Denmark National Team

Denmark’s first legends was existed in the 1910s when Nils Middelboe and Poul Tist Nielsen led to form a notable successful team in the Olympic Games. Denmark during the 1910s was of teh best teams in the World according to Elo Rating. In the post-war era, there were many top stars moved to play in Italian Series A successfully most notably Carl Aage Praest, Karl Aage Hansen and John Angelo Hansen. Unfortunately Denmark did not enter to participate in WC in aforementioned era. In the late 1970s, Allan Simonsen became the only Nordic player to have won Ballon’Dor award. Its first participation in WC in 1986 saw the Danish Dynamite Team led by Soren Lerby, Micheal Laudrup, Preben Elkjaer and Morten Olsen. In the first Half 1990s, Michael Laudrup’s achievement in Spain was remarkably noted and M.Laudrup is regarded as one of the most talented midfielders ever and the best Scandinavian player ever. The surprised Euro winner in 1992 was mostly creditable to Peter Schmeichel, one of the best goalkeepers of all-time.   


Location : Northern Europe
European Championship Participation : 7 Times (1964, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004)
World Cup Participation : 4 Times (1986, 1998, 2002, 2010)
Achievement :  2 Times Olympic Game Silver Medal (1908, 1912)
1992 European Championship Winner
Most Caps : Peter Schmeichel (129 Games)
Top Scorer : Poul Tist Nielsen (52 Goals)
The Greatest Player Ever : Michael Laudrup

All-Time Danish Squad

1. Peter Schmeichel

Date Of Birth  : 18 November 1963, Height  : 193 cm
Caps :129 Games, Major Club : Manchester United
World Cup Participation  : 1998 (5 Games )
Club Honours : 5 Times English Premier League
3 Times FA Cup, 1 Time League Cup, 1999 UEFA Champion League 
International Honours  : 1992 European Championship Winner
Individual Achievement  :  Danish Football Hall Of Fame
3 Times Danish Footballer of The Year (1990,1993,1999)
3 Times UEFA Goalkeeper of The Year (1992,1993,1998)
4 Times European Goalkeeper of The Year (1992,1993,1997,1999)
2 Times IFFHS World’s Best Goalkeeper (1992,1993)     
2 Times 2nd Place IFFHS World’s Best Goalkeeper (1995,1999)
1997 Third Place IFFHS World’s Best Goalkeeper
1992 UEFA Euro Best Goalkeeper, Second Non-British inductee into English Football Hall Of Fame
2002 UEFA Champion League Team of the Decade,Premier League Team of the Decade
1999 IFFHS Scandinavia Goalkeeper of The Century
Class : King Silver

2. Fritz Tarp

Date Of Birth  :  2 August 1899
Height : Unknown, Position :  Right-Defender
Major Club  :  Boldklubben
Caps  : 44 Games
Olympic Games Participation : 1920 (None)
Club Honours  :  5 Time Danish Champiionship
International Honours  :  None
Individual Achievement  : None
Class  :  Queen Bronze

3. Soren Lerby

Date Of Birth : 1 February 1958
Position : Box-ti-Box Midfielder/Left-Side Midfielder
Height : 184 cm, Caps : 67 Games
Major Club : Ajax, Bayern Munich, PSV Eindhoven
World Cup Participation  : 1986 (4 Games)
Club Honours : 7 Times Dutch Champion
2 Times Bundesliga, 2 Times DFB-Pokal
1988 European Cup
International Honours :  None
Individual Achievement :  1980 European Cup Top Scorer
Danish Football Hall of Fame
Class  :  Prince Gold

4. Morten Olsen

Date Of Birth  : 14 August 1949
Position : Sweeper/Defensive Holding Midfielder
Height : 183 cm, Caps  : 102 Games
Major Club :  Anderlecht
World Cup Participation : 1986 (4 Games)
Club Honours : 3 Times Belgian League, 1983 UEFA Cup
International Honours  :  None
Individual Achievement :  
2 Times Danish Player of The Year (1983, 1986)
1983 European Defender of The Year
Danish Football Hall of Fame
Class  :  Queen Bronze

5. Nils Middelboe

Date Of Birth :  5 October 1887
Position  : Center-Back/Destroyer
Height : 187 cm, Caps  : 15 Games
Major Club  : Kjøbenhavns Boldklub, Chelsea
Olympic Games Participation  :  1908, 1912, 1920
Club Honours  : 5 Times Danish League
International Honours : 2 Times Olympic Game Silver Medal (1908,1912)
Individual Achievement : FC Copenhagen Greatest Player Ever
Class  : Prince Gold

6. Karl Aage Hansen

Date Of Birth  :  4 July 1921
Position : Central Holding Midfielder/Playmaker
Height : 175 cm, Caps  : 22 Games (17 Goals)
Major Club  :  Akademisk Boldklub, Juventus
World Cup Participation  :   None
Club Honours  : 3 Times Danish League
1 Time Italian Series A
International Honours : 1948 Olympic Games Bronze Medal
Individual Achievement :  None
Class  :  Prince Gold

7. John Angelo Hansen

Date Of Birth  : 24 June 1924
Height  : 187 cm, Position : Forward
Major Club : Frem, Juventus
Caps : 8 Games (10 Goals)
World Cup Participation  : None
Club Honours  : 1 Time Danish League
2 Times Italian Series A
International Honours : None
Individual Achievement : 1 Time Danish League Top Scorer
1 Time Italian Series A Top Scorer

