Oceania consists of 15 nations but the entire squad are predominantly qualified by Australians and a New Zealand player. This squad is almost All-Time Australia XI as it has got the only New Zealand player, Wynton Rufer was the famous player of in the 1982 FIFA World Cup. Most of Australian top legends were created in the 1990s to 2000s when Australian players started to play professional football in Europe successfully. Cristian Karembeu was born in New Caledonia, one of the Oceanian countries but settle down in France since a teenage and only played for France, is not included in this squad.


Location     :  Oceania
World Cup Participation :  4 Times (1974, 1982, 2006, 2010)
Achievement  :  None
Most Caps  : Alex Tobin (87 Games)
Top Scorer : Damian Mori (29 Goals)
The Greatest Player Ever :  Harry Kewell


All-Time Oceanian XI

1. Mark Schwarzer

Date Of Birth : 6 October 1972
Height  : 196 cm, Position : Goalkeeper
Caps :  109 Games
Major Club : Middlesbrough, Fulham     
World Cup Participation  : 2006
Club Honours : 1 Time English League Cup
2 Times UEFA Europa League Runner-Up
International Honours : 1997 FIFA Confederation Cup Runner-Up
Individual Achievement : Order of Australia Medal
2 Times FFA Australian Player of The Year
Class :  Prince Bronze

2. Joe Marston

Date Of Birth  : 7 January 1926
Position : Center-Back/ Left and Right-Back
Height : Unknown, Caps  : 37 Games
Major Club : Preston Northend   
World Cup Participation : None
Club Honours  : None
International Honours : None
Individual Achievement : FFA Hall of Champions
Honourable Named As “Joe Marston Medal”
Class :  Prince Silver

3. Lucas Niell

Date Of Birth  :  9 March 1978
Position  :  Right-Back
Height  : 185 cm
Major Club  :  Blackburn Rovers
Caps  :  92 Games     
World Cup Participation : 2006, 2010 (8 Games)
Club Honours : None
International Honours  : 2011 AFC Aisan Cup Runner-Up
Individual Achievement : None
Class :  Prince Bronze

4. Paul Okon

Date Of Birth : 5 April 1972
Position : Sweeper/ Defensive Midfielder
Height  : 191 cm, Caps : 29 Games  
Major Club  : Club Brugge    
World Cup Participation :  None
Club Honours   :  1 Time Belgian League
2 Times Belgian Cup
International Honours : 2000 OFC Oceania Nations Cup
Individual Achievement : 1995 Belgian Golden Shoe
1996 Oceania Footballer of The Year
Class :  Prince Bronze

5. Milan Ivanovic

Date Of Birth  : 21 December 1960
Position : Sweeper/ Center-Back
Height : 188 cm
Major Club :  Redstar Belgrade
Caps : 59 Games      
World Cup Participation  : None
Club Honours  : 4 Time Yugoslav League
1 Time Yugoslav Cup
International Honours  :  2000 OFC Oceania Nations Cup
Individual Achievement :  FFA Hall of Champions
Class :  Prince Bronze

6. Johnny Warren

Date Of Birth : 17 May 1943
Position : Destroyer
Height  :  Unknown
Major Club  :  St. George Budapest
Caps  :  42 Games  
World Cup Participation  : 1974
Club Honours  : None
International Honours  :  None
Individual Achievement : 1974 The Order of British Empire
FFA Hall of Champion
Honourable Named As “Johnny Warren Medal”
Class :  Prince Bronze

7. Tim Cahill

Date Of Birth  :  6 December 1979
Position  : Box-To-Box Midfielder
Height : 178 cm
Caps  : 63 Games (28 Goals)
Major Club : Everton
World Cup Participation : 2006 (4 Games/2 Goals)
Club Honours  :  None
International Honours  : None
Individual Achievement :  2004 Oceania Footballer of The Year
2009 Australian Footballer of The Year
Class :  Prince Bronze

