Northern South Americas Union

Northern South American football nations comprises Colombia Ecuador and Venezuela as neighbor countries. All nations just achieve South American standard in the recent eras. Accordingly, all legends are come from the second half of the 20th century. The first true legend is Alberto Spencer who is regarded as one of the best players in history of Copa Libertadores Cup. Willington Ortiz is another prominent star started from the second half 1970s. The late 1980s to early 1990s saw Carlos Walderrama as the most iconic Colombian player ever. Then, Radamel Falcao reputably performed as a leading striker in the South Americas. However, there is no great Venezuela player enough to make any profile list.

Northern South Americas

Location : South America
Copa America Participation :  29 Times
World Cup Participation : 8 Times (1962, 1990, 1994, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2014, 2018)
Achievement :  2001 Copa America Winner
Most Caps :  Ivan Hurtado  (161 Games)
Top Scorer :  Augustin Delgado (31 Goals)
The Greatest Player Ever : Alberto Spencer

All-Time Northern South Americas Squad

1. Oscar Cordoba

Date Of Birth : 3 February 1970           
Nation  : Colombia, Caps  : 73 Games
Height  :  190 cm, Position :  Goalkeeper
Major Club  : America De Cali, Boca Juniors, Besiktas
World Cup Participation : 1994, 1998 (3 Games)
2 Times Argentina Apertura, 1 Time Argentina Clausura
2000 Intercontinental Cup
International Honours  : 2001 Copa America Winner
Individual Achievement : 2 Times South American Team of the Year  
2000 Bronze Ball South American Footballer of The Year
2001 Silver Ball South American Footballer of The Year
Class : Prince Silver

2. Ulises De La Cruz

Date Of Birth : 8 February 1974
Nation  : Ecuador
Position :  Right-Wing-Back
Height  : 175 cm
Major Club :  LDU Quito, Aston Villa
Caps   : 98 Games
World Cup Participation : 2002, 2006 (7 Games)
Club Honours : 1 Time Ecuadorian League
International Honours    :   None
Individual Achievement  :   None
Class  :  Prince Bronze

3. Luis Capurro

Date Of Birth  : 1 May 1962
Nation  : Ecuador
Position :   Left-Back
Height  :  180 cm
Major Club  :  Emelec
Caps  : 100 Games
World Cup Participation  : None
Club Honours   :  4 Times Ecuadorian League 
International Honours  :  None
Individual Achievement :  2 Times South American Team of the Year
Class  :  Prince Bronze

4. Ivan Cordoba

Date Of Birth : 11 August 1976
Nation  : Colombia
Caps : 67 Games
Height : 173 cm
Position : Center-Back
Major Club : Inter Milan
World Cup Participation  : 1998 ( No Game)
Club Honours : 4 Times Italian Series A
2 Times Copa Italia
International Honours :  2001 Copa America Winner
Individual Achievement :  None
Class :  Prince Silver

5. Francisco Zuluaga

Date Of Birth : 4 February 1929
Height : 181 cm, Position : Center-Back
Major Club : Milonarios
Caps : Unknown
World Cup Participation : 1962 (1 Game)
Club Honours : 5 Times Colombian League
International Honours  : None  
Individual Achievement : None
Class  : Prince Silver

6. Leonel Alvarez

Date Of Birth  :  30 July 1965
Nation :  Colombia, Caps : 101 Games
Height  : 185 cm, Position :  Destroyer
Major Club  : Independiente Medellin, America De Cali
World Cup Participation : 1990,1994
Club Honours  : 2 Times Colombian League
1989 Copa Libertadores Cup
International Honours : None
Individual Achievement : 3 Times South American Team of the Year
Class : Prince Bronze

7. Delio Gamboa

Date Of Birth  :  28 January 1936
Nation : Colombia, Caps : 24 Games
Height : 181 cm, Position : Left-Winger/Forward
Major Club : Millonarios
World Cup Participation : 1962
Club Honours : 5 Times Colombian League
1 Time Colombian Cup
International Honours :  None
Individual Achievement : None
Class : Prince Silver

8. Willington Ortiz

Date Of Birth  :  26 March 1952
Nation : Colombia
Caps  : 49 Games (12 Goals)
Height : 188 cm
Position : Right-Winger
Major Club :  Millonarios
World Cup Participation  :   None
Club Honours  : 6 Times Colombian League
International Honours :  None
Individual Achievement : 
IFFHS Colombia Greatest Player of The Century
Class : Prince Gold