Class  :  Prince Gold

8. Carl Aage Praest

Date Of Birth  : 22 February 1922
Position : Left-Winger/Attacking Midfielder
Height  :  178 cm
Major Club   :  Juventus
Caps   :   24 Games (17 Goals)
World Cup Participation  :   None
Club Honours   :   2 Times Italian Series A
International Honours    :  1948 Olympic Game Bronze Ball
Individual Achievement  :  Danish Football Hall of Fame
Class  :  Queen Bronze

9. Preben Elkjaer

Date Of Birth  : 11 September 1957
Height : 182 cm, Position : Fast Striker
Major Club  :  Lokeren, Hellas Verona
Caps : 69 Games (38 Goals)
World Cup Participation  : 1986 (4 Games/4 Goals)
Professional Score Record  : 160 Goals/ 361 Games
Club Honours : 1 Time Italian Series A
1 Time Copa Italia, 2 Times DFB-Pokal
International Honours :  None
Individual Achievement : 1984 Danish Player of The Year
Ballon'Dor : 1984 Bronze Ball, 1985 Silver Ball 
1985 Silver Ball World Soccer Player of The Year
1986 UEFA Euro Qualification Top Scorer
                                                    1986 FIFA World Cup Bronze Ball, Danish Football Hall of Fame
                                                    Class  :  Prince Gold

10. Michael Laudrup

Date Of Birth : 15 June 1964
Position : Playmaker
Height : 178 cm, Caps : 104 Games (37 Goals)
Major Club  : Juventus, Barcelona
World Cup Participation : 1986, 1998 (9 Games)
Club Honours : 1 Time Italian Series A
5 Times Spanish La Liga, 1 Time Spanish Cup
1 Time Dutch Champion, 1 Time Dutch Cup
1985 Intercontinental Cup,1992 European Cup 
International Honors : 1995 FIFA Confedearation Cup
Individual Achievement : 2 Times Danish Player of The Year (1982,1985)
1992 Spanish La Liga Best Foreign Player
Best Foreign Player in Spanish Football the last 25 years (1974-1999)
                                                  UEFA Jubilee Award (Denmark), IFFHS      
                                                     Denmark Player of The Century
                                                    Danish Footballer Hall Of Fame, Order of The Dannebrog
                                                    Class  :  Queen Gold

11. Allan Simonsen

Date Of Birth : 15 December 1952
Height : 165 cm, Position : Right-Side/Deep-Lying Forward
Caps :  55 Games (20 Goals), Major Club : Munchengladbach
World Cup Participation  : 1986 (1 Game/No Goals)
Professional Score Record  : 220 Goals/ 574 Games
Club Honours  : 3 Times Danish League, 1 Time Danish Cup
3 Times Bundesliga, 1 Time DFB-Pokal, 1 Time Spanish Cup
2 Times UEFA Cup (1975, 1979), 1977 European Cup Runner-Up
1982 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup
International Honours : None
Individual Achievement :  1978 European Cup Top Scorer
1979 UEFA Cup Top Scorer
Ballon'Dor : 1977 Golden Ball, 1983 Bronze Ball
                                                     Danish Football Hall of Fame
                                                     Class  :  Prince Gold



12. Henry From

Date Of Birth  : 1 June 1926
Position : Goalkeeper
Height : Unknown
Major Club  :  Aarhus
Caps  : 31 Games
World Cup Participation  : None
Club Honours  :  4 Times Danish League
4 Times Danish Cup
International Honours :  None
Individual Achievement :  None
Class  :  Prince Bronze

13. Johnny Hansen

Date Of Birth  : 14 November 1943
Height : 180 cm, Position  : Right-Back
Caps  :  47 Games, Major Club : Bayern Munich
World Cup Participation : None
Club Honours : 1 Time Danish League, 1 Time Danish Cup
3 Times Bundesliga, 1 Time DFB-Pokal
3 Times European Cup (1974, 1975, 1976)
1976 Intercontinental Cup
International Honours  :  None
Individual Achievement : 1 Time Danish Player of The Year
Class : Prince Bronze

14. Jan Heintze

Date Of Birth : 17 August 1963
Position : Left-Wing-Back
Height  : 171 cm
Major Club  :  PSV Eindhoven
Caps : 86 Games
World Cup Participation  :  1998, 2002 (7 Games)
Club Honours  : 9 Times Dutch League
3 Times Dutch Cup, 1988 European Cup
International Honours :  None
Individual Achievement :  None
Class  :  Prince Bronze

15. Ivan Nielsen

Date Of Birth  :  9 October 1956
Position  : Center-Back
Height  :  190 cm
Major Club  :  Feyenoord, PSV
Caps  : 51 Games
World Cup Participation  : 1986 (3 Games)
Club Honours  : 4 Times Dutch League
5 Times Dutch Cup, 1988 European Cup
International Honours  :  None
Individual Achievement :  None
Class  :  Prince Bronze

16. Axel Pilmark

Date Of Birth  :  23 November 1925
Position : Defensive Holding Midfielder
Height : 170 cm
Major Club :  Bologna
Caps  : 18 Games
World Cup Participation  : None
Club Honours : None
International Honours : 1948 Olympic Games Bronze Medal
Individual Achievement : None
Class  :  Prince Gold