8. Attila Abonyi

Date Of Birth : 16 Auhust 1946
Position :  Right-Wing-Forward/ Attacking Midfielder
Height  : 174 cm
Major Club    : Melbourne Hungaria, ST George, Sydney Croatia
Caps    :  61 Games (25 Goals)
World Cup Participation  :   1974 (2 Games)
1 Time Australian Cup
International Honours    :   None
Individual Achievement  : FFA Hall of Champions
Class :  Prince Bronze

9. Reg Date

Date Of Birth  :  26 July 1921
Position  :  Target Striker
Height  :  Unknown
Major Club  :  Wallsend
Caps  : 5 Games (8 Goals)        
World Cup Participation  :  None
Club Honours  : None
International Honours  : None
Individual Achievement :  FFA Hall of Champions
Class :  Prince Bronze   

10. Harry Kewell

Date Of Birth  :  22 September 1978
Position  :  Left-Wing-Forwarder/ Attacking Midfielder
Height  : 180 cm, Caps  : 58 Games (17 Goals)
Major Club  :  Leeds United, Liverpool
World Cup Participation  : 2006 (3 Games)
Club Honours  : 1 Time FA Cup
2005 UEFA Champion League
International Honours  : 1997 FIFA Confederation Cup Runner-Up
2004 OFC Oceania Nations Cup Winner
Individual Achievement :
3 Times Oceania Footballer of The Year (1999, 2001, 2003)
Class :  Prince Silver

11. Wynton Rufer

Date Of Birth  :  29 December 1962
Nation : New Zealand, Caps : 38 Games (17 Goals)
Height : 178 cm, Position :  Fast Striker
Major Club  :  Werder Bremen
World Cup Participation : 1982 (3 Games/No Goal )
Professional Scores Record : 189 Goals/ 419 Games
Club Honours : 1 Time Bundesliga Champion
2 Times DFB-Pokal, 1 Time Swiss Cup
International Honours :  None
Individual Achievement : 1994 European Cup Top Scorer
3 Times Oceania Footballer of The Year (1989, 1990, 1992)
IFFHS Oceania Greatest Player of The Century
Class :  Prince Bronze



Mark Bresciano

Date Of Birth : 11 February 1980
Position : Left and Right-Winger/ Box-To-Box Midfielder
Height  : 182 cm
Major Club  :  Parma, Palermo
Caps  : 69 Games (13 Goals)
World Cup Participation  :   2006 (4 Games )
Club Honours :  None
International Honours : None
Individual Achievement :
3 Times Oceania Footballer of The Year (1989, 1990, 1992)
Class :  Prince Bronze

Mark Viduka

Date Of Birth  : 9 October 1975, Height  : 188 cm
Position : Target Striker, Caps : 43 Games (11 Goals)
Major Club : Dinamo Zagreb, Leeds United
World Cup Participation :  2006 (4 Games and No Goal )
Professional Scores Record : 252 Goals/ 512 Games
Club Honours : 3 Times Croatian League
3 Times Croatian Cup, 1 Time Scottish League Cup
International Honours : None
Individual Achievement : 2 Times A-League Most Valuable Player
2 Times Australian League Top Scorer
1 Time Scottish League Top Scorer
2000 SPFA Players’ Player of The Year
2000 Oceania Footballer of The Year
                                                    Class :  Prince Bronze


Rale Rasic

Year Of Birth :  26 December 1935
Nation : Australia
Major Team :  Sydney City, Australia
Major Achievement :  1974 FIFA World Cup Qualify
Individual Achievement : 2 Times NSL Coach of The Year (1977, 1987)
Class  :  Prince Bronze

Formation XI (4-4-2)

Explanation of Formation
The team strategy is direct ball with physical combat. Mark Schwarzer is deserved to beat Bosnich as a starter for his better consistency in both club and NT level. Joe Marston is a top legendary Australian defender, plays as left-full-back. Lucas Neil is a starter as a right-full-Back. Okon stands as a sweeper behind Milan Ivanovic, a stopper. Johnny Warren is assigned as a high-work-rated defensive midfielder. Tim Cahill is an attacking midfielder, would often find opportunity to go support scoring. Kewell and Abonyi would be divisible on both wings. Reg Date was one of the most prolific scores in the World at his time stand alongside Wynton Rufer who beats Viduka for his better profile in NT career as a first choice target striker.



