Poland National Team

Polish professional football club was initially started in the 1930s with the most prominent star Ernest Wilimowski, one of the most prolific scorers in his time. The World War II detrimentally effected on its football development. The 1970s was a true golden age of Polish football when the group of stars comprises Kazimierz Deyna, Grzegorz Lato and Wlodzimierz Lubanski formed the unprecedented offensive capability. Zbigniew Boniek continuously succeed to extend the glory years of Poland, being regarded as one of the best players in Europe in the first half 1980s. After then Poland did not produce any world-class players until the appearance of Robert Lewandowski.   


Location     :  Eastern Europe
European Championship Participation : 3 Times ( 2008, 2012, 2016)
World Cup Participation :  8 Times (1938, 1974, 1978, 1982, 1986 , 2002, 2006, 2018)
Achievement  :  2 Times FIFA World Cup Third Place (1974, 1982)
Most Caps  : Michal Zewlakow (102 Games)          
Top Scorer :  Robert Lewandowski (55 Goals)
The Greatest Player Ever :  Kazimerz Deyna

All-Time Polish Squad

1. Jan Tomaszewski

Date Of Birth  :  9 January 1948
Height :  193 cm, Position   :  Goalkeeper
Caps :  59 Games, Major Club :  LKS Lodz
World Cup Participation  : 1974, 1978 (11 Games)
Club Honours  : 1 Time Belgium Cup 
International Honours : 1974 FIFA World Cup Third Place
Individual Achievement : 1974 FIFA World Cup Best Goalkeeper
1974 European Goalkeeper Of The Year
IFFHS Poland Goalkeeper of The Century
Class : Queen Bronze

2. Antoni Szymanowski

Date Of Birth  :  13 January 1951
Position  :  Right-Back/ Sweeper
Height  :  180 cm
Major Club :  Wisla Krakow
Caps : 82 Games
World Cup Participation : 1974, 1978 (13 Games)
Club Honours  : 1 Time Polish League
International Honours  : 1974 FIFA World Cup Third Place
Individual Achievement :  Wisla Krakow Greatest Player Ever
Class : Prince Silver

3. Zygmunt Anczok

Date Of Birth  :  14 March 1946
Position  :  Left-Back
Height  :  177 cm
Major Club  :  Polonia Bytom
Caps  :  48 Games
World Cup Participation  :  None
Club Honours  :  1 Time Polish League
International Honours   : None
Individual Achievement  :  None
Class : Prince Silver

4. Jerzy Gorgon

Date Of Birth  :  18 July 1949
Position  :  Center-Back
Height  :  192 cm
Major Club  :  Gornik Zabrze
Caps  :  55 Games
World Cup Participation  :  1974, 1978 (12 Games)
Club Honours :  3 Times Polish League
5 Times Polish Cup
International Honours  : 1974 FIFA World Cup Third Place
Individual Achievement :  None
Class : Prince Silver

5. Wladislaw Zmuda

Date Of Birth  :  6 June 1954
Height  :  187 cm, Position :  Center-Back
Major Club  :  Slask Wroclaw, Widzew Lodz
Caps  :  91 Games
World Cup Participation  : 1974, 1978, 1982, 1986 (21 Games)
Club Honours  :  3 Times Polish League
1 Times Polish Cup
International Honours :  
2 Times FIFA World Cup Third Place (1974, 1982)
Individual Achievement  :  None
Class :  Prince Gold

6. Henry Kasperczak

Date Of Birth  :  10 July 1946
Position  :  Destroyer
Height  :  180 cm
Major Club  :  Stal Mielec
Caps  :  61 Games
World Cup Participation  :   None
Club Honours  : 1 Time Polish League
1 Time Polish Cup
International Honours :   None
Individual Achievement  :   1976 Polish Footballer of The Year
Class  : Prince Silver

7. Grzegorz Lato

Date Of Birth  :  8 April 1950
Height : 175 cm, Position :  Right-Winger/Forward
Major Club  :  Stal Mielec, Caps :  100 Games (45 Goals)
World Cup Participation  :   1974, 1978, 1982 (20 Games / 10 Goals)
Club Honours  :  1 Time Polish League, 2 Times Polish Cup
1983 CONCACAF Champion Cup
International Honours : 2 Times FIFA World Cup Third Place (1974,1982)
1972 Olympic Game Gold Medal
Individual Achievement  :1974 FIFA World Cup Golden Shoe
3 Times Polish Footballer of The Year (1968, 1977, 1981)
2 Times Polish League Top Scorer (1973, 1975)
2 Times Polish Sport Player of The Year (1974, 1977)
Class : Queen Silver

