Spanish La Liga

Spanish La Liga is an iconic league of Latin culture, has long been a main destination for South American players. However, the league has long been dominated by only big two. Therefore, this squad could be called in another word “All-Time Real Madrid-Barcelona Squad”.

Year of Establishment : 1929
European Cup/UEFA Champion League Winners : 14 Times
Most Champions Won : Francisco Gento (12 Times)
Most Appearances : Andoni Zubizarreta (622 Games)
All-Time Top Scorer : Lionel Messi (312 Goals)
The Greatest Player Ever : Lionel Messi


All-Time Spanish La Liga Squad

 1. Iker Casillas

Date Of Birth :  20 May 1981
Position  : Goalkeeper
Nation  : Spain
Height  :  182 cm
Club  : Real Madrid
La Liga Appearance : 476 Games
La Liga Champion :  5 Times
Class : Queen Gold

2. Daniel Alves

Date Of Birth  :  15 November 1927
Position    :   Right-Back
Nation       :  Brazil
Height       :  172 cm
Club     :  Barcelona
La Liga Appearance : 422 Games
La Liga Champion  :   6 Times
Class : Prince Gold

3. Roberto Carlos

Date Of Birth  :  10 April 1973
Position :   Left-Wing-Back
Nation : Brazil
Height : 169 cm
Club  :  Real Madrid
La Liga Appearance : 370 Games (46 Goals)
La Liga Champions : 4 Times
Class : Queen Silver

4. Jose Santamaria

Date Of Birth  :  31 July 1929
Position   :   Center-Back
Nation : Uruguay
Height   :  178 cm
Club   :  Real Madrid
La Liga Appearance : 226 Games
La Liga Champion      :  5 Times
Class     :  Queen Silver

5. Ronald Koeman

Date Of Birth  : 21 March 1963
Position    :   Sweeper
Nation : Holland
Height      : 183 cm
Club   :  Barcelona
La Liga Appearance : 192 Games (67 Goals)
La Liga Champion  :  4 Times
Class      :  Queen Silver

6. Jose Pirri

Date Of Birth   :   11 March 1945
Position  :  Box-To-Box Midfielder
Nation  : Spain
Height    : 174 cm
Club  :   Real Madrid
La Liga Appearance : 417 Games (123 Goals)
La Liga Champion   :   10 Times
Class  :  Queen Silver

7. Cristiano Ronaldo

Date Of Birth  :  5 February 1985
Position  : Side-Forward/ Left and Right Winger
Nation  : Portugal
Height :  186 cm
Club : Real Madrid
La Liga Appearance : 265 Games (285 Goals)
La Liga Champion :  2 Times
Individual Achievement : 4 Times Torneo Di Stefano
3 Times La Liga Top Scorer   
1 Time LFP La Liga Player of the Year
Class :  Queen Gold

8. Ronaldinho

Date Of Birth  :  21 March 1980
Position   :   Left-Winger/ Attacking Midfielder
Nation     : Brazil
Height      :  182 cm
Club   :   Barcelona
La Liga Champion    :   2 Times
Individual Achievement  :  
2 Times Best Foreign Player of Spanish La Liga (2004, 2006)
Class :   Queen Gold

9. Ronaldo

Date Of Birth  :  22 September 1976
Position :  Fast Striker
Nation : Brazil
Height  :  183 cm
Club :  Barcelona, Real Madrid
La Liga Appearance : 167 Games (114 Goals)
La Liga Champion : 1 Time
Individual Achievement :
2 Times Spanish La Liga Top Scorer
Class : King Silver

10. Alfredo Di Stefano

Date Of Birth  :  4 July 1926
Position   :   Second Striker/ Attacking Midfielder
Nation : Argentina, Height   :  178 cm
La Liga Appearance : 329 Games (227 Goals)
Club   :  Real Madrid
La Liga Champion      :  8 Times
Individual Achievement  : 
5 Times Spanish La Liga Top Scorer
4 Times Spanish Player of The Year (1957, 1959, 1960, 1964)
Real Madrid Greatest Player Ever
Spanish La Liga Greatest Player Ever
Class     :  King Gold

11. Lionel Messi

Date Of Birth  : 24 June 1987
Position    :  Second Striker
Nation : Argentina
Height       :  169 cm
Club     :  Barcelona
La Liga Appearance :  382 Games (349 Goals)
La Liga Champion   :   8 Times
Individual Achievement : 4 Times Spanish La Liga Top Scorer
6 Times LFP La Liga Player of the Year
4 Times Torneo Di Stefano 
La Liga Most Goals in a Single Season
Barcelona All-Time Top Scorer and Greatest Player Ever
Class     :  King Silver



