 5.G.Nordahl
    1944-1.K.A.Hansen, 2.Gren, 3.H.Carlsson, 4.E.Nilsson, 5.G.Nordahl
    1945-1.G.Nordahl, 2.K.A.Hansen, 3.Gren, 4.J.L.Sorensen, 5.Bronee
    1946-1.Gren, 2.G.Nordahl, 3.K.A.Hansen, 4.J.L.Sorensen, 5.Praest
    1947-1.Gren, 2.K.A.Hansen, 3.Bronee, 4.S.Andersson, 5.G.Nordahl
    1948-1.J.A.Hansen, 2.G.Nordahl, 3.Liedholm, 4.Praest, 5.Bronee
    1949-1.Praest, 2.G.Nordahl, 3.J.A.Hansen, 4.Bronee, 5.T.Svensen
    1950-1.G.Nordahl, 2.J.A.Hansen, 3.Liedholm, 4.Praest, 5.Gren
    1951-1.K.A.Hansen, 2.G.Nordahl, 3.Liedholm, 4.Praest, 5.H.Carlsson
    1952-1.Praest, 2.J.A.Hansen, 3.G.Nordahl, 4.LIedholm, 5.Jeppson
    1953-1.Bronee, 2.Praest, 3.G.Nordahl, 4.J.A.Hansen, 5.G.Andersson
    1954-1.Skoglund, 2.Liedholm, 3.J.L.Sorensen, 4.Rassi, 5.Pilmark
    1955-1.G.Nordahl, 2.J.L.Sorensen, 3.Liedholm, 4.Bronee, 5.Bredesen
    1956-1.Skoglund, 2.B.Gustavsson, 3.Selmosson, 4.T.Svensen, 5.Pilmark
    1957-1.A.Johansson, 2.Liedholm, 3.Selmosson, 4.J.A.Hansen, 5.T.Svensen
    1958-1.Liedholm, 2.Hamrin, 3.Bergmark, 4.A.Johansson, 5.B.Gustavsson
    1959-1.Hamrin, 2.A.Simonsson, 3.Selmosson, 4.Liedholm, 5.H.Nielsen

    1. Sune Andersson is a big omission. He should be ranked anywhere between the late 1940s and the early 1950s.

    2. Anonymous26/9/17

      Sune Andersson was a great potential. However, he played only five seasons in the first league of Sweden (he once moved to a lower rank), and two international seasons with AS Roma (the first season dropped to lower rank, and the second season played in the lower rank).

  42. Anonymous21/2/16

    1960-1.Hamrin, 2.H.Nielsen, 3.Selmosson, 4.F.Nielsen, 5.A.Simonsson
    1961-1.Hamrin, 2.H.Nielsen, 3.R.Jensen, 4.Liedholm, 5.Bergmark
    1962-1.Hamrin, 2.H.Nielsen, 3.R.Jensen, 4.Madsen, 5.F.Nielsen
    1963-1.H.Nielsen, 2.F.Nielsen, 3.Madsen, 4.B.Larsson, 5.Hamrin
    1964-1.H.Nielsen, 2.Hamrin, 3.Kindvall, 4.F.Nielsen, 5.Nordqvist
    1965-1.B.Larsson, 2.H.Nielsen, 3.Kindvall, 4.Hamrin, 5.Bergmark
    1966-1.Kindvall, 2.Hamrin, 3.B.Larsson, 4.H.Nielsen, 5.Madsen
    1967-1.Kindvall, 2.Hamrin, 3.Bjerregaard, 4.K.Johansen, 5.Iversen
    1968-1.B.Larsson, 2.Kindvall, 3.Nordqvist, 4.Iversen, 5,Hamrin
    1969-1.Kindvall, 2.R.Magnusson, 3.Danielsson, 4.Iversen, 5.B.S.Hansen
    1970-1.Kindvall, 2.B.Larsson, 3.R.Magnusson, 4.Le Fevre, 5.J.Olsson
    1971-1.R.Magnusson, 2.B.Larsson, 3.R.Sandberg, 4.Le Fevre, 5.Nordqvist
    1972-1.R.Magnusson, 2.R.Sandberg, 3.Edstrom, 4.Le Fevre, 5.J.T.Hansen
    1973-1.H.Jensen, 2.B.Larsson, 3.R.Sandberg, 4.J.T.Hansen, 5.Tolsa
    1974-1.J.Kristensen, 2.Edstrom, 3.H.Jensen, 4.B.Larsson, 5.R.Sandberg
    1975-1.Simonsen, 2.H.Jensen, 3.Edstrom, 4.Nordqvist, 5.R.Sandberg
    1976-1.Simonsen, 2.H.Jensen, 3.Hellstrom, 4.Lund, 5.Rontved
    1977-1.Simonsen, 2.Hellstrom, 3.Nygaard, 4.Lund, 5.H.Jensen
    1978-1.Simonsen, 2.Hellstrom, 3.H.Jensen, 4.Arnesen, 5.Lund
    1979-1.Arnesen, 2.Simonsen, 3.Lerby, 4.Hellstrom, 5.Elkjaer
    1980-1.Lerby, 2.Hellstrom, 3.Elkjaer, 4.Sigurvinsson, 5.Busk
    1981-1.Arnesen, 2.Lerby, 3.M.Olsen, 4.Elkjaer, 5.Thoresen
    1982-1.J.Olsen, 2.Lerby, 3.Bastrup, 4.Arnesen, 5.Stromberg
    1983-1.M.Olsen, 2.Lerby, 3.M.Laudrup, 4.J.Olsen, 5.I.Nielsen
    1984-1.M.Olsen, 2.Elkjaer, 3.Arnesen, 4.Sigurvinsson, 5.M.Laudrup
    1985-1.Elkjaer, 2.Lerby, 3.M.Laudrup, 4.Sivebaek, 5.Stromberg
    1986-1.Elkjaer, 2.Lerby, 3.M.Laudrup, 4.M.Olsen, 5.Molby
    1987-1.Molby, 2.Elkjaer, 3.Heintze, 4.Lauridsen, 5.Bratseth
    1988-1.Bratseth, 2.Lerby, 3.Povlsen, 4.I.Nielsen, 5.Heintze