9. Alberto Spencer

Date Of Birth :  6 December 1937
Nation  : Ecuador, Position : Target Striker
Height : 180 cm, Major Club : Penarol
Caps : 11 Games (4 Goals)
Professional Score Record : 344 Goals/ 544 Games
Club Honours : 6 Times Uruguay League
2 Time Copa Libertadores Cup (1961, 1966)
2 Time Intercontinental Cup (1961, 1966)
International Honours, World Cup Participation : None
Individual Achievement :  4 Time Uruguay League Top Scorer
2 Times Copa Libertadores Cup Top Scorer (1960, 1962)
Copa Libertadores Cup and Penarol's All-Time Top Scorer
IFFHS Ecuador Greatest Player Ever
                                                        Class  : Prince Gold

10. Carlos Valderrama

Date Of Birth  :  2 September 1961
Nation : Colombia, Caps : 111 Games
Position : Central Holding Midfielder
Height : 175 cm, Major Club : Monpellier
World Cup Participation : 1990, 1994, 1998 (10 Games)
Club Honours : 1 Time French Cup
2 Times Colombian Championship
International Honours : None
Individual Achievement : 1987 Copa America Best Player
2 Times South American Footballer of The Year (1987, 1993)
1996 Bronze Ball South American Footballer of The Year
1996 Major League Soccer MVP
Class : Prince Gold

11. Radamel Falcao

Date Of Birth : 10 February 1986
Nation : Colombia, Caps : 65 Games (26 Goals)
Height : 177 cm, Position :  Fast Striker
Major Club  : FC Porto, Atletico Madrid
World Cup Participation : None
Professional Score Record : 236 Goals/ 402 Games
Club Honours : 1 Time Argentinean League, 1 Time French Ligue
1 Time Portuguese League, 2 Times Portuguese Cup
2 Times UEFA Europa League (2011, 2012)
International Honours : None
Individual Achievement : 1 Time Portuguese Golden Ball
2 Times UEFA Europa League Top Scorer
                                                       Class : Prince Silver



12. Efrain Sanchez

Date Of Birth  : 26 February 1926
Nation : Colombia, Caps : Unknown
Height  : 185 cm, Position : Goalkeeper
Major Club  : Millonarios
World Cup Participation : None
Club Honours : 3 Times Colombian League
International Honours : None
Individual Achievement : None
Class : Prince Silver   
13. Arturo Segovia

Date Of Birth  :  26 October 1941
Nation  : Colombia, Height  : 175 cm
Position :   Right-Back
Major Club  :  Millonarios
Caps  : 28 Games
World Cup Participation  : None
Club Honours   :  2 Times Colombian League 
1990 Intercontinental Cup
International Honours  :  None
Individual Achievement :  None
Class  :  Prince Bronze

14. Henry Caicedo

Date Of Birth  : 18 July 1951
Nation : Colombia, Caps : Unknown
Height  : 186 cm, Position :  Center-Back
Major Club  : Deportivo Cali
World Cup Participation : None
Club Honours : None
International Honours : None
Individual Achievement : None
Class : Prince Silver   

15. Mario Yepes

Date Of Birth  : 13 January 1976
Nation : Colombia, Caps : 90 Games
Height  : 186 cm, Position :  Center-Back
Major Club  : Paris-SG
World Cup Participation : None
Club Honours : 2 Times Colombian League
1 Time Argentina Apertura, 1 Time Argentina Clausura
1 Time French Cup
International Honours : 2001 Copa America Winner
Individual Achievement : 1 Time South American Team of the Year
Class : Prince Bronze    
16. Freddy Rincon

Date Of Birth  :  14 August 1966
Nation  : Colombia, Caps  : 84 Games
Position : Central Midfielder
Height :  185 cm, Major Club : America De Cali, Corinthians
World Cup Participation : 1990, 1994, 1998 (10 Games)
Club Honours  : 2 Times Colombian League
2 Times Brazil National Championship
2 Times Brazil State Championship
2000 FIFA Club World Cup
International Honours : None
Individual Achievement :  2 Times South American Team of the Year
Class : Prince Bronze

17. Alex Aguinaga

Date Of Birth : 9 July 1968
Nation : Ecuador, Caps :109 Games (23 Goals)
Height : 172 cm, Position :  Playmaker
Major Club : Necaxa, Deportivo Quito
World Cup Participation : 2002 (3 Games)
Club Honours : 2 Times Mexican League
1 Time Ecuadorian League
1 Time CONCACAF Cup Winners’ Cup
1 Time CONCACAF Champion’s Cup
International Honours :  None
Individual Achievement : 1 Time South American Team of the Year
Class : Prince Silver     