8. Zbigniew Boniek

Date Of Birth  :  3 March 1956
Height  :  181 cm, Caps :  80 Games (24 Goals)
Position : Left and Right-winger/Creative Forward
Major Club :  Widzew Lodj, Juventus
World Cup Participation  : 1978, 1982, 1986 (16 Games/ 6 goals)
Club Honours : 1 Time Italian Series A, 2 Times Copa Italia
1984 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, 1985 European Cup
International Honours : 1982 FIFA World Cup Third Place
Individual Achievement : 1982 Polish Sport Personality of The Year
2 Times Polish Footballer of The Year (1978 ,1982)
1982 FIFA World Cup All-Stars Team, 1982 Bronze Ball Ballon'Dor
1999 IFFHS Poland Player of The Century
Class : Queen Silver

9. Wlodzimierz Lubanski

Date Of Birth  :   28 February 1947
Height  : 178 cm, Position :  Fast Striker
Major Club : Gornik Zabrze, Caps  :   75 Games (48 Goals)
World Cup Participation  :  1978 (5 Games and No goal)
Professional Score Record  :  264 Goals/ 461 Games
Club Honours  : 6 Times Polish League, 6 Times Polish Cup
International Honours   :  None
Individual Achievement : UEFA Jubilee Award (Poland)
2 Times Polish Player of The Year (1967,1970)
2 Times Cup Winners Cup Top Scorer (1970, 1971)   
Polish League All-Time Most Top Scorers (4 Times)
Gornik Zabrze Greatest Player Ever
Soviet Merited Master of Sports
                                                    Class : Queen Bronze

10. Kazimierz Deyna

Date Of Birth  :  23 October 1947
Position :  Playmaking-Attacking Midfielder
Height :  180 cm, Caps : 97 Games (41 Goals)
Major Club  :  Legia Warzaw
World Cup Participation :  1974, 1978 (13 Games)
Club Honours  : 2 Times Polish League, 1 Time Polish Cup
International Honours  : 1974 FIFA World Cup Third Place
Individual Achievement : 2 Times Polish Player of The Year (73,74)
1974 FIFA World Cup All Stars Team
1974 Bronze Ball European Footballer of The Year
Legia Warzaw Greatest Player Ever
Class : Queen Silver

11. Ernest Wilimowski

Date Of Birth  :  23 June 1916
Position : Left-Side Forward
Height  :  172 cm
Major Club  :  Ruch Chorzow
Caps : 30 Games (34 Goals) (Split Into Poland and Germany)
World Cup Participation  :  1938 (1 Games with 4 Goals)
Professional Score Record  :  201 Goals/ 212 Games
Club Honours : 5 Times Polish League, 1 Times German Cup
International Honours  :   None
Individual Achievement :  2 Times Polish League Top Scorer
Class : Queen Bronze



12. Jozef Mlynarczyk

Date Of Birth  :  20 September 1953
Height  :  191 cm, Position  :  Goalkeeper
Major Club  : Widzew Lodz, Caps  :  42 Games
World Cup Participation  : 1982, 1986 ( Games)
Club Honours  :  2 Time Polish League
1 Time Portuguese League, 1 Time Portuguese Cup
1987 European Cup, 1987 Intercontinental Cup
International Honours  : 1982 FIFA World Cup Third Place
Individual Achievement  :  1983 Polish Footballer of The Year
Class  : Prince Gold

13. Marek Dziuba

Date Of Birth  :  19 December 1955
Position  : Right-Back
Height  : 176 cm
Major Club  :  LKS Lodz, Widzew Lodj
Caps  :  53 Games
World Cup Participation  : 1982
Club Honours  :  1 Time Polish Cup
International Honours  : None
Individual Achievement  :  None
Class : Prince Bronze

14. Jerzy Wozniak

Date Of Birth  :  27 December 1932
Position :  Left-Back
Height  :  172 cm
Major Club : Legia Warzaw
Caps  :  35 Games
World Cup Participation  :  None
Club Honours  :  2 Times Polish League
4 Times Polish Cup
International Honours  :  None
Individual Achievement :   None
Class  : Prince Bronze

15. Stanisław Oslizlo

Date Of Birth  :  13 November 1937
Position  :  Sweeper
Height  :  178 cm
Major Club  :  Gornik Zabreze
Caps  :  57 Games
World Cup Participation : 1982 (7 Games)
Club Honours  : 8 Times Polish Cup, 6 Times Polish Cup
1970 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup Runner-Up
International Honours  :  None
Individual Achievement  :  None
Class : Prince Silver