17. Helge Bronee

Date Of Birth  :  28 March 1922
Position : Attacking Midfielder/Left-Winger
Height  : 177 cm
Major Club :  Palermo, AS Roma
Caps  :  4 Games
World Cup Participation  :  None
Club Honours     :  None
International Honours    :   None
Individual Achievement  :  None
Class  :  Prince Silver
18. Frank Arnesen

Date Of Birth : 30 September 1956
Position : Attacking Midfielder/ Right-Side Midfielder
Height  :  181 cm, Caps  : 52 Games
Major Club :  Ajax Amsterdam
World Cup Participation : 1986 (3 Games)
Club Honours  : 6 Times Dutch League
2 Times Dutch Cup, 1988 European Cup
International Honours :  None
Individual Achievement :  Danish Football Hall Of Fame
Class  :  Prince Silver

19. Henning Jansen

Date Of Birth  : 17 August 1949
Position : Deep-Lying Forward
Height : 182 cm, Caps  : 21 Games
Major Club : Munchengladbach, Real Madrid
World Cup Participation  :   None
Club Honours : 2 Times Bundesliga, 1 Time DFB-Pokal 
2 Times Spanish La Liga, 1 Time Dutch League
1975 UEFA Cup
 International Honours  :  None
Individual Achievement  :  None
Class  :  Prince Gold

20. Brian Laudrup

Date Of Birth  : 22 February 1969
Position : Right-Winger/Attacking Midfielder
Height : 186 cm, Caps :  82 Games (21 Goals)
Major Club  :  Glasgow Rangers
World Cup Participation  : 1998 (5 Games)
Club Honours  : 2 Times Danish League, 1 Time Italian Series A
3 Times Scottish League, 1 Time Scottish Cup, 1 Time League Cup
International Honours  : 1992 European Championship Winners
Individual Achievement : 1995 SPFA Players’ Player of The Year
4 Times Danish Player of The Year (1989, 1992, 1995, 1997)
2 Times SFWA Footballer of The Year (1995, 1997)
1992 UEFA Euro Best XI
Class  :  Prince Gold

20. Poul Tist Nielsen

Date Of Birth  :  25 December 1891
Position  : Target Striker
Height :  Unknown
Major Club  :  Kjøbenhavns Boldklub
Caps  : 38 Games (52 Goals)
World Cup Participation  : None
Professional Score Record  :  276 Goals/ 201 Games
Club Honours : 6 Times Danish League
International Honours :  1912 Olympic Game Silver Medal
Individual Achievement : International Most Hat-Tricks Record

Class  : Prince Gold

22. Pauli Jorgensen

Date Of Birth : 4 December 1905
Height :  Unknown, Position : Target Striker
Caps  : 47 Games (44 Goals), Major Club : Frem
Olympic Games Participation : 1912
Professional Scores Record  : 245 Goals/ 252 Games
Club Honours : 4 Times Danish League, 3 Times Danish Cup
International Honours : None
Individual Achievement : 1 Time Danish League Top Scorer
Danish FA Most Valuable Player of the First half of the 20th Century
Class  :  Prince Gold


Richard Moller Nielsen

Year Of Birth :   19 August 1937
Major Team :  Odense, Denmark
Major Achievement : 2 Times Danish League
1 Time Danish Cup
1992 European Championship Winner
1995 FIFA Confederation Cup
Individual Achievement :  1992 World Soccer Manager of The Year
Class : Prince Silver

Conclusion of Squad

GK : Peter Schmeichel (Captain), Henry From
DF : Johnny Hansen, Fritz Tarp, Jan Heintze, Morten Olsen, Nils Middelboe, Ivan Nielsen
MF : Jan Molby, Soren Lerby, Karl Aage Hansen, Michael Laudrup, Carl Aage Praest, Helge Bronee, Frank Arnesen, Brian Laudrup
FW : Henning Jensen, Allan Simonsen, John Angelo Hansen, Pauli Jorgensen, Preben Elkjaer, Poul Tist Nielsen
Manager : Richard Moller Nielsen

Formation XI (4-2-3-1)

Explanation of Formation

The team strategy is an energetic total football with offside-trap awareness. Schmeichel is a leader of the back-line. Lerby is applied from central midfielder to perform as left-wing-back. Fritz Tarp is also applied as a right-full-back with extreme awareness of defense, would fill M.Olsen position if necessary. Morten Olsen is assigned as an offensive libero to go support midfield area. Middelboe is  also applied from center-half to stopprt position. K.A.Hansen is selected as an uncompromising central midfielder. The brother Laudrup is indispensable. Simonsen is to run from the right-wing-forward area to inside forward zone. Aage Praest is a creator on semi-left-side area. John Hansen is a key player to link the game between midfield to forward area. Preben Elkjaer is a running target striker.