18. Antonio Valencia

Date Of Birth  :  4 August 1985
Nation : Ecuador, Caps : 60 Games
Height : 180 cm
Position : Right-Winger, Right-Back
Major Club : Manchester United
World Cup Participation : 2006
Club Honours : 2 Times English Premier League
2011 UEFA Champion League Runner-Up
International Honours :  None
Individual Achievement : None
Class : Prince Bronze
19. Juan Cuadrado

Date Of Birth  :  26 May 1988
Nation : Colombia, Caps : 63 Games
Height : 180 cm, Position : Right-Side Midfielder
Major Club : Fiorentina, Juventus
World Cup Participation : 2006
Club Honours : 1 Time English Premier League
2 Times Italian Series A
2017 UEFA Champion League Runner-Up
International Honours :  None
Individual Achievement : 2014 FIFA Word Cup Top Assist
Class : Prince Bronze

20. James Rodriguez

Date Of Birth  :  12 July 1991
Nation : Colombia, Height : 180 cm
Position :  Playmaking-Attacking Midfielder
Major Club :  FC Porto, Real Madrid
Caps :  55 Games (20 Goals)
World Cup Participation : 2014 (5 Games)
Club Honours  : 1 Time Spanish la Liga
3 Times Portuguese Liga
2011 UEFA Europa League
2 Times UEFA Champion League (14,17)
2 Times FIFA Club World Cup (14,17)
International Honours    :   None
Individual Achievement  :  2012 Portuguese Golden Ball
                                                        2014 FIFA World Cup Golden Boots/All Stars Team
                                                        2015 La Liga Best Midfielder
                                                        Class : Prince Silver

21. Ernesto Diaz

Date Of Birth  :  13 September 1952
Nation :  Colombia
Position :  Forward/Left-Winger
Height  :   Unknown
Major Club  :   Milonarios
Caps :  30 Games (6 Goals)
World Cup Participation : None
Club Honours  : 2 Times Colombian League
1 Time Colombian Cup
International Honours    :   1975 Copa America Runner-Up
Individual Achievement  :  1975 Copa America Top Scorer
Class : Prince Bronze

22. Arnoldo Iguaran

Date Of Birth  :  18 january 1957
Nation :  Colombia
Position :  Fast Striker
Height  :  179 cm
Major Club  :   Milonarios
Caps :  68 Games (25 Goals)
World Cup Participation : 1990 (3 Games)
Club Honours  : 2 Times Colombian League
International Honours    :   None
Individual Achievement  :   Colombia All-Time Top Scorer
Milonarios All-Time Top Scorer
1 Time South American Team of the Year
Class : Prince Bronze


Francisco Maturana

Year Of Birth :  15 February 1949
Major Team :  Colombia
Major Achievement :   1 Time Copa Mustang
1989 Copa Libertadores Cup
2001 Copa America Winner
Individual Achievement : 2010 South American Coach of The Year
Class :  Prince Gold

Conclusion of the Squad

GK :  Oscar Cordoba, Efrain Sanchez
DF : Arturo Sagovia, Ulises, De La Cruz, Ivan Cordoba, Francisco Zuluaga, Henry Ceicedo, Mario Yepes, Luis Capurro
MF : Leonel Alvarez, Carlos Valderrama (Captain), Willington Ortiz, Alex Aguinaga, Antonio Valencia, Freddy Rincon, James Rodriguez, Juan Cuadrado
FW : Alberto Spencer, Radamel Falcao, Arnoldo Iguaran, Delio Gamboa, Ernesto Diaz
Manager : Francisco Maturana

Formation XI (4-4-2)

Explanation of Formation
The team strategy is deep-lying midfield with wing-back support. Oscar Cordoba is the most reliable keeper for this team. De La Cruz and L.Herrera both are assigned to act as a side-midfielder when Aguinaga and Ortiz move to inside-attacking midfield area. Zuluaga is set as a sweeper behind Cordoba. Alvarez would pay his effort to destroy the opponent game. Valderrama mainly creates the game just based on central midfield area. Gamboa and Ortiz is extremely to support the front-line as a wing-forward. Radamel Falcao and Spencer as a du-o forward are to cooperate to score the goals. 