16. Bernard Blaut

Date Of Birth  :  3 January 1940
Position  :  Box-to-Box Midfielder
Height  :  185 cm, Caps :  36 Games
Major Club  :  Legia Warzaw
World Cup Participation :   None
Club Honours  :  2 Times Polish League
2 Times Polish Cup
International Honours    :   None
Individual Achievement  :    None
Class  : Prince Silver

17. Robert Gadocha

Date Of Birth  :  10 January 1946
Position  :   Left-Winger
Height  :  170 cm
Major Club  :  Legia Warzaw
Caps  :  62 Games (16 Goals)
World Cup Participation  : 1974 (7 Games)
Club Honours : 2 Time Polish League, 1 Time Polish Cup
International Honours  : 1974 FIFA World Cup Third Place
Individual Achievement :  1974 FIFA World Cup Top Assister
Class : Prince Gold

18. Zygfryd Szoltysik

Date Of Birth  :  24 October 1942
Position :  Playmaker
Height  : 162 cm, Caps  :  46 Games
Major Club  : Gornik Zabrze
World Cup Participation  :  None
Club Honours  : 7 Times Polish League
6 Times Polish Cup
International Honours  : 1972 Olympic Gold Medal
Individual Achievement  : 1972 Polish Footballer of The Year
Class : Prince Silver

19. Lucjan Brychczy 

Date Of Birth  :  13 June 1934
Height  :  166 cm, Position  : Attacking Midfielder
Major Club  :  Legia Warzaw
Caps  :  58 Games (18 Goals)
World Cup Participation  :  None
Professional Scores Record : 182 Goals/ 368 Games
Club Honours  :  4 Times Polish League
4 Times Polish Cup
International Honours  :  None
Individual Achievement :  3 Times Polish League Top Scorer
Order of Polonia Restituta
Class  : Prince Silver

20. Gerard Cieslik

Date Of Birth  :  27 April 1927
Height  :  163 cm, Position :  Forward
Major Club  :  Ruch Chorzow
Caps  :  45 Games (27 Goals)
World Cup Participation  :   None
Professional Scores Record : 167 Goals/ 237 Games
Club Honours  :  3 Times Polish League
1 Time Polish Cup
International Honours  :  None
Individual Achievement :  2 Times Polish League Top Scorer
Class  : Prince Silver

21. Ernest Pohl

Date Of Birth  :  3 November 1932
Height  :  173 cm, Position  : Creative Forward
Major Club  :  Gornik Zabrze
Caps  :  46 Games (39 Goals)
World Cup Participation  : 1958 (5 Games with 4 Goals)
Professional Score Record  :  186 Goals/ 264 Games
Club Honours  : 8 Times Polish League, 1 Time Polish Cup
International Honours  :  None
Individual Achievement :  1 Time Polish League Top Scorer
All-Time Polish League Top Scorer
Class : Prince Silver

22. Robert Lewandowski

Date Of Birth  :  21 August 1988
Height :  185 cm, Position :  Target Striker
Major Club  : Borrusia Dortmund, Bayern Munich
Caps  :  95 Games (55 Goals)
World Cup Participation  : None
Professional Scores Record : 295 Goals/ 467 Games
Club Honours : 6 Times Bundesliga, 1Time Polish League
2 Times DFB-Pokal, 1 Time Polish Cup
International Honours : 
2 Times FIFA World Cup Third Place (1974,1982)
Individual Achievement  : 6 Times Polish Player of the Year
1 Time Polish Top Scorer, 3 Times Bundesliga Top Scorer
2015 IFFHS World Top Scorer of the Year
                                                   2015 Polish Sports Personality of The Year
                                                    2017 Bundesliga Player of the Year
                                                   2018 World Cup UEFA Zone Qualification Top Scorer
                                                   Class : Prince Gold


Kazimerz Gorski

Year Of Birth :  2 March 1921
Major Team :  Poland
Major Achievement :  1974 FIFA World Cup Third Place
3 Times Greek League, 1 Time Greek Cup
Individual Achievement    :   UEFA Order of Merit In Ruby
FIFA Gold Medal of Merit
Commander’s Cross of Polonia Restituta
Class  :  Prince Silver

Conclusion of Squad

GK : Jan Tomaszewski, Jozef Mlynarczyk
DF : Antoni Szynamowski, Zygmunt Anczok, Wladislaw Zmuda, Jerzy Gorgon, Jerzy Wozniak, Stanisław Oslizlo, Marek Dziuba
MF : Bernard Blaut , Henry Kasperczak, Grzegorz Lato, Zbigniew Boniek, Kazimierz Deyna, Robert Gadocha, Zygfryd Szoltysik, Lucjan Brychczy
FW : Ernest Wilimowski, Gerard Cieslik, Ernest Pohl, Wlodzimierz Lubanski, Robert Lewandowski