Parken Stadium

Opened : 1991
City   : Copenhagen
Capacity : 38,050 Seats
Field Dimensions : 100x68m 

By Decade
By Class
1910s : 2
1920s : 1
1930s : -
1940s : 2
1950s : 4
1960s : -
1970s : 3
1980s : 6
1990s : 3
2000s : -

King : 1
Queen : 1
Prince :  20

Major Reserved Group

Jan Molby

Date Of Birth :  4 July 1963
Position : Box-to-Box Midfielder
Height : 188 cm, Caps  : 33 Games
Major Club  : Liverpool
World Cup Participation : 1986 (4 Games)
Club Honours  : 1 Time Dutch Champion
2 Times English Top Division
1 Time Dutch Cup, 2 Times FA Cup
International Honours  :  None
Individual Achievement :  None
Class  :  Prince Silver

Jesper Olsen

Date Of Birth  :  20 March 1961
Height : 168 cm, Position :  Left-Winger
Caps : 43 Games, Major Club : Ajax, Man United
World Cup Participation : 1986 (4 Games/3 Goals)
Club Honours  : 2 Times Dutch League
1 Time Dutch Cup, 1 Time FA Cup
International Honours  :  None
Individual Achievement :  None
Class  :  Prince Silver

Christian Eriksen

Date Of Birth  :  14 February 1992
Height : 182 cm, Position :  Attacking Midfielder
Caps : 90 Games, Major Club : Tottenham
World Cup Participation : 2010, 2018 
Club Honours  : 3 Times Dutch League
1 Time Dutch Cup 
2019 UEFA Champion League Runner-Up
International Honours  :  None
Individual Achievement :  5 Times Danish Footballer of the Year
Class  :  Prince Silver

Jorgen Leschly Sorensen

Date Of Birth :  24 September 1922
Height : 175 cm, Position : Deep-Lying Forward
Major Club  : Atalanta, AC Milan
Caps : 14 Games (8 Goals)
World Cup Participation  : None
Club Honours : 1 Time Danish League
1 Time Italian Series A
International Honours : 1948 Olympic Game Bronze Medal
Individual Achievement :  None
Class  : Prince Silver

Harald Nielsen

Date Of Birth  :  26 October 1941
Position : Target Striker
Height : 171 cm
Major Club :  Bologna
Caps  : 14 Games (15 Goals)
World Cup Participation  : None
Club Honours : 1 Time Italian Series A
International Honours : None
Individual Achievement : 1 Time Danish Footballer of The Year
2 Times Series A Top Scorer

Class  :  Prince Silver

The Greatest Danish Footballers of All-Time

1. Michael Laudrup
2. Peter Schmeichel
3. Carl Aage Praest
4. Allan Simonsen
5. Preben Elkjaer
6. Karl Aage Hansen
7. Morten Olsen
8. John Angelo Hansen
9. Poul Tist Nielsen
10Pauli Jorgensen


  1. Anonymous26/6/14

    Poul Pedersen (box-to-box midfielder / right winger) was included in the Danish Football Hall of Fame. He capitained the national team in 16 games & won silver medal at the 1960 Olympic Games.

    1. I'm very pleased to acknowledge your suggestion, Let me study his history and will get back again.

    2. Hi, As I check, he was entirely amateur player during the 1950s and 1960s in the Danish league which was turned professional later in 1978. The 1960 Olympic Game was already an overlooked tournament for big nations in the World at that time. As I see Danish Football Hall of Fame, I see the tend of player selection is not based on a pure ability as Morten Olsen, Henning Jensen and John Angelo Hansen are not honorably mentioned there. Anyway, I'd name him in positional ranking list within Scandinavian Hall of Fame.

  2. Anonymous1/7/14

    Your Poul Tist Nielsen is old former danish player Michael Rohde. Rohde was born 1894.

    1. Oh, Great Notification ! I've changed the correct photo of Poul Tist Nielsen.

  3. Anonymous3/7/14

    and your Jorgen Leschly Sorensen is former english player Robert Mountford. He was manager of danish national team 1948

    1. Once again, thanks for helping to correct the photo.

    2. Anonymous27/9/15

      Hi, it was Reginald (Reg ) Mountford

    3. As I search, there is very few information about him. If there is any important point, please contribute me.

    4. Anonymous19/10/19

      In an old Programme from Huddersfield Town v Copenhagen XI Dec 4th 1946 Reg Mountford [Former Huddersfield full back] is the coach of Frem and is travelling with the Danish team as technical advisor. Line up for Copenhagen XI is 1)Egon Sorensen [Frem Club] 2)Poul Petersen[Akademicals] 3) Knud Bastrup-Birk [Akademicals] 4) Pedersen [?] 5)Leo Neilson [Frem] 6) Ivan Jensen

  4. Anonymous3/7/14

    and please, can you check some others danish legends like Axel Pilmark, Ulrik Le Fevre, Jorgen Kristensen, Carl Skomar Hansen, Helmuth Sobirk, Walther Christensen, Borge Mathiesen......

  5. I’ve to credit you as a developer of all-time Danish legend. All of those names are new for me. The most interesting would be Axel Pilmark who regularly played with Bologna as wing-half. I’ll mark this name as the strong candidate to be mentioned.
    For Carl Hansen, he played in first-level games just around 30 games (Rangers + Denmark).
    Jorgen Kristensen is described well for his talent but he wasn’t a regular first team player for Denmark and was overshadowed by Erik Le Fevre who is another name in your suggestion but I still doubt on his level should be parallel to other legends in the team as kicker did not rate him in international-class of any year.
    Borge Mathiesen is also questionable as he start to play professionally at 29 years old and move teams so often, could not stay at Atletico Madrid and Racing Santander more than once season. Helmut Sobrik played in Danish league in the whole career and I’m not see remarkable issue in his article.