  By Decade
      By Class
        By Nation
1920s : -
1930s : -
1940s : -
1950s : 2.5
1960s : 2.5
1970s : 2
1980s : 3.5
1990s : 5.5
2000s : 3
2010s : 3

King : -
Queen : -
Prince : 22

Colombia : 17
Ecuador : 5

Estadio Metropolitano

Opened :  1986
City : Barrranquilla
Capacity :  60,000 Seats

Minor Reserved Group 
Rene Higuita    : Goalkeeper/ Colombia
Alejandro Brand : Central Midfielder/ Colombia
Humberto Alvarez : Attacking Midfielder/Colombia
Jairo Arboleda : Attacking Midfielder/Colombia
Hugo Aristizabal : Second Striker/ Colombia
Anthony De Avila : Forward/ Colombia
Faustino Asprilla : Striker/ Colombia
Ivan Valenciano : Striker/ Colombia

The Greatest Northern South American Footballers of All-Time

1. Alberto Spencer
2. Willington Ortiz
3. Carlos Valderrama
4. Ivan Cordoba
5. Radamel Falcao


  1. Luis Capurro played as a Left Back

  2. This article specifies his is right-back
    I'm not sure how often he played as left and right-back

  3. Anonymous31/1/15

    Ivan hurtado?

    1. He was impressively consistent in national team but his club career is too simple and not pass criteria to make profile. For a starter, there is no standardized criteria because it is compulsory selection.

  4. Anonymous2/3/15

    what about Jose Rene Higuita instead of Cordoba?

    1. Acrobatic ability is very helpful in entertaining. Higuita is probably as entertained as Ronaldinho and Ronaldo but that's all. If consider how he negatively create the risk to lose opportunities for his team, there are even too many keepers whom I did not mention better than him.

  5. Anonymous18/5/15

    Maybe an Honorable Mention for Andres Escobar, captain of the Columbian National Team? He was to play for AC Milan before his murder.

    1. Thanks for recalling this player, I know Escobar’s event is recorded in football history, I see the event is outside the extent of greatness in football game.

    2. Anonymous17/1/16

      Colombia All-time XI (4-4-2):
      "A" - GK - Óscar Córdoba, DF - Luis Fernando Herrera, Andrés Escobar, Jorge Bermúdez, Diego León Osorio, MF - Leonel Álvarez, Freddy Rincón, James Rodríguez, Carlos Valderrama, FW - Faustino Asprilla, Arnoldo Iguarán.
      "B" - GK - René Higuita, DF - Efraín Sánchez, Iván Ramiro Córdoba, Alexis Mendoza, Mario Alberto Yepes, MF - Bernardo Redín, Wilson Pérez, Adolfo Valencia, Víctor Hugo Aristizábal, FW - Willington Ortiz, Radamel Falcao.

      also mentions: Mauricio Serna, Ántony de Ávila, Miguel Ángel Calero, Albeiro Usuriaga, Iván Valenciano.

      Ecuador All-time XI (4-4-2):
      GK - Juan Francisco Cevallos, DF - Hólger Quiñónez, Ivan Hurtado, Luis Capurro, Ulises de la Cruz, MF - Alfonso Obregon, Alex Aguinaga, Antonio Valencia, Polo Carrera, FW - Jaime Ivan Kaviedes, Alberto Spencer.

      also mentions: Carlos Luis Morales, Agustín Delgado, Neiser Reasco, Edison Mendez, Jorge Bolaños.

      Bolivia all-time top 10:
      1. Víctor Agustín Ugarte, 2. Marco Etcheverry, 3. Erwin Romero, 4. Erwin Sánchez, 5. Máximo Alcocer, 6. Ramiro Castillo, 7. José Issa, 8. Ausberto García, 9. Wilfredo Camacho, 10. Julio Cesar Baldivieso.

      All information from colombian, ecuadorian and bolivian football sites respectively.

  6. Anonymous8/9/16

    Henry Caicedo, la mosca Caicedo, the best defender of Colombian history.

  7. Dearman I suggest you study the life of Henry Caicedo (la mosca Caicedo), in the 80s the Argentinian manager Carlos Salvador Bilardo catalog to Caicedo as the best central-back in America. The knee injury of Caicedo impisió will triumph in Argentina, and this led him to depression and drugs. Anyway, historians of Colombian football has it in high esteem. You must seek information from him in serious newspapers and sporting articles.

    Also you can find videos in youtube of biography made by the club Deportio Cali and other journalists.

  8. Anonymous6/10/16

    Carlos Valderrama Prince Gold? He deserves more.