Manager : Kazimerz Gorski

Formation XI (4-1-3-2)

Explanation of Formation

The first eleven is selected as almost the whole of the pre-1974 World Cup team just except Wilimowski and Boniek. The team strategy is offside-trap as defenders need to position in more advanced line to support the midfield line which most of members is also set in advanced position. Tomaszewski is arguably not the best keeper in history of Polish football but he is still selected for his peak in the important match of international tournament. The back-line is commanded by Zmuda who is a sweeper. Anczok is to go support attacking on the left-side when Boniek would move inside while Szymanowski mostly stayed on right-defensive area. Kasperczak is set as one of the most important roles of the team to extremely destroy the game when other midfields would not base on central area. Deyna is a main creator of the team and would score from a long-range as a second task. Both Boniek and Lato is assigned as a semi-side attacker with more advanced running by Lato. Wilimowski and Lubanski is a du-o of coordinator alternating with conducting the ball to score by themselves.     

Warsaw National Stadium

Opened : 2011
City :  Warzaw
Capacity : 55,000 Seats

By Decade
By Class
1930s : 1
1940s : -
1950s : 1
1960s : 4
1970s : 11
1980s : 4
1990s : -
2000s : -
20102 : 1

Queen : 6
Prince : 16

Major Reserved Group

Edward Szymkowiak

Date Of Birth  :  13 February 1932
Height  :  178 cm, Position  : Goalkeeper
Major Club  :  Polonia Bytom
Caps  :  53 Games 
World Cup Participation  :  None
Club Honours  :  4 Times Polish League
2 Times Polish Cup
International Honours  :  None
Individual Achievement :  4 Times Polish Player of the Year
Class  : Prince Silver

Andrzej Szarmach

Date Of Birth  :  3 October 1950
Height :  178 cm, Position :  Target Striker
Major Club  : Gornik Zabrze, Stal Mielec, Auxerre
Caps  :  61 Games (32 Goals)
World Cup Participation  :  1974, 1978, 1982 (13 Games With 7 Goals)
Professional Scores Record : 272 Goals/ 474 Games
Club Honours : None, International Honours : 
2 Times FIFA World Cup Third Place (1974,1982)
Individual Achievement  :  
2 Times French League Foreign Player of The Year (1981, 1982)
Class : Prince Silver

The Greatest Polish Footballers of All-Time

1. Zbigniew Boniek
2. Kazimierz Deyna
3. Grzegorz Lato
4. Wlodzimierz Lubanski
5. Robert Lewandowski
6. Ernest Wilimowski
7. Robert Gadocha
8. Ernest Pohl
9. Gerard Cieslik
10. Wladislaw Zmuda


  1. Anonymous25/5/14

    Wladyslaw_Szczepaniak was born later, in 1910.

  2. Anonymous5/7/14

    Did you analyzed the List of 100 best ever Polish players published by "onet.pl sport"?
    For exapmle, such DMF's as Lesław Ćmikiewicz (1970-1979/57) and Janusz Kupcewicz (1976-1983/20/5) according to that list - have level higher then Edmund Zientara (1950-1961/40/1).

    1. Could you provide me the list of 100 best Polish players ever ? I am surely very interested to have it in consideration.

    2. Anonymous5/7/14

      Of course. One kind guy put it here: http://www.xtratime.org/forum/showthread.php?t=289186&page=24

    3. Thanks, So then Zientara has been removed and Kasperczak is returned.

    4. Anonymous6/7/14

      OK, nice!
      Kasperczak participated in World Cups: 1974, 1978 (13 Games).
      He won Bronze medal in the 1974 FIFA World Cup; also Silver Medal at the 1976 Summer Olympics.
      Nice player, in fact, he was the shadow leader of that great Polish team (Deyna was the leader).

  3. Would you consider putting Lewandowski, Błaszczykowski, Piszczek, Dudek and Boruc into the team? :)

    Few word about goalkeepers: Tomaszewski said, Dudek was better than him. Lato regarded Mlynarczyk better than Tomaszewski. Boruc was chosen twice by "La Gazetta dello Sport" to the three top goalies in the World. He is also Celtic Glasgow's legend and all in all played better for Polish National Team than Dudek. I personally find him as good as Dudek. But if I'd have to choose number 1, i'd choose Mlynarczyk. Tomaszewski is a bit overrated outside Poland.

    Sorry for my English, best regards. You teached me so much about football history! :)

    1. I think the end of this season will be the time to add Lewandowski in the squad.
      Błaszczykowski and Piszczek, as I check he is rated by kicker rarely rated him in international-class.