  6. Anonymous18/8/14

    Ulrik LE FEVRE

    1970 not assessed
    1971 not assessed
    1972 International Class [position not specified]

  7. The standardization of players’ selection set to have at least 4 international-class season for European and South American nations. Regarding you reference of kicker is counted as one. In Belgian league, he was never voted in top five Belgian Golden Shoe (not completely prove he did not achieve international-class in any year but his status is just always below top-class)

  8. Anonymous2/11/14

    Hy! Best danish players: 1.michael laudrup, 2.peter schmeichel, 3.carl aage praest, 4.nils middelboe, 5.allan simonsen, 6.preben elkjaer, 7.poul tist nielsen, 8.john angelo hansen, 9.pauli jorgensen, 10.karl aage hansen, 11.harald nielsen, 12.morten olsen, 13.brian laudrup, 14.henning jensen, 15.helge bronee, 16.soren lerby, 17.jorgen sorensen, 18.frank arnesen, 19.jesper olsen, 20.jan molby, 21.michael rohde, 22.per rontved, 23.kristen nygaard, 24.jon dahl tomasson, 25.ole madsen, 26.carl skomar hansen, 27.axel pilmark, 28.ivan nielsen, 29.walther christensen, 30.helmuth sobirk.

  9. Anonymous5/11/14

    Michael Laudrup has 5 times won primera, and he won cup confederation 1995.

  10. Per Rontved? Danish Hall of Fame, 1972 Danish player of the year? 75 caps with Denmark?

    1. He played in Bundesliga seven seasons but kicker rated him in only one international-class season.

  11. Anonymous18/1/15

    karl aage hansen must replace jan molby

    1. Karl Aage Hansen is not CM ? Jan Molby is named as a central midfielder for the tactical reason.

  12. Anonymous23/2/15

    Please, can you tell me something more about the quality and overall career of players: John Eriksen, Benny Nielsen and specially Kenneth Brylle?

    1. Sorry, I named these players based on unrecognized source/suggestion. If I could recall it, I’ll back to inform you.

  13. Anonymous19/3/15

    What about Kristen Nygaard? He was a great player! There should be included and John Sivebaek. He played semi-finale euro 84, and the final of Euro 92. He was chosen in the top 11on the world for 1985. Position-right back. (Xtratime-team of the year).

  14. Anonymous19/3/15

    and only Morten Olsen can be captain of Denmark.

  15. Anonymous19/3/15

    JOHN ERIKSEN-(319 league goals. 78. striker for all times. Without trophies). KENNETH BRYLLE-(Anderlecht, PSV, Marseille, Brugge-10 seasons). EBBE SAND-(top goalscorer in Denmark 1998. and Germany 2001.), JOHNNY BJERREGAARD-(2 times best player in Austria (68,70) , once best goalscorer(68), many trophies with Rapid, nomination for "france football" 1967.). SVEND JENSEN-(very good goalkeeper), BIRGER JENSEN-(14 seasons for Club Brugge and 10 trophies). DANIEL AGGER(great defender, many problems with injuries), PAUL BERTH (best eleven olympic games 1912). KAJ JOHANSEN-(great right full back, Glasgow Rangers, world selection). IVAN TAGE JENSEN-( Bologna 49-56), BORGE MATHIESEN-( Helenio Herrea coach in Stade Francais, and than take him with you at Atletico Madrid). FLEMMING NIELSEN-( Atalanta, very good midfielder), OLE BJORNMOSE-(11 bundesliga seasons-werder,HSV). WALTHER CHRISTENSEN-(after M.Laudrup and Bronee greatest talent in Denmark), HELMUTH SOBIRK-( very good winger, best danish player before world war II after Pauli Jorgensen), ULRIK LE FEVRE-(best 100 wingers-big soccer), LARS BASTRUP-(best 100 wingers-big soccer, best player of HSV 81-83), JORGEN KRISTENSEN-(master of dribble),ERLING SORENSEN- (was known to have good a technique and a graceful style of playing, thus earning the nickname The Ballet Master). BENNY NIELSEN-(very popular player of Anderlecht),

  16. Anonymous19/3/15

    SOPHUS KROLBEN NIELSEN-(great great player, played for Holstein Kiel, in that time maybe best german team).VILHELM WOLFHAGEN-(together with Krolben included to best 20 players before 1930.-rankopedia), MICHAEL ROHDE-(one of the leader of danish football after first war), CARL SKOMAR HANSEN-(first interstate transfer to G.Rangers. Hansen was very popular in Glasgow, and was referred to as "The Great Little Dane"[4] and "The Little Shoemaker", and was the first foreigner who scored in an Old Firm match. He helped Rangers win the Scottish championship in 1923, 1924 and 1925. In 1925. he broken leg. He was a first profesional player outside Great Britain. Krolben in Holstein was a amatuer.) POUL AAGE RASMUSSEN-(Former Danish player and the wild animal of Serie A in 50's. The most feared striker in Italy during the 50's due to his fighting spirit and dangerous tackles which led to much controversy, even the newspapers attacked him for his dangerous play. Very brave and combative, always giving his best and fighting for every ball, putting his head in most dangerous situations and people of Bergamo loved him although he was technically on modest level. Besides his temperament, he was most known for his fantastic goals from long distance and from all possible angles and positions, as well as his strength. As I said his technique was far from ideal, he was pretty clumsy in his movements with bandy legs never looked smooth, but all of that was compensated with his mentality, commitment, strength and especially his great scoring record. In three and a half seasons at Atalanta, all in series A, the Danish striker Rasmussen has played 110 matches and scored 53 goals, which still places him on the fourth position among the all time scorers of the Bergamo based club. Acquired in 1952, coming from the IF Skovshoved to replace Jeppson who moved on a big transfer to Napoli for a record transfer fee. They were like two different people on the ground but the difference was only cosmetic, in terms of goals there was no difference at all. In the field was a guarantee for his teammates and the fans. On 31 December 1955, during the game Roma - Atalanta on Stadio Olimpico in Rome, Rasmussen had collision with Roma player Amos Cardarelli and suffered huge damage in his leg, knee, tibia, fibula and ligament, all broken. Unfortunately that serious injury meant the end of his career, he tried to come back after a couple of surgeries, but didn't manage to play again and decided to retire). FLEMMING POVLSEN-(true legend, big problems with injuries. In period 88-96, he was a fourth star in danish national team, after Laudrup brothers and Schmeichel). O.k. my friend, now you can see whether there's anything to this page or for that list of Scandinavia. Best regards!

