Continental Club Competitions

European Cup

Year of Establishment  : 1956
Most Tournaments :  Real Madrid  (44 Times)
Most Champions of Team :  Real Madrid (13 Times)
Most Champions of Player : Francisco Gento  (6 Times)
Most Appearances :   Iker Casillas  (170 Games)
All-Time Top Scorer  :   Cristiano Ronaldo  (120 Goals)          
The Greatest Player Ever :   Cristiano Ronaldo


Sepp Maier (Bayern Munich)    (3 Champions)
Oliver Kahn (Bayern Munich)    (1 Champion, 1 Runner-Up)


DL : Giacinto Facchetti (Inter Milan) (2 Champions, 1 Runner-Up)
DRC :  Tarcisio Burgnich (Inter Milan) (2 Champions, 1 Runner-Up)
DLC : Paolo Maldini  (AC Milan)  (5 Champions, 3 Runner-Up)
SW : Franz Beckenbauer  (Bayern Munich) (3 Champions)
CB :  Franco Baresi  (AC Milan) (3 Champions, 2 Runner-Up)
CB :  Alan Hansen  (Liverpool) (3 Champions, 1 Runner-Up)


DM :  Frank Rijkaard  (AC Milan, Ajax)  (3 Champions, 1 Runner-Up)
CM : Luis Suarez Miramontes (Barcelona, Inter Milan) (2 Champions, 2 Runner-Up)
AM :  Raymond Kopa (Stade De Reim, Real Madrid) (3 Champions, 1 Runner-Up)
WL :  Francisco Gento  (Real Madrid) (6 Champions,2 Runner-Up)
Free Role :  Johan Cruyff  (Ajax) (3 Champions, 1 Runner-Up)


SS :  Alfredo Di Stefano  (Real Madrid)   (EC All-Time Top Scorer,2 Top Scorer, 5 Champions, 2 Runner-Up)
SS  : Lionel Messi (Barcelona) (5 Top Scorer, 4 Champions)
FW :  Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)  (6 Top Scorer, 5 Champions)
FW :  Eusebio   (Benfica)   (3 Top Scorers, 1 Champion, 3 Runner-Up)
STK :  Gerd Muller  (Bayern Munich)  (4 Top Scorers, 3 Champions)

Manager :  Bob Paisley (Liverpool) (3 Champions)

Formation XI

The Greatest Players by Positions

The Greatest Goalkeeper Ever :  Sepp Maier
The Greatest Defender Ever :   Paolo Maldini
The Greatest Midfielder Ever :  Johan Cruyff
The Greatest Forward Ever :  Alfredo Di Stefano

The Greatest European Cup Players of All-Time

1. Alfredo Di Stefano
2. Lionel Messi
3. Johan Cruyff
4. Cristiano Ronaldo
5. Eusebio
6. Franz Beckenbauer
7. Paolo Maldini
8. Francisco Gento
9. Raymond Kopa
10. Gerd Muller

European Champion Cup Footballer of The Year

1956 - 1959 Alfredo Di Stefano
1960 Ferenc Puskas
1961 Luis Suarez Miramontes
1962 Ferenc Puskas
1963 Gianni Rivera
1964 Sandro Mazzola
1965 Eusebio
1966 Amancio
1967 Jimmy Johnstone
1968 George Best
1969 Johan Cruyff
1970 Willem Van Hanegem
1971 Piet Keizer
1972 Johan Cruyff
1973 Johan Cruyff
1974 Franz Beckenbauer
1975 Franz Beckenbauer
1976 Gerd Muller
1977 Kevin Keegan
1978 Kenny Dalglish
1979 Trevor Francis
1980 Peter Shilton
1981 Graeme Souness
1982 Paul Breitner
1983 Michel Platini
1984 Alan Hansen
1985 Michel Platini
1986 Miodrag Belodedici
1987 Paolo Futre
1988 Ronald Koeman
1989 Marco Van Basten
1990 Frank Rijkaard
1991 Jean Pierre Papin
1992 Michael Laudrup
1993 Alen Boksic
1994 Paolo Maldini
1995 Frank Rijkaard
1996 Paolo Sousa
1997 Matthias Sammer
1998 Zinedine Zidane
1999 David Beckham
2000 Fernando Redondo
2001 Stefan Effenberg
2002 Zinedine Zidane
2003 Gianluigi Buffon
2004 Deco
2005 Steven Gerrard
2006 Ronaldinho
2007 Kaka
2008 Cristiano Ronaldo
2009 Lionel Messi
2010 Wesley Sneijder
2011 Lionel Messi
2012 Didier Drogba
2013 Franck Ribery
2014 Cristiano Ronaldo
2015 Lionel Messi
2016 Cristiano Ronaldo
2017 Cristiano Ronaldo
2018 Cristiano Ronaldo