      Goalkeeper, I have heard from Polish several times that Mlynarczyk is their best keeper ever. As I check, Tomaszewski and Mlynarczyk both had an inconsistent profile in club career with many absence and become a regular first choice keeper at mid-20 years old. Mylnarcyk is even less capped around 20 games than Tomaszewski whose succeeding peak from the 1973 World Cup qualification to the 1974 final tournament was very impact to Poland’s achievement let he stand as first choice in this squad.
      Dudek and Boruc ? I think they are average international-class players not a world-class one.

      I have heard several times Tomaszewski is inferior to Mlynarczyk

  4. In 2012 Błaszczykowski was among 32 best players in Europe (UEFA choice) and he is as valuable for national team as Lewandowski. As a middlefielder, he will never have a chance to be such a world star like Lewandowski, but in my opinion he's on the same level. Piszczek was the best Bundesliga's right back in 2011, winning over Lahm.

    As for goalkeepers: Dudek was chosen the best player of the season in Netherlands (very rare thing for a goalie) and the best Feyenoord's goalkeeper ever. In Liverpool he broke the record of the least amount of goals conceded during a season. He was also Champions League final's hero. Boruc - as I wrote, "La Gazetta dello Sport" made him twice one of the three best world's keepers, Celtic fans called him "The Holly Gollie" and "King Arthur", as he was no doubt best Celts player few years in a row. He played very well on Euro 2008 - winning BBC's ratings for the best player of the tournament (fans votes, so probably not very important achievment). He also won rivalry in Fiorentina against Sebastien Frey, good international level keeper. They are both, Dudek and Boruc, considered in Poland as good as Tomaszewski and Młynarczyk.

    So, these are my arguments, and I'm sure you will use them well, cause you are the master of the game :) (no doubt, you won't change your mind, as in statistical approach probably only Lewandowski fits, but I had to try;) Cheers, and thanks again for all the work you've done!

  5. Oh, and Dudek was also nominated (alongside Oliver Kahn and Gianluigi Buffon) for the UEFA Goalkeeper of the Year award in 2005. The problem with his career is, of course, that he lost place in The Red's first team to Pepe Reina.

    Boruc - he was nickamed "Spaceman" by German and Austrian press during Euro 2008, and Zibi Boniek called him "world class". But, that's my mistake, he was never chosen the best player in Scotland. Nominated in 2007, he lost to Nakamura. He was, the same as Boniek, "bella di notte" - hero of the most important matches.

    Ok, I wont' bother you more :)

  6. Oh, last thing, oh my (I have to end what I started) - Dudek's double save against Shevchenko in CL final was chosen by English press the third best save in football's history (first was Gordon Banks, of course...). I promise - I won't take more of your time ;)

  7. I understand your point of views which make an important issue for great status of these Polish players and Dudek was seen to be very reliable but at the same time not very remarkable, I’d refer to media rating to Dudek within four seasons in Premier League and he got 6.55, 6.27, 6.31 and 5.8. The last three seasons is just average rating among keeper in the league. Blaszczykowski, please him more time, I think he has a potential enough to be named in the squad in the future.

  8. Anonymous29/5/15

    When Błaszczykowski was fit, he was the best player for polish national squad between 2010-2013. Lewandowski was of course better on the club level. Also, I don't understand why the guys above write so much about Dudek and Boruc - yes, they were very good, but no one in Poland considers them on par with Tomaszewski and Młynarczyk. Those two are the best by some measure.
    Sorry for bad english :)

  9. Anonymous29/5/15

    Oh, and one more thing - Kasperczak must be in the first squad, when I saw Blaut i laughed a little

    1. Thanks for suggestion. Do you think this article overrate him too much ? http://pcsd.forumfree.it/?t=63988611

  10. Anonymous30/5/15

    Well as I look at my comment now i think it looks like I was depreciating Blaut, but I laughed only because Kasperczaks place is kinda obvious for me after my researches and general opinion in Poland.