  17. Thanks you for a large contribution. I'll review and reply you within this weekend holiday if the schedule is fulfilled.

  18. Anonymous20/3/15

    and F.Povlsen was 17. in "france football"-1988, and 12. in 1992.

  19. Anonymous20/3/15

    These are the only players who are not on the "list Scandinavia". I think that Sivebaek, Madsen, Røntved, Nygaard, J.L.Sorensen, Tomasson and Helveg certainly deserve to enter the "legendary Museum of Denmark".

  20. Anonymous13/6/15

    SPECIAL ABILITIES: Reaction - Playmaking - Middle Shooting - Penalties - Scoring - 1 touch Pass

    Attack / Defence Awareness Card: Balanced


    Karl Aage Hansen is former Danish player, the most complete midfielder in Serie A history alongside Giacomo Bulgarelli and Valentino Mazzola and probably the greatest ever Danish player. He played in midfield and attack, in the beginning of career mostly as great scoring inside forward and later as midfield creator. An universal player, good in defending, creating and scoring. Hansen was also in good physical shape, as a youngster he practiced pole vault. He moved a lot without the ball, always trying to find good positions to receive the ball, he was the ultimate team worker. His main strength was his rocket shot and he was excellent set piece taker. Karl Aage Hansen was born in Mering, Denmark, July 4, 1921. He began his career in Copenhagen at the age of 17, in ranks ofAkademic Club Bold, soon becoming a champion. He wass part of the team that humiliated Italy at the Olympics in London in 1948, although not marking any goal, Karl was judged the best in the field. Of course, after that game, attracts the attention of some Italian clubs and in 1949, was bought dall'Atalanta. In Juventus arrived the following year and remained at Juventus for three seasons, during which will totalize 86 appearances with 37 goals. He scored 17 goals in 22 games for the Danish national team, and was Danish team captain on 17 occasions.

    I appeal to the inclusion of Karl Aage Hansen for Jan Molby. Hansen during his career he played all sorts of things. So that he could play, too. He had all the necessary features. Compile a "top 11" without Hansen is a wrong. Bye!

    1. is likely to overrate players as I read many of them and it is found the word likes “one of the best” in too many players. Anyway, I check career history of Karl Aage Hansen, he seems to sustain high level in three seasons only. In the fourth season, when he became the least scoring producer, he was sold to smaller clubs and finished in middle-table places. I think he has similar number of great club seasons to B.Laudrup when I see B.Laudrup has a better cumulative performance in NT career although getting more opportunities.

    2. Anonymous22/6/15

      Karl Aage Hansen was not meant as a substitute for Brian Laudrup. Karl Aage Hansen is supposed to replace Jan Molby. John Angelo Hansen should in my opinion be replaced Brian Laudrup.

    3. Anonymous23/6/15


    4. Sorry for late reply. I already acknowledge Karl Aage Hansen could play as CM but his defensive quality is good enough for being placed alone in the deep area of midfield ?

      In performance based on only available opportunity, I tend to agree John Angelo Hansen could replace B.Laudrup. When look at NT career performance, B.Laudrup is very impressive in both 92 and 96 Euro. Although John Angelo Hansen has a better club career but not much enough for compensating the preference of NT competition.

    5. Anonymous29/6/15

      Karl Aage Hansen is former Danish player, the most complete midfielder in Serie A history alongside Giacomo Bulgarelli and Valentino Mazzola and probably the greatest ever Danish player. He played in midfield and attack, in the beginning of career mostly as great scoring inside forward and later as midfield creator. An universal player, good in defending, creating and scoring. Hansen was also in good physical shape, as a youngster he practiced pole vault. He moved a lot without the ball, always trying to find good positions to receive the ball, he was the ultimate team worker. His main strength was his rocket shot and he was excellent set piece taker.

    6. OK and Do you have an information about playing frequency of each position ? I mean how many seasons he played as central midfielder ? I see he was an inside-forward during eraly years with Juventus.

    7. Anonymous29/6/15

      Karl Aage Hansen has not played any season as a central midfielder. In his time, the team played a 3-2-5 system. He played a particular game at that position. According to his personal qualities, he could play any position except the goalkeeper. He was very versatile. Believe me, today would be a safe central midfielder. Lerby was never left back, but I remember him with a few matches of the national team. And it is logical that being in that position in the "best 11". I was very fond of Brian Laudrup. He was one of my favorite players. I agree that the national team has given a lot, but I'm left with the impression that John Hansen had a better career. His statistics are very good, and was not forrward center. Brian Laudrup moved the wing, but it is still more of a second striker. His flaws in defensive roles not compensate a sufficient number of goals. Awfully nice for the eyes. Insufficient effective.