By Player

Cristiano Ronaldo : 5
Alfredo Di Stefano 4
Johan Cruyff : 3
Lionel Messi : 3
Ferenc Puskas : 2
Michel Platini : 2
Zinedine Zidane : 2
Franz Beckenbauer : 2
Frank Rijkard : 2

By Nation

Netherlands : 10
Argentina : 8
Portugal : 8
France : 6
Germany : 6
Italy : 4
England : 4
Scotland : 4

Copa Libertadores Cup

Year of Establishment  : 1960
Most Tournaments :  Penarol (38 Times)
Most Champions of Team :  Independiente (7 Times)
Most Champions of Player : Francisco Sa (6 Times)
Most Appearances :    Ever Hugo Almeida  (113 Games)
All-Time Top Scorer  :   Alberto Spencer  (54 Goals)       
The Greatest Player Ever :   Pele


Ladislao Mazurkiewicz (Penarol) (1 Champion)
Gilmar  (Santos)  (2 Champions)


DL :  Ricardo Pavoni  (Independiente)  (5 Champions, 1 Runner-Up)
DR : Marcos Cafu  (Sao Paulo)   (2 Champions)
DLC : Roberto Matosas  (Penarol) (2 Champions, 3 Runner-Up)
DRC : Nicolas Burdisso (Boca Juniors)  (3 Champions)
CB : Francisco Sa   (Independiente)  (6 Champions, 1 Runner-Up)
CB : Mauro Ramos (Santos)  (2 Champions)


DM :  Zito (Santos)   (2 Champions)
AM : Pedro Rocha  (Penarol)   (1 Top Scorer,3 Champions, 4 Runner-Up)
AM : Juan Roman Riquelme  (Boca Juniors)  (3 Champions)
AM : Ricardo Bochini  (Independiente)  (4 Champions)
WLR : Daniel Bertoni (Independiente)  (3 Champions)
WR : Luis Cubilla (Penarol, Nacional)   (3 Champions, 3 Runner-Up)


FW :  Antony De Avila   (America De Cali, Barcelona)  (1 Top Scorer, 4 Runner-Up)
FW :  Pele    (Santos)  (1 Top Scorer,2 Champions)
STK :  Fernando Morena   (Penarol) (3 Top Scorer, 1 Champion, 1 Runner-Up)
STK :  Alberto Spencer    (Penarol) (All-Time Top Scorer, 2 Top Scorer,3 Champions, 3 Runner-Up)

Manager : Carlos Bianchi (Velez Sarsfield, Boca Juniors) (4 Champions, 1 Runner-Up)

Formation XI

The Greatest Players by Positions

The Greatest Goalkeeper Ever :  Gilmar
The Greatest Defender Ever :   Ricardo Pavoni
The Greatest Midfielder Ever :  Ricardo Bochini
The Greatest Forward Ever :  Pele