12. Ricardo Zamora

Date Of Birth  :  21 January 1901
Position : Goalkeeper
Nation    : Spain
Height     :  194 cm
Club:  Espanyol, Real Madrid
La Liga Appearance : 108 Games
La Liga Champion   :  2 Times
Class  :  Queen Gold

13. Jose Antonio Camacho

Date Of Birth  : 8 June 1955
Position   :  Left-Full-Back
Nation  :  Spain
Height      : 174 cm
Club     : Real Madrid
La Liga Appearance   :  414 Games
La Liga Champion  :   9 Times
Class  : Queen Bronze

14. Fernando Hierro

Date Of Birth  :  23 March 1968
Position  :   Sweeper
Nation     : Spain
Height    : 188 cm
Club    :   Real Madrid
La Liga Appearance   : 497 Games
La Liga Champion     :   5 Times
Class  : Queen Bronze

15. Fernando Redondo

Date Of Birth  :  6 July 1969
Position     :   Defensive Holding Midfielder
Nation         : Argentina
Height        :  186 cm
Club  :  Real Madrid
La Liga Appearance : 268 Games
La Liga Champion    :   2 Times
Class     :  Queen Gold

16. Micheal Laudrup

Date Of Birth  :  15 June 1964
Height :   178 cm
Nation   :   Denmark
Position    :   Playmaking-Attacking Midfielder
Club  :   Barcelona, Real Madrid
La Liga Champion  :    4 Times
Individual Achievement :  1992 Spanish La Liga Best Foreign Player
Best Foreign Player in Spanish Football the last 25 years (1974-1999)
Class  :  Queen Gold

17. Luis Figo

Date Of Birth  :  4 November 1972
Position  :  Right-Winger
Nation : Portugal
Height  : 180 cm
Club :   Barcelona, Real Madrid
La Liga Appearance : 336 Games (68 Goals)
La Liga : 4 Times
Individual Achievement  : 
3 Times Liga Foreign Player of The Year (1999, 2000, 2001)
Class :   Queen Gold

18. Francisco Gento

Date Of Birth  :  21 October 1933
Position  :  Left-Winger
Nation    : Spain
Height   :   178 cm
Club     :   Real Madrid
La Liga Appearance : 438 Games (128 Goals)
La Liga Champion   :   12 Times
Class : Queen Gold

19. Zinedine Zidane

Date Of Birth  :   23 June 1972
Position   :   Playmaker
Nation   :  France
Height   :    185 cm       
Club   :  Real Madrid
La Liga Appearance : 155 Games (37 Goals)
La Liga Champion   : 1 Time
Individual Achievement :
2002 Spanish La Liga Foreign Player of The year

Class       :    King Bronze
20. Johan Cruyff

Date Of Birth  :  25 April 1947
Position  :  Second Striker/ Free-Role Forward
Nation : Holland
Height   :  180 cm
Club  :  Barcelona
La Liga Appearance : 153 Games (50 Goals)
La Liga Champion   :  1 Time
Individual Achievement :
2 Times Spanish La Liga Foreign Player of The Year (1977, 1978)
Class : King Bronze

21. Laszlo Kubala

Date Of Birth   :  10 June 1927
Position  :   Second Striker
Nation   :   Hungary
Height   :   176 cm
Club   :   Barcelona
La Liga Appearance : 215 Game (138 Goals)
La Liga Champion   :   4 Times
Individual Achievement : 1999 Barcelona Greatest Player of The Century
Class : Queen Gold

22. Ferenc Puskas

Date Of Birth  :  10 April 1973
Position :   Forward
Nation : Hungary
Height : 172 cm
Club  :  Real Madrid
La Liga Appearance : 180 Games (156 Goals)
La Liga Champions :  5 Times
Individual Achievement :  4 Times Spanish La Liga Top Scorer 
Class : Queen Gold

Honourable Mention


Date Of Birth  :  19 April 1972
Position    :  Second Striker
Nation  : Brazil
Height  :  186 cm
Club  :  Barcelona
La Liga Appearance : 198 Games (107 Goals)
La Liga Champion  :  2 Times Spanish La Liga
Individual Achievement  :  1998 La Liga Best Foreign Player
Class : Queen Gold


Miguel Munoz

Date Of Birth :   19 January 1922
Nation  :  Spain
Club : Real Madrid (14 Seasons)
La Liga Champion  : 9 Times
Individual Achievement :  Real Madrid’s Greatest Manager Ever
Spanish La Liga Greatest Manager Ever
Style : Equivalent