    8. OK, I think it's fine to replace Molby by K.A.Hansen. I still stay B.Laudrup in the first XI as a given reason.

  21. Anonymous13/6/15

    I suggest placing Simonsen to the position of Brian Laudrup. I propose the inclusion Bronée the position of Simonsen, or maybe the inclusion of John Hansen as a second striker. Brian Laudrup was a great player. His career has not followed a huge potential..

  22. Anonymous13/6/15

    In Brondby and Uerdingen, Brian showed extraordinary potential. The first year at Bayern, was excellent. The second year was bad for him personally and for the club. In Fiorentina was not on the level. In Milan did not play. In Glasgow was elected to the "11 best of all time", but the league was not exactly the strongest. In Chelsea has not passed, and Ajax caught him injury. In the national team was always at a high level.

  23. Anonymous13/6/15

    I really spent a long time studying the Danish football. The top 11: - Schmeichel - Tarp, M.Olsen, Middelboe, Lerby,- K.A.Hansen, M.Laudrup, Praest, Simonsen,- J.A.Hansen, Elkjaer.

  24. Anonymous13/6/15

    TOP 20: 1.Michael Laudrup, 2.Carl Aage Praest, 3.Peter Schmeichel, 4.Allan Simonsen, 5.Preben Elkjaer, 6.Nils Middelboe, 7.Poul Tist Nielsen, 8.Karl Aage Hansen, 9.John Angelo Hansen, 10.Pauli Jorgensen, 11.Morten Olsen, 12.Soren Lerby, 13.Helge Bronee, 14.Harald Nielsen, 15.Brian Laudrup, 16.Henning Jensen, 17.Frank Arnesen, 18.Jorgen Sorensen, 19.Jesper Olsen, 20.Jan Molby.

  25. Anonymous13/6/15

    Most neglected Danish player of all time is Frank Arnesen. I'm surprised he is not among the "100 wingers or playmakers." The brilliant technique, joke, hard work and dedication. The speed and dribbling. Excellent career at Ajax. 78/79 - the best player in the Dutch league. A few more years of highly placed. After huge problems for injuries. Look at the Dutch and Danish Wikipedia.

    1. I have read Wikipedia article you suggest and he is really described in high praise of his skill and versatility. As I recheck, he has around five great seasons with Ajax and Valencia before got injury and all of them seems to be below world-class. He was nominated in Ballon’Dor one time in 1981 and got only 2 votes. Ajax in his time was rather not successful in European competition although being best at UEFA Cup semi-finalist. Anyway, I’m OK to replace him in top 100 in replacement of Luigi Meroni who had only 3 great seasons with very few NT games participation.

    2. Anonymous19/6/15


  26. It is really good to get your expertise of Danish football here and is helpful to improve the list. Please give me a time to review.

  27. Anonymous16/6/15

    Pauli Jorgensen scored 245 goals in 252 matches

  28. Anonymous10/12/15

    picture of Henning Jensen ????

    1. OK, Revised. There are some errors as a redecoration of the whole museum anyway.

  29. the number is above 19 Henning Jensen and not as it is written John Angelo Hansen, repeating the number 20.

    1. Yes, Nelson Luis Da Costa, If you notice anymore repeat names, please inform me. I think there might be some errors as a result of a new font.

  30. Anonymous2/2/16

    where is kristen nygaard?

    1. There are not many evidences to rate him. All I know is that he was a key player of AZ Akkmarr that reached UEFA Cup Final in 1981. Anyway, he has not been conducted to Danish football hall of fame

  31. Anonymous2/2/16

    only morten olsen can be captain of denmark

  32. Anonymous5/2/16

    "Voetbal" included Nygaard in the 100 best players of all time in 1999. Today, the fan stands in Alkmaar has his name.

  33. Anonymous8/6/16

    Maybe Eigil Nielsen or Svend Jensen instead Henry From

    1. Sorry for late reply. OK, I will consider them when I have time. Thanks.

  34. Anonymous10/10/16

    What about Daniel Agger

    1. He confront too often injury and there are too few great seasons he has performed.

  35. Anonymous21/10/16

    Flemming Povlsen?

  36. Anonymous4/5/17 Knud Lundberg?

  37. Christian Eriksen have potencial to be included in the future?

    About Henning Jensen, did he really deserve to be in the squad? Looking for National Football Teams site, I didn't see him as a really important player in that era:

    1972: Denmark make 12 games / Henning played 3
    1973: 5 / 2
    1974: 6 / 2
    1975: 8 / 1
    1976: 9 / 2
    1977: 10 / 2
    1978: 7 / 2
    1979: 8 / 3
    1980: 8 / 3

    I don't know if the number of Denmark is correct, but it doesn't look impressive: Total of Denmark games -> 73. Total of Henning games: 20.

    1. Henning Jensen is rated in one world-class season in Bundesliga. Note that this selection is also included domestic performance. I don't think Christian Nielsen will be good enough.