    1. He did not perform enough in club career. Most notorious part would be his time at La Liga when he could not help Vallolodid to survive from relegation even participate just a half of season. He was too slow and his limited idea of movement is vulnerable to be beaten..

  9. Anonymous10/10/16

    Jose Francisco Cevallos

  10. Anonymous10/10/16

    Giovanny Espinoza?

  11. Anonymous13/11/16

    Colombia XI all-time, 4-3-3 (list publ. in 2010) [source:]:
    GK - 1.Efraín “Caimán” Sánchez, 2.René Higuita, 3.Oscar Córdoba, 4.Farid Mondragón, 5.Pedro Antonio Zape, 6.Julio “Chonto” Gaviria, 7.Miguel Calero, 8.Otoniel Quintana, 9.Carlos Montaño, 10.Luis Largacha, 11.Gabriel Ochoa Uribe.
    DF (right) - 1.Luis Fernando “Chonto” Herrera, 2.Arturo Segovia, 3.Jaime “Charol” González, 4.Camilo Zuñiga, 5.Gerardo Moncada, 6.Gerson González, 7.Alberto Gamero, 8.Efraín “Pastuso” Castillo, 9.Joaquin Sánchez, 10.Hugo “el Pitillo” Valencia, 11.Gonzalo Martínez.
    CDF (libero) - 1.Francisco “Cobo” Zuluaga, 2.Mario Alberto Yepes, 3.Andrés Escobar, 4.Miguel Escobar, 5.Oscar López, 6.Julio Edgar “Chonto” Gaviria, 7.Gabrie Berdugo, 8.Norberto Molina, 9.Francisco Maturana, 10.Alexis Mendoza, 11.Astolfo Romero.
    CDF (stopper) - 1.Iván Ramiro Córdoba, 2.Henry “la Mosca” Caicedo, 3.Jorge Bermúdez, 4.Luis Carlos Perea, 5.Miguel Augusto “el nano” Prince, 6.Luis Eduardo Reyes, 7.Luis Amaranto Perea, 8.Ignacio “loco” Calle, 9.Luis Eduardo “ Camello” Soto, 10.Ricardo “Pibe” Diaz, 11.Anibal “el Mocho” Alzate.
    DF (left) - 1.Diego León Osorio, 2.Héctor “Canocho” Echeverri, 3. Wilson Pérez, 4.Oscar Bolaño, 5.Alonso “Pocillo” López, 6.Fernando “Pecoso” Castro, 7.Carlos Mario Hoyos, 8.Gerardo Bedoya, 9.Gildardo Gómez, 10.Jesús “Toto” Rubio, 11.Carlos “Copetín” Aponte.
    DMF - 1.Leonel Alvarez, 2.Mauricio “Chico” Serna, 3.Eduardo Pimentel, 4.Hermenegildo Segrera, 5.Gonzalo “Chalo” González, 6.Eduardo Retat, 7.Jaime Silva, 8.Domingo “Tumaco” González, 9.Pedro Sarmiento, 10.Oscar “Severiano” Ramos, 11.Oswaldo "Pescadito" Calero.
    CMF - 1.Fredy Rincón, 2.Mario Agudelo, 3.Harold Lozano, 4.Norberto Peluffo, 5.Rolando “Loco” Serrano, 6.Alexis García, 7.Fredy “Totono” Grisales, 8.Germán “Burrito” González, 9.Bernardo Redín, 10.Misael “Papo” Flórez, 11.Fabian Vargas.
    AMF - 1.Carlos “el Pibe” Valderrama, 2.Jairo Arboleda, 3.Alejandro Brand, 4.Humberto “Turrón” Alvarez, 5.Diego Edison Umaña, 6.Alfredo Arango, 7.Alfonso Cañon, 8.Alex Escobar, 9.Hernán Dario Herrera, 10. Giovany “el Principe” Hernández, 11.Bernardo “Cunda” Valencia.
    FW (right) - 1.Willington Ortiz, 2.Faustino Asprilla, 3.Ernesto Díaz, 4.Carlos Enrique “La Gambeta” Estrada, 5.Carlos Arango Medina, 6.Anthony de Avila, 7.Albeiro Usuriaga, 8.Miguel Guerrero, 9.Hernán “Cuca” Aceros, 10.Angel Maria Torres, 11.Alejandro Carrillo.
    FW (centre) - 1.Iván René Valenciano, 2.Delio “Maravilla” Gamboa, 3.Víctor Aristizabal, 4.Jorge Ramírez Gallego, 5.Jaime “Manco” Gutierrez, 6.Marino Klinger, 7.Eduardo Emilio Villarete, 8.Sergio “Checho” Angulo, 9.Jose Antonio Rada, 10.Eusebio Escobar, 11.Juan Pablo Angel.
    FW (left) - 1.Arnoldo Iguaran, 2.Adolfo “Tren” Valencia, 3.Jaime Morón, 4.Héctor “Zipa” González, 5.Rubén Dario Hernández, 6.John Jairo Trellez, 7.Julio “Shinola” Aragón, 8.Víctor Campaz, 9.Didi Alex Valderrama, 10.Uriel Cadavid, 11.Orlando “el Pony” Maturana.