Opened : 1999
City :  Sydney
Capacity : 115,000 Seats


The Greatest Oceanian Footballers of All-Time

1. Joe Marston
2. Tim Cahill
3. Harry Kewell
4. Mark Bresciano
5. Mark Viduka


  1. Friend dearman think cool their dream teams, but then you have committed injustice not to include Frank Farina

  2. I admit I don't know Farina well. He is named as the second greatest Oceanian player of the century by IFFHS but he scored only 14 goals in 67 NT games although Australia played against lower level standard opponents than the European teams or he played in deeper/wider role for his nation ?

  3. well I know of Farina is that it is one of the best players in the history of Club Brugge and Oceania it is considered the second best player, only losing to Rufer

  4. Attila Abonyi birth in 1946.


    1. Why do you think so ? I have no information enough to judge who is better between Abonyi and Bresciano. I select Bresciano based on tactical preference.

  6. It's right up when you made the ranking:
    The Greatest Oceanian Footballers of All-Time

    1. Joe Marston
    2. Tim Cahill
    3. Harry Kewell
    4. Mark Bresciano
    5. Mark Viduka

    or is not in order?


  7. In his other blog (World Football Historic Center) you list the best players in Asia and Oceania and puts the Mark Bresciano 12.

    The Greatest Asia & Oceania Footballers of All-Time

    1. Cha Bum Kun (Korea Republic)
    2. Joe Marston (Australia)
    3. Lee Wei Tong (China)
    4. Abdullah Mejed (Saudi Arabia)
    5. Mordechai Spiegler (Israel)
    6. Eli Ohana (Israel)
    7. Hong Myung Bo (Korea Republic)
    8. Harry Kewell (Australia)
    9. Tim Cahill (Australia)
    10. Eyal Berkovic (Israel)
    11. Shunsuke Nakamura (Japan)
    12. Mark Bresciano (Australia)

  8. It is ranked in order but I'm even not sure Bresciano is clearly better. When they're in similar level, I choose Abonyi based on tactical reason.

  9. Anonymous7/1/16

    Naratorn, How about Alan Davidson? He was voted "Greatest ever Socceroos XI Team" in 2012. Also he was inducted into FFA Hall of Fame.

    1. The FFA Hall of Fame in many cases was inducted based on performance in Australian football competition. Alan Davidson had a potential to prove himself in Europe with Nottingham Forest at his 24 years old but he was injury and even he returned, he still not go on his career in higher standard of competition. Also, Australia in his time never participated in big tournaments. So, his status is very limited.

  10. Anonymous11/2/16

    Len Quested, he didn't represent australia NT but was one of the best australian-born footballers ever, maybe could be in the team.

    Also Ken Armstrong, maybe have place for the first team.

    Varihua, Karembeu and Zimako played for france but are rated, as tahitien and caledonian players, some of the best Oceanian players of the century.

    You could add some of those players in substitution group.

  11. Anonymous20/7/16

    Ken Armstrong
    - Played for chelsea F.C over 300 games
    - 1 time English top division, 1 time FA Charity Shield
    - New Zealand Soccer Media Association Hall of Fame (1991)

    1. As I check, he is not qualified for an Oceania player. He was born in England and immigrated to New Zealand at his 23 years old.

  12. Anonymous9/10/16

    Mark Bosnich before fattening

    1. Go checking seasonal rating between them. Bosnich is more reputable with a higher peak but he failed to sustain his standard too early.