    2. Anonymous26/4/18

      You must know the situation in Danish football then. 1972's just got out of amateurism. They did not even have any money in football. Big players such as Henning Jensen, Kristen Nygaard & Allan Simonsen are at their own expense sometimes playing. Most of the reasons to relax. Only in 1979 when "Carlsberg" became a sponsor, the situation is beginning to chang

    3. I know Danish football is one of the latest nations to take professionalism and what you have extended is useful.

  38. Anonymous15/11/17

    Hi Naratorn how are you? I would say something about Eriksen. So, Eriksen is only 25 years old. As a midfielder he has already played 75 games and scored 21 goals for the national team. He was the youngest player on WC 2010 and has been chosen for the best player in Denmark for four times. 2017 will certainly be chosen for the fifth time. 2011 was chosen for the best young Ajax player, 2012 is the third player of the Dutch league, and 2013/2014 and 2016/2017 is the best player in Tottenham. WC 2018 finishes with 11 goals in 12 games, which is the best score for one player in the middle of the field in all qualifications. I think he was the third assistant Premier League in the 2015/2016 season with 13 assists. Last season was the second with 15 assists, and the best assistant F.A.Cup.
    Eriksen has so far achieved 78 official goals (32 for Ajax and 46 for Tottenham). So now compare it with others. I really believe that this season will not be bypassed even in the official election for the player of the year. I expect at least to be nominated among the 30 best players in the world.

    1. I agree he is now in his prime and I positive he will be added in my list at the end of season and further world cup in next year.

  39. Anonymous15/11/17

    He is the very top of football right now. I do not see anybody better than him in that position. I mean the position of an attacking midfielder. Modric is still more defensive

  40. Anonymous17/11/17

    Here's the information. In Ajax 65 official assists, at Tottenham 60. That he was born in Brazil, France, England, Argentina ...... already worth over 100 million euros. We have examples: Oscar, Joe Hart, Gourcuff, Firmino, Carroll, Podolski ... who have reached astronomical figures "overnight". The media are doing wonders.

  41. Anonymous2/4/18

    Michael Laudrup
    King Bronze

  42. Anonymous4/7/18

    Michael Laudrup was a king!!! Where is Eriksen and Kjaer?

  43. Anonymous17/7/18

    Eriksen? Christian Eriksen?

  44. Anonymous4/10/18

    Isn't Praest a little bit underrated here? I feel like he deserves higher ranking..

    1. Higher rank than whom ? He is already 3rd place and only Laudrup and Schemechel is ranked higher than him.

    2. Anonymous17/10/18

      Sorry, I didn't clarify it that well. I mean, queen bronze seems a little bit low for him, I agree with the rest though, so good job.

  45. Anonymous4/3/19

    Best German full backs: JANES-BLUM

    Best continental full backs: TARP-FOGL II

    Best world full backs: TARP-NASAZZI

  46. Anonymous4/3/19

    The best continental right back in my opinion is the Dane Tarp and he certainly also belongs to the world's best in his position. He was an intelligent and tactically high-end player who almost hypnotized his opponent. He approached his opponent with the same aplomb as the cat approaches the mouse. While doing that he did not lack athletic ability and hardness. But he used them almost subtly. He was mainly a great tatician! Punt, heading and positioning simply classic. I have no reservations calling him the world's best right back, too

  47. Anonymous4/3/19

    I found it on the net. Newspapers: Kicker, 1941. Name: "The best footballers before World War II. Big Soccer i think

  48. Anonymous4/3/19

    Above all: Zamora

    A wholly different type was Zamora, the Spanish goalkeeper. He was an outstanding athlete and combined southern temperament with nordic calm and tactical nous. I place Zamora at the top of the continent and the world, too. For almost 20 years he was without competition in Spain, almost a national hero. I first saw him 20 years ago in Spain and afterwards a few times playing for Spain. Against Germany he only played once: in Barcelona. He couldn't prevent Spain's defeat in that game.

    Belonging to the very great masters of the art of goalkeeping is also the Prague player Planicka. He played many years for Slavia and the Czechoslovakian national team. He was very instrumental in Czechoslovakia reaching the World Cup final in Italy. His speedy reactions were fascinating.

    The North of Europe provided an ongoing supply of good goalkeepers. Outstanding the Dane Svend Jensen. He too spent almost 20 years in goal.

    Svend Jensen instead From

  49. Anonymous4/3/19

    and DENMARK BEST: Schmeichel, Tarp, M.Olsen, Middelboe, Lerby,- K.A.Hansen, M.Laudrup, Praest, Simonsen,- Elkjaer and Pauli Jorgensen or John Hansen for Brian Laudrup.

    Ciao legendo!

  50. Anonymous26/3/19

    I found this for Fritz Tarp in that "Kicker" from 1941

    1. So if this is the case tarp has to have a least prince gold if not queen class

  51. Anonymous1/10/19

    Henry From??? Birger Jensen, Svend Jensen and Eigil Nielsen were better

  52. Anonymous1/10/19

    and what about Eriksen??

  53. Anonymous4/10/19

    OK I have added his profile in reserve list.

  54. Anonymous6/10/19

    for now, there is a place for him

  55. My team- best 11 in 4-4-2- 1.(gk)-Schmeichel, 2.(rb)- Tarp, 3.(cd)-Middelboe, 4.(cd)- M.Olsen, 5.(lb).Lerby,6.(cm)-K.A.Hansen, 7.(rw/rm)-Simonsen, 8.(lw/lm)-Praest, 9.(rf)-Elkjaer, 10.(am)-M.Laudrup, 11.(lf)-J.Hansen



  58. Anonymous3/6/20

    I think it's okay now