  43. Anonymous21/2/16

    1989-1.M.Laudrup, 2.B.Laudrup, 3.Bratseth, 4.Thern, 5.Stromberg
    1990-1.B.Laudrup, 2.Brolin, 3.M.Laudrup, 4.Thern, 5.Hysen
    1991-1.M.Laudrup, 2.B.Laudrup, 3.Bratseth, 4.Limpar, 5.Schmeichel
    1992-1.M.Laudrup, 2.Schmeichel, 3.B.Laudrup, 4.Brolin, 5.Bratseth
    1993-1.M.Laudrup, 2.Schmeichel, 3.Bratseth, 4.Brolin, 5.Zetterberg
    1994-1.M.Laudrup, 2.Brolin, 3.Litmanen, 4.Ravelli, 5.K.Andersson
    1995-1.M.Laudrup, 2.Litmanen, 3.Schmeichel, 4.B.Laudrup, 5.P.Andersson
    1996-1.Litmanen, 2.Schmeichel, 3.B.Laudrup, 4.Dahlin, 5.M.Laudrup
    1997-1.B.Laudrup, 2.Schmeichel, 3.Solskjaer, 4.R.Johnsen, 5.Tomasson
    1998-1.M.Laudrup, 2.B.Laudrup, 3.Schmeichel, 4.T.A.Flo, 5.Helveg
    1999-1.Schmeichel, 2.H.Larsson, 3.R.Johnsen, 4.Tomasson, 5.Helveg
    2000-1.Schmeichel, 2.Hyypia, 3.T.A.Flo, 4.Solskjaer, 5.M.Jorgensen
    2001-1.H.Larsson, 2.Hyypia, 3.Sand, 4.Ljungberg, 5.Tomasson
    2002-1.Ljungberg, 2.Tomasson, 3.H.Larsson, 4.Gudjohnsen, 5.Solskjaer
    2003-1.H.Larsson, 2.Gudjohnsen, 3.Ibrahimovic, 4.Gravesen, 5.Riise
    2004-1.H.Larsson, 2.Tomasson, 3.Ljungberg, 4.Gravesen, 5.Gronkjaer
    2005-1.Ibrahimovic, 2.Ljungberg, 3.Gravesen, 4.Gudjohnsen, 5.Hyypia
    2006-1.Ljungberg, 2.H.Larsson, 3.M.Jorgensen, 4.Hyypia, 5.Riise
    2007-1.Ibrahimovic, 2.Kallstrom, 3.Agger, 4.Gudjohnsen, 5.C.Poulsen
    2008-1.Ibrahimovic, 2.Kallstrom, 3.M.Laursen, 4.Mellberg, 5.C.Poulsen
    2009-1.Ibrahimovic, 2.Bendtner, 3.Kjaer, 4.Kallstrom, 5.Riise
    2010-1.Ibrahimovic, 2.Kjaer, 3.Kallstrom, 4.Riise, 5.Rommedahl
    2011-1.Ibrahimovic, 2.Kallstrom, 3.C.Eriksen, 4.Krohn Dehli, 5.Agger
    2012-1.Ibrahimovic, 2.Agger, 3.C.Eriksen, 4.Elmander, 5.Krohn Dehli
    2013-1.Ibrahimovic, 2.C.Eriksen, 3.Agger, 4.Krohn Dehli, 5.Kallstrom
    2014-1.Ibrahimovic, 2.C.Eriksen, 3.Kjaer, 4.Krohn Dehli, 5,Agger
    2015-1.Ibrahimovic, 2.C.Eriksen, 3.Krohn Dehli, 4.Kjaer, 5.M.Berg