    I don't think that the mentioned article overrates Blaut much. I heard from my dad, who is like me a supporter of Legia Warsaw and watched him play in the late 60's, that Blaut was great player who didn't have luck to be born a little later and missed on to be a part of our great national team in the 70's. He didn't even play in any tournament with Poland - his debut came 2 months after Olympics in Rome (1960) and he last played a few months before 1972 Olympics. One of the best polish players in the 60's for sure, and he is considered one of the main legends of Legia, along with Deyna, Gadocha, Brychczy and so on. Here is the info about his funeral and also a very good description of him as far as I know http://www.legia.net/wiadomosci,24785-pogrzeb_bernarda_blauta.html
    I can translate to you a few phrases which are describing him as a player - "Blaut był eleganckim, dystyngowanym graczem, poruszał się majestatycznie. Koledzy i przeciwnicy szanowali go za mądrość, dokładne podania i spokój. Kiedy sędziowie mieli jakiś problem, zwracali się do niego. Dla kibiców był zawodnikiem, który daje z siebie wszystko i gra fair". It translates:

    "Blaut was elegant, distinguished player, he moved majestically. Friends and opponents respected him for his wisdom, precise passes and calmness. When referees had some issue, they addressed to him. For supporters he was the player, who always did his best and played fair".

    As for Kasperczak, you really have to put him in the starting eleven. He is unanimously considered Polands greatest ever defensive/central midfielder, he was the pillar of our golden 70's team, the beating heart of the midfield - very hard working central midfielder with defensive duties who was also nice in attack, precise in passing, very good tackler. After he took away the ball from opponent, he acted very quckly and passed precisely to more offensive minded players, most notably to Grzegorz Lato with who he played in Stal Mielec and won 2 polisch championships as star performer. I would say that Blaut and Ćmikiewicz are closest to him, they should be on the reserve squad.

    1. I accept your knowledgeable suggestion and consider you growth up under Polish football circumstance. I also would like you to suggest on top ten best Polish players ever. Do you think any rank should be adjusted ?

  11. Anonymous31/5/15

    I'm kinda busy right now and generally these weeks, but if I'll find some time maybe I'll write something more, but now i can give just the list ( i did first 30 some time ago, actualizing Lewandowski place after 2013/14 season) :)
    1. Kazimierz Deyna
    2. Włodzimierz Lubański
    3. Zbigniew Boniek
    4. Grzegorz Lato
    5. Ernest Wilimowski
    6. Ernest Pohl
    7. Gerard Cieślik
    8. Zygfryd Szołtysik
    9. Robert Gadocha
    10. Andrzej Szarmach
    11. Jan Tomaszewski
    12. Józef Młynarczyk
    13. Władysław Żmuda
    14. Robert Lewandowski ( I think that he maybe should have been even higher, but let's give him time ;) )
    15. Lucjan Brychczy
    16. Henryk Kasperczak
    17. Mirosław Okoński
    18. Jerzy Gorgoń
    19. Antoni Szymanowski
    20. Teodor Anioła
    21. Włodzimierz Smolarek
    22. Stanisław Oślizło
    23. Bernard Blaut
    24. Lesław Ćmikiewicz
    25. Zygmunt Maszczyk
    26. Andrzej Buncol
    27. Jakub Błaszczykowski
    28. Jerzy Dudek
    29. Zygmunt Anczok
    30. Krzysztof Warzycha

  12. Anonymous25/2/16

    There is two "Antoni Szynamowski". Second "Antoni Szynamowski" (D.o.B. 14 March 1946) is Zygmunt Anczok.

    1. Anonymous26/2/16

      "Antoni SzyMANowski", not "Antoni SzyNAMowski".

    2. OK, thanks for notifying.

  13. Anonymous25/2/16

    From 1973 main polish individual award "Polish footballer of the Year" is plebiscite of football magazine "Piłka nożna". This list is available on the Internet.
    But from 1957 to 1996 was alternative plebiscite of newspaper "Sport". For 1957-1972 is valuable information especially. For 1973-1982 both plebiscite equivalent. After 1982 "Piłka Nożna" rather than "Sport".
    1957 - Edward Szymkowiak, 1958 - Robert Grzywocz, Edward Szymkowiak, 1959 - Roman Korynt, 1960 - Roman Korynt, Henryk Szczepański, 1961 - Stanisław Oślizło, 1962 - Jan Liberda, 1963 - Stanisław Oślizło, 1964 - Ernest Pol, 1965 - Edward Szymkowiak, 1966 - Edward Szymkowiak, 1967 - Stanisław Oślizło, Włodzimierz Lubański, 1968 - Stanisław Oślizło, 1969 - Zygfryd Szołtysik, 1970 - Andrzej Jarosik, Włodzimierz Lubański, 1971 - Jerzy Wyrobek, 1972 - Włodzimierz Lubański.
    1973 - Jerzy Gorgoń, Kazimierz Deyna (Sport), Kazimierz Deyna (Piłka Nożna), 1974 - Robert Gadocha, Grzegorz Lato (S), Kazimierz Deyna (PN), 1975 - Antoni Szymanowski (S), Zygmunt Maszczyk (PN), 1976 - Grzegorz Lato (S), Henryk Kasperczak (PN), 1977 - Kazimierz Deyna (S), Grzegorz Lato (PN), 1978 - Zbigniew Boniek (S, PN), 1979 - Stanisław Burzyński (S), Wojciech Rudy (PN), 1980 - Piotr Mowlik (S), n/a (PN), 1981 - Władysław Żmuda (S), Grzegorz Lato (PN), 1982 - Zbigniew Boniek (S, PN).