  12. Anonymous23/4/17

  13. Hallo Narathorn. Luís Herrera was a right back. You included Díaz and Cuadrado! Very good from you, you have an accurate team now. The best Colombian LB ever was Diego Osorio for his ability, or Hector "Canocho" Echeverry due to his consistency.

    1. Diego Osorio won only 17 caps although there was no great candidate in Columbia national team. I.Cordoba could switch to LB in emergency case so I may not name any LB in the substitution. I read that Arturo Segovia is the best full-back ever in history of Colombian footballer, playing in right-back position. Actually I'm rather not satisfied on Ernesto Diaz profile but I want to complete 22 men-squad.

      There are also other great Colombian attackers in the dark era of its football like Jairo Arboleda, Humberto Alvarez and Alfonso Cannon are described as one of greatest Colombian players ever but they won few caps because that era competed in few games so it is hard to rate them.

    2. Well, Díaz fits since he could play right and left winger (mostly right) and you have Cuadrado as right winger. Among the players you have mentioned, Arboleda is the most highly rated one. I agree none of the Colombian left backs should be in the squad, not so consistant. Among Segovia and Herrera is a tie, but Herrera had a far more consistant National team carreer.

  14. Anonymous9/7/17

    Holger Quinonez from Ecuador?

    1. I don't see any outstanding profile of him.

    2. Anonymous12/7/17

      He was selected as a member of 'South American Team of the year' in 1991.

  15. Anonymous10/9/17

    falcao born 1986, world cup 1990???

  16. Anonymous12/1/18

    Mauricio Serna? Storng defensive midfielder, achieved 2 times Copa Libertadores victory with Boca. Selected 'South American team of the year' 2 times.

    And another Boca's Player, Jorge Bermudez? has great career, selected 'South American team of the year' 3 times, and also selected 'Copa Libertadores all time best XI' in 2012.

    1. 3 Times South American Team of the year is not guaranteed as the standard of south american football in recent era is not competitive in comparison to the European football. I agree to add Jorge Bermudez in positional list of Latin American union but not here.

  17. As central defenders, I suggest Miguel Escobar. Considered one of the greatest Colombian centre-backs, he starred for Deportivo Cali and the National Team along with Henry Caicedo, and was considered the less spectacular but more consistent one of the two. You can find lots of articles about him in Spanish, not so sure in English.

    Óscar López (also Deportivo Cali) and Andrés Escobar Saldarriaga (the one who got killed after the 1994 world cup) also may be taken into consideration for Rest of the Latin Americas Positional Ranking, since you have Bermúdez.

    1. Where do you get info Miguel Escobar is one of the best Colombian defenders ever ? I can't even find his Wikipedia page.

    2. He doesn't have a wikipedia page in English or Spanish, as many Colombians great players don't. He has an Italian one and a profile in BDFA (Argentine site).

      Here this Colombian Football Analyst includes him in the All Time top 11 of Colombian football league:

      Than you have other interesting links below, as well as the top 10 per position posted by an anonymous above on this page:

  18. Anonymous10/4/18

    Is Faryd Mondragón far to be qualified ? I remember him be as good as Cordoba.

  19. The Colombian soccer team needs to have a post for herself. Ecuador, Venezuela and Bolivia, have great players, but understanding the logic of Dearman (I do not share that logic), Ecuador, Venezuela and Bolivia should have a team together.

  20. Freddy Rincón is a case like that of Romerito in Paraguay.
    European football is coarse and pragmatic, they do not understand the preference for technique and quality.

  21. Anonymous16/7/18

    Could you make an own profil for colombia?
    And than integrate ecuadorian and bolivian footballers like etcheverry, ugarte, sanchez, ...