    1. Anonymous3/11/16


    2. Anonymous4/10/17

      2015-1.Ibra,2.Eriksen,3.Kjaer,4.Sigurdsson,5.Krohn Dehli
      2013-1.Ibra,2.Eriksen,3.Agger,4.Krohn Dehli,5.Finnbogason
      2011-1.Ibra,2.Kallstrom,3.Eriksen,4.Elmander,5.Krohn Dehli
      1972-1.Magnusson,2.Sandberg,3.Edstrom,4.Le Fevre,5.J.T.Hansen

  44. Anonymous22/2/16

    1.Michael Laudrup, 2.Peter Schmeichel, 3.Gunnar Nordahl, 4.Nils Liedholm, 5.Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 6.Kurt Hamrin, 7.Carl Aage Praest, 8.Allan Simonsen, 9.Preben Elkjaer, 10.Lennart Skoglund, 11.Nils Middelboe, 12.Pauli Jorgensen, 13.Gunnar Gren, 14.Karl Aage Hansen, 15.Poul Tist Nielsen, 16.Sven Rydell, 17.Morten Olsen, 18.John Angelo Hansen, 19.Ronnie Hellstrom, 20.Soren Lerby, 21.Jari Litmanen, 22.Bo Larsson, 23.Harald Nielsen, 24.Arne Brustad, 25.Brian Laudrup, 26.Henrik Larsson, 27.Helge Bronee, 28.Rune Bratseth, 29.Ove Kindvall, 30.Henning Jensen, 31.Frank Arnesen, 32.Reidar Kvammen, 33.Brolin, 34.Jorgen Leschly Sorensen, 35.Arne Selmosson, 36.Henry Carlsson, 37.Roger Magnusson, 38.Glenn Stromberg, 39.Jorgen JUve, 40.Jesper Olsen, 41.Erik Nilsson, 42.Asgeir Sigurvinsson, 43.Jan Molby, 44.Sami Hyypia, 45.Tom Lund, 46.Fritz Tarp, 47.Bjorn Nordqvist, 48.Torbjorn Svensen, 49.Halvar Thoresen, 50.Sune Andersson.

  45. Anonymous22/2/16

    1.Michael Laudrup, 2.Lennart Skoglund, 3.Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 4.Roger Magnusson, 5.Gunnar Gren, 6.Sune Andersson, 7.Walther Christensen, 8. Nils Liedholm, 9.Reidar Kvammen, 10.Sven Rydell, 11.Helge Ekroth, 12.Erik Mykland, 13.Helge Bronee, 14.Allan Simonsen, 15.Tom Lund, 16.Jari Litmanen, 17.Per Bredesen, 18.Aulis Rytkonen, 19.Erik Borjesson, 20.Roald Jensen, 21.Albert Gudmundsson, 22.Arne Brustad, 23.Kurt Hamrin, 24.Hallvar Thoresen, 25.Carl Aage Praest, 26.Torbjorn Nilsson, 27.Asgeir Sigurvinsson, 28.Finn Laudrup, 29.Karl Aage Hansen, 30.Brian Laudrup, 31.Erling Sorensen, 32.Ulrik Le Fevre, 33.Arne Selmosson, 34.Tomas Brolin, 35.Henrik Larsson, 36.Jan Molby, 37.Jesper Olsen, 38.Henry Carlsson, 39.Bo Larsson, 40.Helmuth Sobirk.

  46. Anonymous22/2/16

    Well, dear Naratorn, I tried. I do not know how much it coincides with your opinion

    1. I'm really appreciated on your effort but please give a time for me to respond. Now I'm very busy.

    2. Hi, I'm sorry to hold your list for a long time due to my projects. Now I'd say your list is very valuable to me as I am collecting seasonal performance for a large number of players and you contributes such a rare list. May I request your nickname/login name ? I'd like to name you in the group of WFHC consultant.