The Greatest Copa Libertadores Cup Players of All-Time

1. Pele
2. Alberto Spencer
3. Ricardo Bochini
4. Pedro Rocha
5. Juan Roman Riquelme

Copa Libertadores Cup Player of The Tournament
1960 Alberto Spencer
1961 Juan Joya
1962 Pele
1963 Pele
1964 Mario Rodriguez
1965 Pele
1966 Pedro Rocha
1967 Roberto Perfumo
1968 Juan Ramon Veron
1969 Ermindo Onega
1970 Elias Figueroa
1971 Luis Artime
1972 Hector Chumpitaz
1973 Carlos Caszely
1974 Ricardo Bochini
1975 Ricardo Bochini
1976 Nelinho
1977 Nelinho
1978 Hugo Gatti
1979 Paredes
1980 Falcao
1981 Zico
1982 Fernando Morena
1983 Fernando Morena
1984 Jorge Burruchaga
1985 Willington Ortiz
1986 Antonio Alzamendi
1987 – 1990 : No assessment due to standard of competition decline out of average
1991 Renato Gaucho
1992 Rai
1993 Rai
1994 Cafu


  1. Dear, Readers

    Ricardo Pavoni has replaced Matosas in left-back posiiton of all-time Copa Libertadores Cup XI.

  2. Anonymous7/4/15

    Is systematic implementation used in determining best european cup players ever?

    1. After methodology is completely implemented, I’ll calculate for each competition’s performance and by then would re-select or re-rank.

    2. Anonymous24/11/15

      Is it now done?

    3. Thanks for notification. I really forget to update this list and now I just have done already.
      Refer to a scorecard of the best international club player ever
      where I just determine European Cup performance to the list and there is some revision.

      Raymond Kopa replaces Luis Suarez Miramontes in formation XI and Rivera is gone out from the squad. In reserved list, C.Ronaldo also replaces Puskas. There are also many revisions in the best European Cup player ever list.

    4. Anonymous10/1/16

      On this page you don't consider Uefa cup and europa league, right?

    5. Yes, I haven't include second level international competition as the rule of participating was changed many times. I don't want to see Radamel Falcao in the same team as Mattthaeus when the competitions was too different in level of participating team between them.

  3. Anonymous16/4/16

    Would you consider Cristiano Ronaldo being best ever after this season is finished?

    1. Please follow his score in international club list when this season will be finished. As I remember, I think he should not surpass Di Stefano or Messi even this season will be finished perfectly.

  4. Anonymous19/4/16

    Casillas should be far better than Maier in the UCL/EC echelon and included as the starting keeper. Don't know if it matters to your criteria but Casillas played all his career in UCL whilst Maier only in EC , wich if I understood corectly , is a competition you rank slightly bellow. Regardless , the main point is the performance of each in the competition. Casillas has about 3 times more apps than Maier in the competition and has performed consitently.

    1. Casillas was really superb in quantitative performance accumulation thanks to Real Madrid’s dominance side in UCL but he has never been selected as UEFA club goalkeeper of the year (1998 – 2010). So, he did not make a qualitative performance enough. You’re understand correctly that my system is set the more weight on UCL than European Cup but not so much different.

  5. Anonymous10/1/17

    Shouldn't Clarence Seedorf be on your list with 4 Champion leagues with three different teams?

    1. He was named at the time I establish this list and later he was removed. Seedorf won many trophies but his performance is not competitive compared with others.

  6. Anonymous28/5/18

    Ronaldo should be updated as no.1 Most UCL titles ever and has been the top scorer continuously since Messi won it last time in 2012.

  7. Anonymous17/6/18

    -Most UCLs ever won (5 times)
    -all time UCL/EC topscorer (120 goals)
    -most times UCL/EC top scorer (7 times)
    -all time UCL/EC semi-final topscorer(more than twice as any other UCL player)
    -top 3 places all of his for the highest scoring UCL/EC season ever
    -most goals in KO stages (60)
    -most goals in UCL Finals(4)
    -most goals in 1 UCL final(2-tied)
    -only player to score for two different winning teams
    -most UCL wins ever(98)
    -all time UCL assister (34 assists)
    By far the greatest player in the competition's history.

    Have you forgot to update?

    1. Oh, Yes, I really forgot, thank you for reminding.