Class : Queen Silver

Conclusion of Squad

GK : Iker Casillas, Ricardo Zamora
DF : Roberto Carlos, Daniel Alves, Jose Camacho, Ronald Koeman, Jose Santamaria, Jacinto Quincoces
MF : Jose Pirri, Fernando Redondo, Michael Laudrup, ZInedine Zidane, Johan Cruyff, Ronaldinho, Francisco Gento, Luis Figo
FW : Alfredo Di Stefano, Cristiano Ronaldo, Laszlo Kubala, Lionel Messi, Ferenc Puskas, Ronaldo
Manager : Miguel Munoz

Formation XI (4-1-3-2)

Explanation of Formation

As Zamora played only 75 percent in his time during la liga era, was created after his 28 years old. Consequently, Casillas is much advantageous to be named as the greatest keeper in history of la liga. There is not many world-class side-backs so Robert Carlos and Daniel Alves are easily chosen as a starter. Koeman is indispensable for his useful free-kick specialist, play alongside the best defensive player like Santamaria. Pirri slightly beat Redondo as he has a longer career, scores a lot more goals and even a better defensive player. The attackers all ever reach phenomenal-class except C.Ronaldo who is believed to have consistency world-class seasons. Cruyff and Puskas played in la liga during their late career and not good enough to be a first team player.


Santiago Bernabeu

Opened : 1944 (Newest Renovated in 2001)
City  :   Madrid
Capacity : 85,454 Seats
Field Dimension  : 105x72m


By Decade
By Nation
By Club
1930s : 2
1940s : -
1950s : 4
1960s : 2
1970s : 2
1980s : 1
1990s : 6
2000s : 3.5
2010s : 2.5

Spain : 6
Brazil : 5
Argentina : 3
Holland : 2
Portugal : 2
Hungary : 2
France : 1
Denmark : 1
Uruguay : 1

Real Madrid : 14
Barcelona : 9

     The Greatest La Liga Footballers of All-Time

1.  Lionel Messi
2. Alfredo Di Stefano
3.  Cristiano Ronaldo
4.  Ronaldo
5.  Ronaldinho
6.  Zinedine Zidane
7. Michael Laudrup
8.  Luis Figo
9.  Ferenc Puskas
10Laszlo Kubala
11. Francisco Gento
12.  Johan Cruyff
13. Rivaldo
14. Xavi Hernandez
15. Luis Suarez Miramontes
16. Jose Pirri
17. Fernando Redondo
18. Roberto Carlos
19. Iker Casiilas
20. Telmo Zarra


  1. Anonymous20/3/15

    Zamora,-Koeman,Santamaria,Quincoces,-Pirri,Zidane,Laudrup,Di Stefano,Ronaldino,-C.Ronaldo,Messi.

  2. Hi Dearman,

    1. Could you explain why you chose Casillas instead of Zamora? Zamora should be the better choice.

    2. Ronaldinho was great but was he really do much better than Laudrup for Barcelona and La Liga?

    3. Fat Ronaldo was a phenomenon when he played for Barcelona but was he exellent enough to kick Puskas and Kubala out? I think you should consider about this!

    Best regards,

    1. 1. La Liga was established when Zamora had passed his 28 years old and he participated only 75 percent.
      2. Not much better and even equal level as I rate both in Queen Gold but Ronaldinho is fit to left-side attacker position.
      3. Puskas moved to play for Madrid in his late career when he become slower. His peak at Real Madrid is much lower than what R9 achieved at Barcelona.
      Kubala is not an equal contender for this issue. He had an incredible performance in 1952 but most of his career was spent inconsistently due to his tuberculosis.

  3. Anonymous31/1/16

    Laudrup was deffinitly better then Ronaldinho!

  4. Anonymous10/2/16

    Why Zidane isn't in the first team?? The best of Zidane was in Spain!

    1. Zidane participated in La La Liga just five seasons so the longevity is second to Di Stefano who could play as AM well.

  5. Anonymous17/3/16

    It's interesting that Raúl isn't in the squad. No matter all the appreciation that i've for him, he look me a bit overrated.

  6. Anonymous16/4/16

    Man , I know you put allot of efforts in these rankings , but even Figo being above Raul in La Liga is pushing it , not even being on the list is insane! The man has won it 6 times. From the very 1th season , he was named La Liga's Breakthrough Player and then went on to being named La Liga's Best Spanish Player an all-time record , 5 times(1996–97, 1998–99, 1999–2000, 2000–01, 2001–02). He was also named La Liga MVP in 2008 by Marca above the likes of Messi , Güiza , Agüero , David Villa , Van Nistelrooy , Forlán , Eto'o , Casillas , Senna , Henry etc. You may or may not agree with all of his individual recognition , but it's clear as the sky that Raul is one of the very best ever in La Liga's history.