  47. Anyway, for best Scandinavian player list, what is a source or it is base don your analysis ?

  48. Anonymous23/3/16

    John Lauridsen- two times "la liga- team of the year"- El Mundo- 82/83 and 83/84. One more reserve "la liga- team of the year"- El Mundo- 86/87. El Mundo- 82/83- 4.player, 83/84- 12.player, 86/87- 10.player. Don Ballon- 83/84-16.player, 84/85- 32.player, 85/86- 32.player, 88/89-46.player. Seven successful seasons in Primera

    1. I think he is likely to achieve only 3 international-class seasons only. His career with Denmark is also too short.

  49. Anonymous24/9/17

    Unfortunately, I just see this message right now. I'm honored with your offer. I do not know if it is worth it yet. My nickname is Sheste.

    1. What country are you from ? Aside from ranking in this squad, did you also contribute poll list to other squad ? I ask because I will write about your contribution detail.

  50. Anonymous26/9/17

    Look, I'm from Croatia. Your new friend at FB. Since the time I wrote this Scandinavian list, I was even more concerned with Scandinavian footballers. Today I would have changed a lot. That was somehow the first stage. Over a 10-day period will be over. Then I will have 5 best players for each year and the best 11 too. At that level, I have not been dealing with any other team yet. I worked a bit with Hungary, the former Yugoslavia, Romania, the Netherlands, and Austria. But it's far to the final court. But it's far to the final court. However, these are the nations with which I plan to do the same in the future.

    1. Are you Markov or one of his friends ? I thought that you're from one of Scandinavia nations for a long time since you contributed extensive knowledge about their legends.

    2. Anonymous26/9/17

      I am Markov. It would be too much for such a small space to find more enthusiasts. I'm talking with my friends about the past and the WFHC, but they are not neither close interested as i am.

  51. Anonymous26/9/17

    maybe not. Still, I'm mostly in Scandinavian football

  52. I'm looking for your offensive lateral list counting only denmark footballers.
    You rated Bronee above Brian Laudrup in that list , but in Denmark squad Brian is in the XI and rated above Bronee in "Greatest Danish Footballers of All-Time".

    1. The national team criteria in international legendary museum is set in more weight than positional hall of fame. When both has similar point, B.Laudrup who is rated much higher in NT career is consequently better in overall point for Denmark.

  53. Anonymous22/11/17

    DEFANSIVE LATERAL: Helveg, Heintze and Riise are certainly better than Arto Tolsa and Roland Nilsson. I think Henning Berg certainly deserves a place on this list or on the list of central defenders. CENTRAL DEFENDER: I think Bent Hansen was left back, and Poul Jensen was right back. I think Daniel Agger deserves a place on this list despite the injuries, like Simon Kjaer. And I'm pretty sure there must be places for Harald Hansen on this list. DEFANSIVE MIDFIELDER: Flemmimg Nielsen certainly had the quality for this list as well as Valdemar Laursen. OFFENSIVE MIDFIELDER: I think Rytkonen does not deserve to be on this list, regardless of the talent he possessed. I think it was before him: Walther Christensen (the greatest Danish talent after Michael Laudrup and Helge Bronee) and even Par Zetterberg. WINGER: Jesper Olsen deserves to be ahead of Roald Jensen, even on a career basis even in front of Magnusson. Limpar and Sandberg were better than Poul Pedersen. Probably also from Gandil. FORWARD: There is no doubt that Gunnar Gren and John Hansen were better than Sven Rydell and Ove Kindvall. Henry Carlsson and Jorgen Sorensen deserve a place in front of Ralf Edström. I think Tore Andre Flo deserves a safe place on the list. Henning Enoksen is also a candidate. Along with Bent Hansen he had a contract with Turin. At the last moment they changed and both transfers were lost. Flemming Povlsen also deserves a place on this list. No matter what he could do in the clubs. Carl Skomar Hansen was the world star of his time. STRIKER: I think the value of Henrik Larsson and Martin Dahlin is overwhelmed. Larsson was 28 when he started to score in Scotland. Even the Dutch league was too strong for him. Both are deserving place on the list, but certainly lower. Solskjaer had a career much better than both. More candidates: Michael Rohde, Helge Ekroth, Wilhelm "Wolle" Wolfhagen, Paul Berth, Per Kaufeldt, Ulrich Le Fevre, Soren Busk, Kim Kallstrom, Christian Eriksen ...

  54. Anonymous23/11/17

    Here's one interesting information. Sven Rydell and Pauli Jorgensen were born the same year. They were born in 1905. From 1925 to 1937, Sweden and Denmark have played 13 games. 8 matches won Denmark, 4 matches won by Sweden and one game ended with a draw. Denmark scored 32 goals, and Sweden's 23. Pauli Jorgensen played 9 games, Sven Rydell 8. Pauli Jorgensen scored 11 goals and Sven Rydell 2 (one in penalties).

  55. There is a mistake in greatest scandinavian : Litmanen is obviously finnish

  56. Anonymous4/7/18

    Simon Kjaer, Daniel Agger, Christian Eriksen?