    1. Form this list, Edward Szymkowiak is a big omission in Polish squad. As read article in pesdatabase, he was among top five best keeper in Europe and probably the biggest talented Polish keeper ever. I think he has a strong profile to be set a profile but let further check a bit more. Oslizlo is also underrated.

  14. Anonymous25/2/16

    UEFA Jubilee Award (1954-2004). POLAND (polish federation & newspaper "Gazeta Wyborcza", sep 2003):

    1.Włodzimierz Lubański - 2694 pts, 2.Kazimierz Deyna - 2592, 3.Grzegorz Lato - 966, 4.Jerzy Gorgoń - 936, 5.Zbigniew Boniek - 822, 6.Zygfryd Szołtysik - 702, 7.Henryk Kasperczak - 672, 8.Gerard Cieślik - 348, 9.Ernest Pol - 180, 10.Hubert Kostka - 150, 11.Jan Domarski - 132, 12.Dariusz Dziekanowski - 126, 13.Jan Tomaszewski - 125, 14.Zygmunt Anczok - 118, 15.Ernest Wilmowski - 110, 16.Kazimierz Kmiecik - 100, 17.Józef Młynarczyk - 70, 18.Krzysztof Warzycha - 69, 19.Lesław Ćmikiewicz - 66, 20.Lucjan Brychczy - 64, 21.Mirosław Okoński - 63, 22.Robert Gadocha - 60, 23.Roman Korynt - 55, 24.Jan Banaś - 50, 25.Tomasz Wałdoch - 49, 26.Jerzy Dudek - 48, 27.Jacek Zieliński - 40, 28.Mieczysław Gracz - 38, 29-30.Jan Furtok, Emmanuel Olisadebe - 37, 31.Teodor Anioła - 36, 32.Włodzimierz Smolarek - 30, 33.Andrzej Szarmach - 29, 34.Edward Szymkowiak - 26, 35.Jacek Kazimierski - 20, 36.Władysław Żmuda - 19, 37-40.Andrzej Buncol, Zygmunt Maszczyk, Roman Kosecki, Wojciech Szymczak - 15, 41-42.Andrzej Juskowiak, Zdzisław Kapka - 14, 43-44.Stefan Majewski, Stanisław Terlecki - 13 45.Janusz Kupcewicz - 10, 46.Wojciech Kowalczyk - 9.

    1. The poll is seen to be highly biased when Jerzy Gorgon is ranked higher than Boniek !

  15. Anonymous27/2/16

    Best polish footballer 1956-2016 (Ranking of football magazine "Piłka Nożna", feb 2016):
    GK - 1. Józef Młynarczyk, 2. Jan Tomaszewski, 3. Jerzy Dudek 4. Edward Szymkowiak, 5. Artur Boruc, 6. Hubert Kostka.
    FB - 1. Antoni Szymanowski, 2. Zygmunt Anczok, 3. Adam Musiał, 4. Marek Dziuba, 5. Stefan Majewski, 6. Łukasz Piszczek, 7. Henryk Szczepański, 8. Dariusz Wdowczyk, 9. Michał Żewłakow.
    CB - 1. Władysław Żmuda, 2. Jerzy Gorgoń, 3. Stanisław Oślizło, 4. Paweł Janas, 5. Roman Wójcik, 6. Tomasz Wałdoch, 7. Jacek Bąk, 8. Roman Korynt, 9. Jacek Zieliński.
    CMF - 1. Kazimierz Deyna, 2. Henryk Kasperczak, 3. Zygmunt Maszczyk, 4. Janusz Kupcewicz, 5. Lesław Ćmikiewicz, 6. Waldemar Matysik, 7. Grzegorz Krychowiak, 8. Adam Nawałka, 9. Erwin Wilczek.
    AMF - 1. Zbigniew Boniek, 2. Lucjan Brychczy, 3. Dariusz Dziekanowski, 4. Ryszard Tarasiewicz, 5. Andrzej Buncol, 6. Piotr Nowak, 7. Zygfryd Szołtysik, 8. Andrzej Iwan, 9. Leszek Pisz.
    R/L FW - 1. Grzegorz Lato, 2. Robert Gadocha, 3. Włodzimierz Smolarek, 4. Jan Urban, 5. Jakub Błaszczykowski, 6. Jacek Krzynówek, 7. Roman Kosecki, 8. Mirosław Okoński, 9. Euzebiusz Smolarek.
    CF - 1. Robert Lewandowski, 2. Włodzimierz Lubański, 3. Andrzej Szarmach, 4. Ernest Pohl, 5. Andrzej Juskowiak, 6. Krzysztof Warzycha, 7. Kazimierz Kmiecik, 8. Gerard Cieślik, 9. Jan Furtok.