    1. He won many Spanish player of the year awards because there were too few world-class Spanish candidates. So, the prolific number of awards represents a great consistency not a peak. To cite he is one of the best players ever in La Liga is overrated when Di Stefano, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo made the too far distance from him.

  7. Di Stefano , Messi and CR7 are way above anyone in La Liga , even Ronaldinho , but that's a mute point. You didn't even ranked Raul in top 20 wich any La Liga follower would find as a mistake. He should be above even Zidane considering the number of seasons he played , in the La Liga echelon , let alone guys like Redondo or Pirri being above him(especially since they are RM legends and I'm sure there isn't any RM fan who would rank them above him). And competition or not only Migueli in the entire history of the award has managed to win it more than once , so I'd say it's still a very great achievement. Also the number of goals he scored , paired with the fact that he's a La Liga legend alone should be enough for him to be amogst the top. 228 goals is an insane number especially when he wasn't a Inzaghi , "A prolific goalscorer and a highly creative forward" , "He possessed excellent ball control and technical ability, and was effective in the air as well as with his feet" , !!!"Although primarily renowned for prolific goalscoring, Raúl was also a highly creative and hardworking player, capable of playing off of his team mates, creating chances, and assisting goals."!!! , For his technical skills, elegance and performances, he was nicknamed "El Ferrari," or "The Ferrari," by Fernando Hierro, another emblematic Madrid player." I say it again , any La Liga follower would consider wrong to not have Raul Gonzalez high up in this ranking.

    1. Recently, I just have a time to review the list with checking all La Liga performance record for involved players in my database of all-time ranking. I name Kopa off as he played only 3 seasons. Cruyff is found to be overrated also. For Raul, I still stand for the same point. He has an unbeatable longevity profile but honesty his peak is too lower than many world stars and actually he declined too early after the 2002 – 2003 season followed by four consecutive disappoint seasons. Even he collected more number of seasons, those of seasons has never been even closed to the greatest player in La Liga in any year.

    2. Anonymous24/4/16

      Could you please explain how he wasn't close to best La Liga player in any year? He was anmed MVP even at advanced age in 2008 above the likes of Messi , Güiza , Agüero , David Villa , Van Nistelrooy , Forlán , Eto'o , Casillas , Senna , Henry etc. and rightfully so since he was the key player of Real winning the title that year. Also in 2000/2001 he was clearly the best player in the league. Only Figo and Rivaldo were on par with his but he was top scorer and star player as Real won the title. And he was easly in top 3 in 96,87,99,00,02 and 03 aswell.

    3. That must be my false for 2008 status. Anyway, I'm sure that season is one of least competitiveness of candidates.

  8. I know you do not like Daniel Alves but please do not compare as Daniel Alves with Joan Segarra
    Dani Alves is much higher

    There are almost 250 games in La Liga
    69 assists
    14 goals
    6 titles won as Holder
    over and over awards

    Put it in place of Segarra is perfect team

    1. Actually I have ranked Daniel Alves ahead of Joan Segarra in top 100 full-back but not update this team yet. I'd have done it tomorrow. Thanks for notifying me.

  9. Anonymous21/8/16

    you forgot Sergio Ramos who is better than Santamaria

    Ramos is a legend !!!

    As Raul was also better than Kubala

  10. Any info on the best player of the league each season, before the don balon awards etc in 1976?

    1. There is "La Liga Old Ranking" thanks to a great poster Msioux"

  11. The blog was absolutely fantastic! Lot of information is helpful in some or the other way. Keep updating the blog, looking forward for more content...Great job, keep it up.

    1. Many Thanks. I'm sure to make further update and any idea let to new content will be considered.

  12. Anonymous5/5/18

    Why ist Xavi missing?
    Master brain of the great Barca Team under Guardiola. Same with Iniesta!!
    Raul of course and Sergio Ramos should be Part of the Squad as well.
    Greetings, Uwe (Germany)

    1. When Di Stefano and M.Laudrup are available, it is difficult to find a place for Xavi. Both of them is much better in overall individual abilities.

  13. Anonymous15/6/18

    Have you considered compiling an all-time English league squad ? As surely in historical terms it must be on par with La Liga and Serie A.

    1. Most of top stars English league are limited to British nations or a few group from western Europe likes Holland and France, I think it will be too similar to all-time British squad.

  14. Anonymous18/8/18

    if Jose Santamaria is king gold why is he not as good a player as Roberto Carlos who is only queen silver and also a defender is this a mistake?

    1. I've updated his class to be queen silver.