    POLAND XI (1956-2016) - 4-2-4: Młynarczyk - Szymanowski, Żmuda, Gorgoń, Anczok - Deyna, Boniek - Lato, Lewandowski, Lubański, Gadocha.

    1. Hi, I'd like to ask if it is you to have contribute a ton of these kind of beneficial polls such as Soviet, Hungary, etc. If so, could you tell me about your login name and nation, I'd like to name you in expert group. Your contribution very support my work. Many Thanks.

  16. Anonymous16/4/16


  17. Anonymous31/10/16

    PZPN logo is old.u could change it.


  19. Anonymous7/7/17

    Teodor Aniola, Wladyslaw Szczepaniak and Jerzy Wozniak absolutely not, not top 100 all time

    Teodor Aniola- much goals in club, 3x top goalscorer in poor league but poor positions in NT (poor class NT post war). He was only a local (Poznan) star.
    Wladyslaw Szczepaniak- many mistakes (including BRA:POL 6:5 WC 1938). He was winger until 1934. Post war- caps NT and gold medal club but
    weaker level

    Formation XI: Szymanowski RB, Gorgon CB

    1. OK, so could you suggest the names for replacement ?

  20. Anonymous7/7/17

    Brychczy, Szarmach add to Substitution group

    Next cand.: Piszczek, Blaszczykowski, Krzysztof Warzycha, Boruc, Dudek, Buncol, Janas (succesful NT player and later best foreign player Ligue 1 85/86 s. or 1986 year), Glik, Krychowiak, Wlodzimierz Smolarek, Urban, Juskowiak, Krzynowek, Kosecki, Waldoch, W.Szczesny

    (If highly valued players from pre war era - winger Wodarz, many assist, no2 this era)

    1. I have made some adjustments. Brychczy come into the squad by replacing Aniola. I select Dziuba replace Szczepaniak. For Jerzy Wozniak, I see he is named in 37th best Polish player ever refer to this link http://pesstatsdatabase.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3063

  21. Anonymous8/10/17

    Hello, what do you think about Wacław Kuchar. In occasion to 50th anniversary of Polish football association (1919-1969), he was named the 3rd best player in those years. The others two was Cieślik and Brychczy.

    1. He was an athlete in many Sports that football is just a part time of his amatuer career. He also scored only 5 goals in 23 NT games too low as I understand he was an attcker ?

    2. Anonymous17/10/17

      In his domestic career he played as centre foward, but in National Team he played at the midfielder, mostly as a right halfback. He would also play as Winger and Inside Foward. He was an all around footballer with speed, good header and movements with the ball.

  22. Anonymous4/12/17

    I’d swap Wilimowski to Lewandowski in the starting XI.

    1. In my database, Lewandowski will replace Wilimowski in the update at the end of Bundesliga half season.

  23. Anonymous5/6/18

    Isn't it time to upgrade Lewandowski's class? He has been incredibly consistent 40+ club goals in 3 seasons in a row.. that's like Messi and Cristiano consistency right there, and as far as I know no other active player have 3 or more 40+ club goal seasons in a row other than those 3. Plus he has the insane 5 goals in 9 minutes record, he did it as a substitute as well! :D

    1. I haven't update yet but I think he has not achieved queen bronze class yet after looking for his score. He has not collected enough for Poland.

    2. Anonymous6/6/18

      Hmm alright.. I just don't understand why it is decided by what they did for the national team? what did Di Stefano and george Best do for their national teams? Nothing as far as I know, and they get a very high ranking :/ Lewandowski has been so consistent and good for many seasons in a row now. I'm not questioning your judgement, I just want this explained please.

    3. Players are protected for limitation of opportunity in some amount. Lewandowski has collected 2.5 world-class seasons is very likely to achieve queen class but he need to collect more international class seasons at least. He started to be remarkable rather late.

  24. Anonymous27/8/18

    I suppose this might not be that important but the geographical region given is wrong Poland is not in South Eastern Europe indeed it is directly north of former Czechoslovakia labeled Eastern Europe.

    1. Yes Poland should have been identified its region in either Central or Eastern Europe. Thanks.